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Last Pictures of Whitney Houston in casket @ Private viewing before burial . 18+ advised

A chilling photo of Whitney Houston dead in her coffin was published on the cover National Enquirer, alongside a bold headline 'Whitney: The last photo.

There's been serious backlash since the photo was published. Some people think it's just wrong! Do you?

The image - which was published in today's edition - has stirred a strong reaction on Twitter, with people expressing their shock.

"#wrong #rip," wrote one Twitter user named as The Bitter Critter.

Another user of the social networking site, Eric S Pittman, simply exclaimed '"Oh dear" while tweeter Peter Anthony Holder wrote: "No privacy for Whitney, even in death. As usual, the National Enquirer is a piece of work."

The National Enquirer sparked outrage Wednesday when released a cover featuring a photo purportedly showing the late Whitney Houston in a gold casket.

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