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Court reads Ojukwu’s will: “His estate and monies belong to Bianca”

It was gathered that the Enugu High Court, today disclosed content of the will of the late Nkemba of Nnewi, Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu.
The deceased before he died, willed majority of his estate and monies to his widow, Bianca.
Ojukwu who led Igbo during the Biafra war which lasted three years (1967-1970), died last November in the United Kingdom after a prolonged illness. He was age 78.
The late military officer, was given a state burial by the Federal Government, although some elites were against the idea, accusing Ojukwu of planning to secede from the country.
He contested presidency in 2003, under the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).


Meet Folorunsho Alakija, Africa’s Richest Woman

 Meet the richest woman in Africa, a Nigerian Oil Billionaire Folorunsho Alakija. 

Nigerians are always doing good when it comes to personal achievements. Forbes named Mrs Folorunsho Alakija as the richest woman in Africa according to its November 2012 edition.

The former fashion designer is now a billionaire who makes approximately 157 Million Naira daily in her oil business empire.

According to Forbes Magazine Rishest Africans' list, Folorunsho Alakija currently worths $600 Million (94 Billion Naira) making her the richest woman in Africa.

Mrs Folorunsho Alakija is a happily married mother of four children.

She is the president and founder of Rose Of Sharon Foundation, ROSF, a private not for profit organization that caters to the needs of widows and orphans in Nigeria.


Evil Spirit Is Behind Nigeria’s Darkness, Power Minister Tells South Africa Investors

The Minister of State for Power, Hajiya Zainab Kuchi, yesterday told South African investors that evil spirit were behind Nigeria’s darkness preventing the country from taking her pride of place in the comity of Nations.

While addressing members of the African National Congress (ANC), the South African Ruling Party, which led a team of investors to her office in Abuja, the minister said, “We must resolve to jointly exorcise the evil spirit behind this darkness and allow this nation take its pride of peace in the comity of Nations.”

The minister in a statement by the Deputy Director/Head of Press of the ministry, Greyne Anosike, said, “Nigeria needs help, any nation that loves Nigeria must collaborate with it now to resolve her energy crisis...We are getting irritatingly slow.”

She told the delegation that Nigeria has a structured response to her power challenges with a Roadmap it is implementing with care and diligence and asked them to study the power sector roadmap and come up with their specific area of interest, assuring that there were a lot of gaps to be filed in the sector.

The Minister said that work had reached various stages of completion in rehabilitating some of the moribund power stations littering the landscape pointing out that, the revival of the abandoned power projects was critical in lifting the sector as billions of funds had been sunk into them.

“It would amount to lavish diseconomy to embark on new project and abandon the old ones in which huge tax payers resources had been sunk,” she said, and added that she was confident that the present Administration is determined to make a difference in this sector and break the jinx.


MADNESS: 28-Year-Old Japanese Man Marries A Pillow!

 Lee Jin-gyu fell in love with his 'dakimakura' - a kind of large, huggable pillow from Japan, often with a picture of a popular anime character printed on the side.

In Lee's case, his beloved pillow has an image of Fate Testarossa, from the 'magical girl' anime series Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

Now the 28-year-old otaku (a Japanese term that roughly translates to somewhere between 'obsessive' and 'nerd') has wed the pillow in a special ceremony, after fitting it out with a wedding dress for the service in front of a local priest. Their nuptials were eagerly chronicled by the local media.

'He is completely obsessed with this pillow and takes it everywhere,' said one friend.

'They go out to the park or the funfair where it will go on all the rides with him. Then when he goes out to eat he takes it with him and it gets its own seat and its own meal,' they added.

The pillow marriage is not the first similarly-themed unusual marriage in recent times - it comes after a Japanese otaku married his virtual girlfriend Nene Anegasaki, a character who only exists in the Nintendo DS game Love Plus, last November.


Nigeria Boko Haram member sends letter offering dialogue

A purported senior member of Islamist militant group Boko Haram has distributed a letter requesting talks with the government, a day after a double suicide bombing blamed on the sect killed at least 11 and wounded 30 in an army barracks.

The letter was signed by Sheik Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulazeez, a man known by local security sources to be a sect member but considered to be a moderate.

If the letter is genuine, it would appear to mark a change of tack for the Islamists that fits ill with a spate of violent episodes, including the bombing of the military church on Sunday. That bombing showed a degree of sophistication not seen from Boko Haram for months.

Nearly 3,000 people have died violent deaths related to the conflict since the sect launched its uprising in 2009, according to a count by Human Rights Watch. Boko Haram has replaced militancy in the oil-rich Niger Delta over that time to become the biggest security threat to Africa's top energy producer.

The letter was handed to the national head of the union of journalists, Aba Kakami, who has often received and distributed statements from the sect, usually claiming attacks against high profile targets or warning of them.

Communication with the shadowy Islamists, who are fighting to impose sharia, Islamic law, on Nigeria, has been even more sporadic than normal since the military killed their spokesman Abu Qaqa in September in a gun battle.

Abdulazeez first contacted journalists in Maiduguri earlier this month, setting conditions for peace talks in teleconference and nominating former military ruler and northerner Muhammadu Buhari as a mediator. Buhari has since declined the offer.

"We are by this letter of invitation to our respected elders proving to government that we are not joking with the government, but we are awaiting the response of those concerned," the letter said.

Abdulazeez said he was speaking on behalf of Abubakar Shekau, the sect's leader.

But even if Abdulazeez does represent Shekau, the extent to which Boko Haram is controlled by Shekau is in doubt, and analysts think military pressure has fragmented it.

The letter nominated as mediator Imam Gabchiya, an official from the university in the city of Maiduguri, in the heartland of the Islamist insurgency against President Goodluck Jonathan's government.

There was no immediate reaction from government officials, but Jonathan said on November 18 that no talks were going on with Boko Haram while they remained faceless and in the shadows.

The handover of the letter came three days after Nigeria's army offered a 290 million naira (1.1 million pounds) bounty for information leading to the capture of 19 leading members of the sect.


Woman Tries To Suffocate Her Boyfriend To Death With Her Breasts

photoA buxom woman has been accused of trying to kill her lawyer boyfriend… with her 38DD breasts.
Franziska, 33 from Germany, who weighs nine stone is accused of ‘attempted manslaughter with a weapon’ after her 13-stone boyfriend claimed she tried to smother him with her breasts and pretend it was a sex game.

She denies the claim saying it was a sex game and he knew what it was all about.
Tim Schmidt told the German court that although they had had a difficult relationship, until then everything in the bedroom had been normal.

‘The incident happened in May – we were having fun,’ he said. ‘She was sitting on me naked and I was kissing her breasts. Suddenly she grabbed my head and pushed between her breasts with all of her force.

'I couldn't breathe any more, I must have turned blue. I couldn't tear myself free and I thought I was going to die.'

He said that with his last reserves of strength he had managed to extricate himself from the woman's vice-like grip and fled naked to a neighbour and demanded he called the police.

Mr Schmidt said when they met four years ago, the couple had been completely in love.

He said: ‘Everything was great between us – and I would have done everything for her. But it started to go wrong when I got my first job as a lawyer and we moved to Unna.

‘She could not hold down a job and just had one part-time job after the other. And the better my career went – the worst it seemed to be for her.’
He said Franziska tried to kill him after learning he was planning to leave her.
‘It is clear she wanted to kill me,’ he said. ‘She even admitted it to me on the telephone. I asked her why she wanted to smother me to death with her breasts and she told me: "Treasure – I wanted your death to be as pleasurable as possible."


Nigerian lady sentenced to 80 years in prison over deaths of toddlers in her care

24 year old Nigerian/American woman, Jessica Tata, was sentenced to 80 years in prison on Monday November 20th after being found guilty of the death of one of four children killed in a fire at her home day care in Houston.

16-month-old Elias Castillo and three other toddlers died after Tata left them unsupervised at her home while she went to a nearby store. Prosecutors say she left a pan of oil cooking atop a stovetop burner and that this ignited the February 2011 blaze. There were 7 children when the fire started, four died, three survived.

Tata still faces three more counts of felony murder in relation to the other children who died, and three counts of abandoning a child and two counts of reckless injury to a child in relation to three who were hurt. So she will be getting more years added to the 80 as other cases come up.


VIDEOS: Keri Hilson Dancing Azonto & Etigi in Nigeria


Late Hamzat Was Dating A Married Woman; He Was Murdered In Front Of Her House –Police

The Ogun State Police command has reacted to the assassination of Lagos governor, Babatunde Fashola’s Special Adviser on health during his first term in office, Toyin Hamzat. 

Reacting through its spokesman, ASP Muyiwa Adejobi, the police described the killing as a case of assassination as nothing was taken away from the car. 

He said: “Truly, the man was killed yesterday. It was a case of assassination. Noting was taken away from him. He was shot in front of his woman friend’s house. Five suspects have been arrested and they are in our custody at the state police headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta.” 

The five suspects arrested are the deceased’s woman friend, her husband and three taxi drivers. 

It was gathered that the woman’s husband and the late Toyin Hamzat once met at the woman’s residence at Sagamu where they engaged in a brawl. 

A police source also confirmed the arrest of the man who allegedly fired the shot that killed Hamzat.


Baby kidnapped from labour room by Gunmen

Baby kidnapped from labour room
This sounds like a fairy tale but it is true.

Gunmen have invaded the labour room of a maternity home in Nkwoegwu, Ohuhu, in Umuahia North LGA of Abia State and took away a baby delivered a few minutes back, while nurses were battling to save the mother from bleeding to death.

The baby, a boy, was still dripping with blood when the evil men seized and folded him with the bed sheet in which he was lying.

The mother, Mrs. Eberechi Ihezukwu, says she still thinks that she is in one deep dream, which she will wake up from. “I only heard the cry of my baby and I asked the nurse its sex and she told me that it was a baby boy. I have had three girls for my husband and this is the first male child. My heart was joyful as I felt that I have got an identity in my husband’s house.

With the joy, I was happy that if the nurses stopped the bleeding, its arrival would be a consolation for my travails. “Now see what they have done to me. My bosoms are heavy with milk; it is a burden I have refused to bear. They should please bring back my baby to suck my bosoms. I refuse to believe that my baby has gone; the God who put it in my womb for nine months before its delivery will fish out the perpetrators and my baby will be brought back to me.

Peace will continue to elude those who have taken it until they bring it back to me,” Mrs. Ihezukwu prayed. Her husband, Clifford Ihezukwu, a radio/television repairer, said what was too much for him to understand was how the police, who he reported the incident to. turned him into a suspect and locked him up in a cell for two days (Tuesday to Thursday) until he allegedly bailed himself with N15, 000.

“On Tuesday, November 13, 2012, at about 2pm, my wife who was already heavy with a baby told me she was going to hospital (Our Lady of Apostles, Nkwoegwu, Ohuhu, Umuahia North LGA of Abia State) where she normally puts to bed. Later, she phoned me, seeking for my consent as the nurses wanted to give her hot drip to help her deliver of the baby since during her three previous pregnancies, there was no time she was given such hot drip before she put to bed. Instantly, I gave my consent if that would be the solution to the problem.

I learnt that the drip was at about 6pm. By 7pm, I went there to see her since it is within a short distance from my home. When I got to the maternity, I saw my wife’s sister rejoicing; she told me that my wife had just put to bed. I thanked God and told her to take charge while I went back to check what I was cooking. I was there when she rushed back to the house and was shouting: “My stomach! My stomach!” I asked her what was amiss and she told me that gunmen invaded the maternity, kicked her in the stomach after overpowering the security man and collected everybody’s cell phones, including that of my wife who was still inside the labour room where the nurses were battling to stop the bleeding after the delivery.

They dashed into the labour room, grabbed the baby who was still dripping with blood and dashed off. My wife was not yet conscious of what was going on as she battled for survival after the nurses had administered her with some injection to stop the bleeding. So, I rushed to the maternity. When I got there, the whole place was locked; I went round knocking at the windows until someone opened. When they narrated how gunmen carried out their operation and took my baby away, I took my wife and went straight home.

“When I later came back to the maternity, soldiers had besieged the arena. After asking questions, the soldiers picked the five nurses and I told them that my wife was still bleeding and appealed to them to allow one nurse to attend to her and they obliged me. After some time, policemen came and asked us what happened and I told them what transpired. Then, they asked me to come to the station in the morning and report the matter officially.

They asked me and I directed them to the home of the owner of the maternity and they left. In the morning, I was attending to my wife and children when they came and asked me why I had not come to the station as they directed me. Then, I told them that I was still attending to my wife and children and would soon be with them. Shortly after, I went to Afugiri Police Station to make an entry. On getting there, the policemen who came to my house earlier were not present so I waited for about four hours before they came back as I was told that they went to Umuosu, the home of the owner of the maternity.

I told the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) what I knew about the matter. When he asked why I left the maternity I told him that I went to feed my children and look after my wife who was still down. After another two hours, I told them that I was going to eat and see how my wife and children were doing. As I was speaking with him, he ordered that I should be kept behind the counter. My brother who came with me had to go and buy malt and snacks for me to eat because I was already famished. “Then the owner of the maternity, Mrs. Dan Mbakwe and her husband came with my Sister- in-Law. About 4pm,

I asked them what my offence was and why I should not be allowed to go home and see my family, but the policemen kept mute. After some time, they started intimidating and telling me that I was the number one suspect in the case and that I would soon be taken to see the Commissioner of Police and I said ok. “At about 5 pm, they brought out a Hilux van, put me, my sister in-law, Mrs. Mbakwe and her husband and the securityman at the hospital in it and took us to the State CID headquarters. At the State CID, I told them my story and they told me that it was late for me to be released and that I would be locked up till the next day.

They asked me to pull off my dress and then hauled my sister and me in-law into cell. But they kept Mrs. Mbakwe, her husband and the securityman at the counter. Then they all left and handed over to another set of policemen on duty. “In the morning, just before people started coming to work, they put us (the trio) into cell for about an hour to look as if all of us had been inside the cell all night. I then asked the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) what my offence was and he told me that no one had come for me. He said that he had asked them to bring N20, 000 for my bail. ‘Are you asking that amount of money from some one who had been passing through such a trauma?’ I asked the man who came for me later – Chief Ukaobasi.

I told him to look into my trouser pocket at the counter, maintaining that I had N8, 000 inside it. He found the money intact, added N2, 000 to it and paid the police with a promise to bring a balance of N5, 000 if they released me. On Thursday, they released me to go home. I then borrowed N5, 000 from a neigbour and sent to them to bring the total sum to N15, 000. But by I pm on that Thursday, the owner of the hospital and the security man were released. That is what I’m passing through. “I wonder why I should be made to go through this after my baby had been kidnapped and my wife left at a point of death.

“The name of the lady who signed my bail bond is Chioma. I ran to the police to help me because I had nobody and the police threw me into cell and turned me into a suspect instead of helping me to look for my stolen child. I am calling on the relevant authorities to come to my rescue. I have no one to fight for me,” he lamented. When contacted on phone, the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ambrose Aisabor, who was shocked said he was not aware of the matter.

“Where did this happen; I’m not aware of this incident; I have to find out,” the CP replied. When Daily Sun visited the maternity along Nkwoegwu road in Ohuhu. It was under lock and key. Daily Sun also visited the home of the Mbakwes, owners of the maternity at Umuosu, Okauga and did not find any body at home for comments.


Seun Anikulapo-Kuti Rejects The Existence of God and Jesus Christ

Oluseun Anikulapo-Kuti is the youngest son of the legendary Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Anikulapo-Kuit. Seun leads his father’s band, the ‘Egypt 80’ to date. In this interview he speaks on his music and lifestyle, amongst other issues.

You were 14 when Fela died, what do you miss most about him?

Well, Fela was my father. You know, it’s a long time now since he died. The most important thing to me now is his presence. I miss him being around. I think of what would happen if I were able to have a discussion with him today. Knowing everything I know now, those are the kind of things you miss. I just miss him being around.

Can you describe what God means to you?

I do not believe in God. I am not a believer of anything supernatural. I don’t believe in God, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Ifa, Ogun, or whatever anybody uses as a reason to explain simple actions of nature. God, to me, is in existence.

What has been your most embarrassing moment?

Ha (smiles)! My most embarrassing moment happened when I was nine. And nothing up till now has topped that. You know, I used to open the show for my father and I used to sing before he comes on stage. We were in Cincinnati and Fela was about to come on stage, and I had gone up somewhere because we played in this huge dome where there was an archaic session.

I was playing archaic, and I forgot about the show. I got carried away. And when it was five minutes to go… rushing back to the stage, I dressed up quickly. So, my sister helped me with my pants, I was wearing all this traditional pants that you will have to tie. So, I was like, Mosun, you did not tie it. And as soon as I got on stage, my pants just got down…

What is the amusing fact about your life that people will be surprised to know?

Well, I think I tried to keep everything as open as possible. But maybe, people would not know that if I had the opportunity, if it wasn’t for music, I would have been playing football. Not the American football, I mean real soccer.

What major goal do you hope to achieve in the next 20 years?

I do not plan that long. It is impossible for anybody to have that great plan. Looking at 20 years in a globalised world, anything can happen beyond your control. So, I think the way to deal with globalized world is to have concrete short- term plan.

Which is your favourite Fela’s song and why?

I like two: Look and Laugh and Original Suffer Head. You know, it’s just the dynamics of the music. I think in Look and Laugh, Fela actually put the definition of arrangement and melody together.

What is it like heading Fela’s ‘Egypt 80’ band?

For me, it’s very easy. The band is a very experienced band. It’s not as if they are novice, and they helped me as well. The veterans in the band make it a tradition to train the young ones and let them to be acquainted to the music. We are large in number, which makes it quite expensive to manage. But in terms of organisation and discipline, we are good.

Do you smoke?

Yes, I do. But I don’t smoke cigarette... I don’t believe any human being has the right to tell nature what to do. Nature believes in the usefulness of marijuana. And I think mankind is pompous. You don’t say earthquake or Tsunami is illegal. So, why should marijuana, an equally natural thing, be illegal, even when earthquakes and Tsunami are killing people.

When are you hoping on getting married?

I don’t believe in the title of ‘Mister’. The word itself is ‘Miss Your Star’. It doesn’t relate well with me. People forget to understand that the term ‘mister’ is an English term for an English gentleman, and I do not see myself as an English gentleman. When it happens, it happens.

You spent sometime in the Western world, what do you think about the African culture and tradition?

African culture and tradition are quickly getting extinct. Our society does not encourage us to embrace our culture. All cultures are centered on religion. So, the propaganda that African religion is only used for evil purposes while the Western religion is used for good purposes has totally destroyed our society. 


Runyoka: Gweru man (34) dies of non-stop erect penis after having sex with married woman

Masvingo taxi driver (35) infects Form 2 girl with STI after having unprotected sex A 34-year-old Gweru man from Mambo high-density suburb died while receiving treatment from a local traditional healer after his manhood allegedly remained up after sleeping with a married woman.

The man has been identified as Shelton Dinganga of Zaranyika Road, Mambo.

According to neighbours, the matter which had been kept as a family secret by the man's relatives occurred last week. The neighbours said they were shocked when they were only informed about Dinganga's death and not his illness. They said Dinganga had sex with a relative's wife and his sexual organ remained erect while his other private parts became swollen.

"Dinganga had suddenly disappeared from public life after coming back from Kwekwe where he had visited one of the family relatives whom he was said to be flirting with. We were shocked when his family members later informed us of his death and burial arrangements on Tuesday morning," a neighbour told the local press.

The neighbour said it was during Dinganga's burial at Mkoba Cemetery on Wednesday last week when mourners later got the shocking news that he died when his sexual organ remained erect after having sex with a female relative in Kwekwe.

"This was partly revealed by a relative who thanked the inyanga for doing his best to try and serve Dinganga. He also reportedly turned down his family members' attempts to take him to the hospital," he said.

When our news crew visited the house yesterday, Dinganga's aunt, Ms Janet Gama confirmed the death.

She, however, refused to shade light on the causes of his death.

"Why do you want to know what caused the death of our relative? Yes he died at home and he had declined to be taken to the hospital but to then narrate the whole issue about Dinganga's illness and subsequent passing away will not bring his life back," said Ms Gama.


Pastors With Private Jets An Embarrassment To Christianity - Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese

The acquisition of private jets by Christian leaders diminishes the moral voice of the church in the fight against corruption, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev Matthew Kukah, declared yesterday.

He spoke against the backdrop of the presentation of a private jet to the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, by members of his church during the celebration of his 40th anniversary in the ministry penultimate Saturday.

Kukah, who was guest speaker at the annual Founder’s Day Anniversary lecture of Providence Baptist Church in Lagos, described exhibition of such opulence by church leaders as embarrassing.

The fiery cleric who spoke on ‘Church and the state in the pursuit of the common good’, said: “The stories of corrupt men and women being given recognition by their churches or mosques as gallant sons and daughters and the embarrassing stories of pastors displaying conspicuous wealth as we hear from the purchases of private jets and so on clearly diminish our moral voice.”

Kukah, who was represented by the Administrator of Holy Cross Cathedral Lagos, Rev. Monsignor Pascal Nwaezeapu, also expressed displeasure with the perceived closeness of the CAN leadership to the corridors of powers.

He said such alliance will weaken the ability of the church to speak the truth to elected public office holders.

According to him: “CAN has become more visible in relation to national prayer sessions, pilgrimages, alliances with state power and so on.

“Unless we distance ourselves, we cannot speak the truth to power. We cannot hear the wails of the poor and the weak. We should not be seen as playing the praying wing of the party in power.”
He challenged the church to speak against corruption in low and high places, saying such responsibility must never be jettisoned for any reason.

Apart from Orisejafor, other church leaders who own private jets include Founder of Living Faith Ministries, Bishop David Oyedepo; General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye; Founder of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), Bishop Mike Okonkwo and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church.


How Fela Introduced Me To Igbo by FELA's album sleeve designer, Lemmy Ghariokwu

Legendary album sleeve designer, Lemmy Ghariokwu, who famously designed many of Fela’s album sleeves, tells Entertainment Café about his career, encounter with the Afrobeat king and other issues.

Where have you been?
I have been around, doing my job quietly because I make a living out of album designing. I have designed over 200 album sleeves in my 38-year career. For Kennis Music, I designed 90 percent of their album or CD covers. I designed album sleeves of Eedris, Tony Tetuila, Kenny St. Brown, Azadus and others .

Did you set out to be a sleeve designer?
I believe in predestination. I believe in destiny because whatever we will be in future has been pre-destined. That is why some parents get their children confused and want to ensure that their children do their bidding.
Did that happen to you?
My dad wanted me to become a mechanical engineer and I studied hard for that. While in school, I took interest in Technical Drawing, Chemistry , Additional Mathematics and other related subjects. Despite all these I took interest in drawing. In fact, I sometimes ran into trouble because of my interest in drawing.
After your school certificate, did you go to any school to study art?
After my school cert, I had enough time to move around. Between the time the result is released and the admission period was a long time in those days. So, I was doing the drawings and at the same time, going to the National Television Service (now NTA in Lagos). I used to do drawings for people like Art Alade, Mike Enahoro. An advertising company, Image Makers, invited me. They asked for my certificate and I told them I didn’t have any. So, I was employed as artist in training. I did that for a short period. For two weeks, I was not allowed to handle the brush. I supplied paints, but I knew I could do what the artistes were doing. At some point, I just stopped going there. And in 1974, destiny called, when a guy in my neighbourhood called me to do a potrait of Bruce Lee’s film, Enter The Dragon. The guy’s name was O.D.C. He owned a beer parlour. The film had three main actors: Bruce Lee, Don Saxon and Jim Kelly. I did the poster paintings of the film and the man loved it and put it in his shop. In the same year, Fela made the Roforofo Fight album. As I was looking at the album, I was moved to do an illustration of the album cover, which I did. I have it in my collection. There was a journalist called Babatunde Harrisson. He worked with THE PUNCH, which was was a weekly journal then. This guy was always coming to relax at that joint. But as at the time I did the poster, he was out of the country. On his return, he saw and liked it. He later requested to see me. When we met, he asked for my other drawings and saw Fela’s picture. He then asked whether I could do an album cover and I said I could. I had done two album covers for my uncle, Peter Okoh, who led a highlife band. But the albums were not released. But my first album cover that saw the light of the day was the one I did for Tessy Alan’s group called World Affairs. Harrison promised to take me to Fela, but I did not believe him; I thought he was drunk. I was wondering whether he knew Fela. He promised to give me a picture of Fela, from which I would make a portrait. The second day, he brought it. And within 24 hours, I finished the drawing. When he came to drink the next day, I told that I had finished the drawing. My mum gave me five naira, which I used to buy  paints. Immediately Harrison saw the portrait, he said he was taking me to Fela. I told my mum, who told me to be careful. Harrison then called a taxi. We went to Fela. That was how I met Fela.
What was the meeting like?
It was memorable. I was so scared when we got there. We didn’t go inside the building when we got there because by they said Baba (Fela) was sleeping; so we stayed in the compound. Harrison then took off to have a drink somewhere in the neighbourhood because he abandoned his drink in Fadeyi because of me. When he left, I was a bit apprehensive. Fortunately for me, a girl came out of the house; she was from my neighbourhood. Her name is Ibe Agu.
She asked: “Kilo wa se nibi?” (what are you doing here?). She thought I was in trouble and I had run away from home. I told her that I came with a drawing. She went inside and woke Fela up. I was shocked. When I saw Fela, he wearing only his pant. I said: “Good afternoon sir”. He said: No, don’t sir me. Call me Fela. Are you the artist? Let me see what you have.” My hands started shaking. I held it for him to see and I’d never forget the words Fela said to me that day. He said: “Wow! Goddamn it!”  I met many people in his living room. He then instructed his personal assistant to bring his cheque book and wrote a cheque of N120 (one hundred and twenty naira) for me. I used to earn N30. When he gave it to me, I looked at it and then I handed it back to him and said: “Fela I give you this from the bottom of my heart.” He was shocked.  I was 18. He took the cheque and asked them to bring him a small exercise book. He tore a sheet and wrote: “Please admit bearer to any show free of charge”, signed it and gave it to me. That was my ticket to Kalakuta. Anytime, anywhere he was performing, if I gave it to those at the gate, they always wondered where on earth I got that note. When I got close to them, I was told that it was a rare thing for Fela to sign that kind of pass to any of his shows.
When did you start designing Fela’s album sleeves?
About two weeks after meeting him. The police attacked his house and it was in the news everywhere. I was worried. I saw it in THE PUNCH, so I asked Harrison if Fela was fine. He said he was, but on admission at LUTH.
Harrison took me to LUTH. Fela was in a private ward and there were so many people with him. He had plasters even on his head. When we got close to his bed, he greeted Harrison and then turned to me and called me the artist. I felt good. That same day, he said if he came out of the hospital, he would make a song to yab (criticising) the police, and even talked about electrifying the fence around his house because the police came in too easily.
A few weeks later, he composed Alagbon Close. I witnessed the composition because I was always there. Anytime I listen to that song, I remember a part he put in because of me. When he was composing the song, he said to me: “Artist, if dem take you go Alagbon, you go paint for cell.” So he added that part. When he finished, he said: “Let’s see what you can do on the album cover.” He never discussed concepts with me, so I came up with an illustration.
Were you paid for it?
I was paid N120. I did 26 album covers for Fela between 1974 to 1993.
How did you feel when he died?
I felt bad. I did the last but one album cover. Dede did the last album cover. You know he is an artist and was living with Fela then. Underground System was the last album Fela released. I was not really surprised that he died when he did. My only surprise was that he lived that long because Fela was a person that burned his candle at both ends.
Was there a dispute or why did you  not design the last album?
There was none. I left in 1994.
What kind of person was Fela?
Fela was a very complex person. People like him are rare. It might take about 60 years before we’ll get someone like him. He had too many things going; he was set on a mission. Fela was an egalitarian being and he loved the common folk. He was able to share whatever he had with so many people. Everyone of us knows he was a revolutionary, he was bold and daring; he was a rascal. I learnt a lot from Fela. My association with him helped me lay a solid foundation for my life.
What bad things did you pick from Fela?
I did not learn any bad thing from him because I chose not to. I was fortunate because I was able to separate the wheat from the chaff. That is the way I live my life–I don’t follow people blindly.
What of Igbo?
I smoked Igbo (marijuana). Prior to the time I started smoking igbo, Fela always offered it to me whenever I visited him, but I always rejected it. But one day when it was just two of us, he said how can my artist be drinking Fanta. He said: “Take igbo small; you will be high and be more creative.”, I did.  After taking it, he gave me goro, a  potent concoction he created. I was feeling uneasy, so he Fela took me home himself with an instruction that I should not say anything and think of the album cover. I followed the instruction to the letter. When I woke up the next day–at about noon–many ideas came to me and I started flirting with them. And when I showed them to Fela, he loved them and was happy that he introduced me to igbo. “See what I mean,” he said.  Let me end the story like this: I am in support of the legalisation of igbo. I don’t advertise it.  I tasted it because of Fela and I stopped when I discovered that my body could no longer take it. Others did it and got carried away.


Niger's Governor Celebrates Birthday On A Private-Jet

Niger state governor, Gov. Mu'azu Babangida Aliyu celebrated his birthday aboard a private jet yesterday. This picture go sack person for work, but definitely not me because i am not employed by the governor. Everyone in aboard that jet must answer query because the picture was taking by one of them. Nigerians are setting new records. Over 65 private jets in Nigeria, but less than 20 commercial aircraft out of which less than 15 are operational to carry 160million Nigerians. You better start making arrangements for your pastor to get one because soon any pastor that does not have one will not be invited to speak where pastors are speaking as the genuineness of his calling will be in doubt because those who are genuinely called must prove it with a jet


Exclusive: Tinubu Ejects LGA From Headquarters, Takes Over Prime Property


 Controversial former Lagos State Governor and leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has taken over a prime property that was once the headquarters of Ikoyi-Obalande Local Government Development Area and relocated the local government secretariat to Obalende, a district in the commercial city of Lagos. The huge and strategic parcel of land located at the junction of Alfred Rewane Road (Kingsway Road) and Glover Road in highbrow Ikoyi has been demolished to make way for prime construction believed to be blocks of serviced luxury flats.
The acquisition of the property is coming on the heels of the ACN’s defeat in the local government chairmanship election for Ikoyi-Obalende Local Council Development Area by the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate, Mr. Ibrahim Babatunde Obanikoro.
The politician has also cornered the contract to reconstruct Glover Road using a proxy company P.W. Nigeria Limited. Though THEWILL has not been able to get details of the transaction, several sources say the politician is recklessly acquiring properties in prime locations across the state with the assistance of current Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN).

Tinubu’s acquisitions since he left office cuts across real estate, media and aviation. His company AlphaBeta Consulting collects all Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) for Lagos State and some ACN controlled states. It gets to keep a sizeable chunk for itself. AlphaBeta is believed to rake in as much as N7 billion naira monthly as commission for its work.
  The politician is also believed to own First Nation Airlines, The Nation Newspaper, stakes in Oriental Hotel Victoria Island, Renaissance Hotel Ikeja, Eko Hotel Lagos, and the yet to be completed InterContinental Hotel located along Kofo Abayomi Street, near the popular Mega Plaza in Victoria Island. Tinubu also owns TV Continental (TVC) and Radio Continental.

The former Governor who was engulfed in a University certificate scandal during his tenure as Governor, also owns a huge shopping mall complex in Alausa, Ikeja, popularly called Shoprite by its mainland patrons.


Actress calls Governor's wife mummy yet sleeps with her husband

Our world is full of evil. Imagine taking someone in as your god daughter only for the person to turn around and begin to sleep with your husband. The most unconscionable aspect of it is that this wicked soul still addresses you as 'Mummy' anytime she sees you. Smiling and always kneeling to greet you!
The above is exactly what is playing out now in the lives of a governor, his wife and a top actress. The wife so loved the actress after watching one of her films that she got people to introduce them. The became friends and the actress started frequenting her home and along the line she too was introduced to the governor and it now became a family affair. The actress came up with a project which the woman convinced her husband to bankroll.
And in the course of doing that, during one of the actress' visits to the man's office, one thing led to another and they started sleeping with each other! The irony of this shameful act is that the evil actress still bows to greet the Governor's wife, calls her mummy and the husband daddy when people are watching. Alone with the man, she calls him darling or honey.
The actress in question is fair and pretty. From the Eastern part of the country, alphabets 19 and 14 kick off her names. For the governor who is dark and handsome, alphabets 15 and 18 are in his. His wife’s first name begins with C. The woman is dark and on the big side. Herself and her husband are in charge of one of the Eastern states where a political earthquake was recently witnessed.


Pat Obahiagbon appointed Gov Adams Oshiomhole's Chief of Staff

Former House of Reps member and Grammarian, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon, has been appointed Chief of Staff to Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State. His appointment was announced this evening and he will be officially sworn in at 10 tomorrow morning at the Edo State government house.


'Good Samaritan' Leads Unconscious Drunk Woman To Her House..then Rapes Her

Vulnerable: The victim is led to a taxi by Dampha, who pretended to help the woman but took her back to her home and raped herThese pictures show the chilling moment a sexual predator posed as a 'Good Samaritan' to help a drunken woman before taking her home and raping her.
Ebrima Dampha, 33, was caught on CCTV as he pounced on his vulnerable victim when she passed out in a bar at four times the drink drive limit.
The woman, who is in her thirties, was barely able to walk or talk as Dampha, a chef from Havant in Hampshire, dragged her outside to a taxi, intent on raping her. He rifled through her handbag to find her address in the car and even acted as her saviour on their journey back to her house, a court heard. But when they arrived he took money from her purse to pay the fare, waved the cab away and led her upstairs to attack her in her own house.
There, he raped her as she lay unconscious and 'completely helpless'. The victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - had gone out for a meal with a friend 'for a good old catch up.' They went on to the Roast Bar in Portsmouth, Hampshire, where she was targeted by Dampha, a father-of-three with a history of domestic violence. When she woke up the morning after the assault, Dampha had gone and she realised she had been raped. However, she had no recollection of where she had been.
Sexual predator: Dampha, 33, was jailed for eight years for rape at Portsmouth Crown Court
A small red 'R' stamped on her hand told police she had visited the Roast Bar and they were able to retrieve CCTV recordings from the venue. It showed Dampha leading his victim outside and into a taxi at 2.45am. He was arrested and admitted having sex with the woman but insisted it was consensual. The woman, from Portsmouth, said: 'I have been through hell because I still don’t exactly know what happened. I’ve got no recollection.
'My friend and I hadn’t planned to stay out that late and were having a good old catch up. 'What happened that night is always going to be with me and I don’t know how to move on. 'But I do have an overwhelming sense of relief that people did believe what had happened. 'If you go out and you’re a bit drunk it doesn’t give someone the right to take advantage of you. 
'Some people say if you’re drunk you’re asking for it but you’re not.' Before the trial, the victim would wake up every night - at the same time she was attacked. She gave her evidence from behind a screen, at times breaking down in tears. To this day, she has not come face-to-face with her attacker again. She said: 'Seeing him again would be too traumatic. I went to court just to stop this from happening to someone else.  'If I hadn’t reported it and later found out he had done it to someone else I don’t know how I would have felt.' She added: 'I don’t go out like I used to. I just go to friends’ houses now.
'I don’t think I will ever go to that area of town again because seeing the Roast Bar would freak me out. 'It comes down to being sensible about what you’re drinking, although sometimes you don’t feel it and it hits you at once. 'If you’re out with friends and one suddenly appears quite drunk, look after them and make sure they get home safely. Look after each other.'
This case highlights the dangers of drinking alcohol to excess and his sentence sends a clear message to anyone who preys upon vulnerable and defenceless victims.


Why I Left Banking Industry To Become Truck Driver With Dangote - Ph.D Holder

Henry Pender is a graduate of Political Science from the University of Ibadan. Pender graduated in 2000 and has worked as a banker, yet he is among the about 100 graduates undergoing training to become truck drivers; or rather logistics assistants. Pender is also the class governor of this first batch of trainees.

“After my service, I had the privilege of being retained at the Rivers State Primary Education Board where I did my primary assignment. I was with them for about a year before I joined the All States Trust Bank, which is now defunct. I worked with them for three years before I joined the Ecobank, from there I moved to the Oceanic Bank before joining Ecobank again after the acquisition of Oceanic Bank by Ecobank.

“I had to leave the banking industry when I married my colleague, because the human resource policy then did not allow spouses to work in the same office. I felt that my wife should stay behind while I as a man would look around for something to do. It wasn’t easy, because the job was not forthcoming as I thought. I attended a couple of interviews at different places, but I didn’t get what I was looking for.

“When this opportunity of becoming truck driver with Dangote presented itself, I applied with open mind. I felt that this is an opportunity for a new beginning to move into a new paradigm that is not explored. We have just begun the journey in the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT). I was pleasantly surprised when I came here to see people from different backgrounds and professions.

“We are all getting along very well. I am looking forward for an experience that would improve our larger society. Dangote has put something in place that would turn out to be a revolution in the transport industry in this country. I think this programme would eventually become a model that all organisations of international standard would adopt in no distance future.

“From personal point of view, I like driving. I have driven a lot since when I became a professional driver and I like travelling. But by coming here, I have been exposed to the academic side of driving. I feel that whatever I do as a graduate, there should be a level of expected difference from what a layman would do. I think the objective of employing graduates as drivers is for sanity to be restored on our highways. Most of us are victims of the recklessness of heavy truck drivers and this is what this initiative wants to address. We are being trained here to become complete gentlemen as drivers,” Pender said.

He explained that he has, essentially, decided to join the truck driving profession out of interest not for material reward.

“As at the time we had our interview, there was no mention of any material reward. It is now that we are hearing that after a successful driving for a certain period, or covering of certain mileage that one would own a truck or things like that. No such thing was mentioned; there was no mention of special incentives rather than we would be employed and paid salaries.

“What I would say lured me into joining the truck driving profession is the name Dangote that is known locally and internationally. I bet you that if it were some other companies that came up with this initiative, some of us may not be here but the mention of the name Dangote, one would know that there is quality; there is a personality behind it; there is international recognition; that is what lured most of us here beyond any other material gain.

“We only discovered the entrepreneurial incentive of this programme when we came here; when most of us have completed their registration. Being somebody who had the experience of the banking sector, I would quickly join Dangote, because I know I would have job security and we are enjoying ourselves here in the NITT as the pioneer batch of this training programme. I never knew there is an institute like the NITT in Nigeria. We are grateful to them for the knowledge they are impacting in us.

“I want to also use this medium to urge the youth of Nigeria to work hard. We have to make names for ourselves by working hard as it is not all of us who are children of the privileged, therefore we are here as part of our dignity of labour. I would rather stay here and do this work than apply for visa to go abroad and face all kinds of humiliation by washing toilets or driving taxi while I have a similar option here, which I would do with dignity and leave a good example for the upcoming ones,” Pender explained.



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