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Shocker: Boyfriend burned himself to death outside ex-lover’s house after she dumped him by text

A jilted boyfriend set himself alight outside his former lover’s house after she dumped him by text, an inquest has heard.
'Volatile' Maysam Mayani, 26, drove to Sona Khamseh’s flat in Chelsea, west London, and texted her to say she should ‘come and get his dead body’.
A witness described hearing him ‘screaming’ and seeing him ‘completely ablaze’, and was unable to tell if it was a man or a woman.
Miss Khamseh had sent him a text earlier that day ending their relationship as her father did not approve and warning him about an on-going harassment court case relating to the couple's tempestuous relationship, the inquest was told.
She told him: ‘You have to go because I can’t, Maysam, sorry.’
Westminster Coroner’s Court heard how Mr Mayani had a history of depression and several attempted suicides during his relationship with Miss Khamseh.
Last October, he called Miss Khamseh to tell her he was on Westminster Bridge and he was going to jump off, but she went to the scene and managed to talked him down.
Before that, he told her he was going to take an overdose because she did not love him any more, and hostel workers then found him in his room with pills.
He was ‘very up and down’ in his moods and would suddenly become ‘verbally aggressive’, she told a police officer after the incident.

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