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Multiple Explosions Hit Army Base, Airforce Barrack And Public Bus In Kaduna

Three bombs exploded in Kaduna Tuesday. One exploded at the Kawo overhead bridge, the second one at the gate of the Airforce Base along Mando road.

The third blast was an attempt by a suicide bomber who drove his into the1 Division of the Nigerian Army.

The attacks were confirmed by National Emergency Management Agency spokesman, Yushau Shuaib.

"NEMA rescue team alerted to explosion at military formations in Kaduna," National Emergency Management Agency spokesman, Yushau Shuaib said in a brief statement quoted by AFP. "Yet to confirm the nature of explosion or casualty. Relevant security working to contain the situation."

However, a local television station in Lagos reported that it was a suicide bomber had been killed as he attempted to attack the army base.

The station also reported that a Lieutenant Colonel attached to the base had confirmed the incident.

Residents said the explosion occurred in the area of a military barracks known as the First Mechanised Division and that windows in an office complex there were shattered.

The area has been cordoned off, but the office complex could be seen, residents said.

"Virtually all the glass has been shattered," one resident said. "I saw soldiers with glass cuts on their bodies being taken out, but it's difficult to say if there were any (more serious) casualties."

The attacks have led to panic in the metropolis.

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