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Wizkid to return to former music label, EME

If everything goes according to plan, Wizkid will soon be returning to his former music label, EME Music Group, this is according to a reliable industry source. The source revealed to me exclusively that Wizkid and EME bosses have been going back and forth for the last couple of weeks through their lawyers trying to agree on new terms of them working together again.
"Wizkid leaving EME was just his way of pushing the bosses at the label to take him seriously and increase his earning percentage. When he joined EME he wasn't a star but then he became a mega star and was making a lot of money for the label and they still didn't increase his earning percentage so he took a walk. Now they are working on a new contract that will favour Wizkid." The source said
I hear in the new contract being drafted, EME will not take a dime from Wizkid's international deals.


Osaze Odemwingie slams Complete Sports editor on Twitter

Since he's been playing less and less, Peter Odemwingie has been going off on Twitter more and more. Today he went off on the editor of Complete Sports and showed off screen grabs of their private conversation in which they exchanged harsh words. He has since deleted the Tweets but I managed to get some of it before he did. Sorry, Peter! :-)


BREAKING NEWS: Chinua Achebe is Dead!

Chinua Achebe, one of the world’s most celebrated writers and author of the classic novel Things Fall Apart, is dead.
He died last night in a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Professor Achebe had been sick for some time.
He was 82, having been born on November 16, 1930, and had been in hospital in recent days.
Achebe is best known for his classical novel Things fall Apart. His last book, There Was A Country: A Personal History of Biafra, is still making waves.
Until his death, Prof Achebe was the David and Marianna Fisher University Professor and Professor of Africana Studies at Brown.


Rapper Tried To Sacrifice Friend To Get Into Illuminati

A Henrico County judge Thursday scheduled a two-day trial in June for an aspiring rap star who, according to a prosecutor, apparently believed that he had to sacrifice his friend to reach stardom.
Henrico Circuit Judge L.A. Harris Jr. denied bond Thursday for Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, 27, after Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Thomas L. Johnson described El-Amin as a danger to the public and a man who was so overcome with marijuana when questioned by detectives that he could not remember the events of the month in which he committed the alleged crime.
“You are my sacrifice,” Johnson quoted El-Amin as saying before he allegedly fired a shot toward his friend’s head inside a Henrico home that was to become a music studio.
El-Amin is listed in state records as the registered agent of Break Bread Inc., located in the 1000 block of Athens Avenue just north of Brook and Parham roads.
According to a search warrant, the shooting at the now-abandoned dwelling the night of Dec. 26 occurred after prolonged marijuana use. The victim awoke from a drowsy sleep to see El-Amin pointing a gun at his head and saying he needed to be sacrificed, according to the search warrant.
The bullet ricocheted off the victim’s hand sending bone and skin fragments into his eye, according to the warrant, but the victim was able to get hold of the gun and shoot El-Amin in the stomach before he ran off.
The victim has not been charged.
Johnson said in court Thursday that the trial will delve into the hip-hop music culture and the notion that a secret society called the Illuminati has control over the success of some performers.
It was the belief that a sacrifice had to occur in order to join the Illuminati that allegedly incited El-Amin, Johnson said. Investigators recovered more than a pound of marijuana from the Athens Avenue home, according to the search warrant, as well as literature dealing with the Illuminati and its alleged connection to the music industry.
Harris, in denying bond for El-Amin, who waved happily to family members in the courtroom Thursday, said he was concerned about Johnson’s representations that El-Amin claimed no knowledge of what occurred in December because of the amount of marijuana he had smoked.
Johnson said in court that a book about the role of the Illuminati in hip-hop music and especially in the career of rap star 50 Cent was an obsession for El-Amin.
El-Amin, who has a South Richmond address and no prior criminal record, is charged with malicious wounding, use of a firearm in commission of a felony, possession of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. He was indicted by a grand jury earlier this year.


Didi becomes first Nigerian to own the Ferrari F458 (PHOTOS)

Didi is a Bayelsa Big Boy and one of GEJ's boys. He paid $400K (N60m) for this first-of-a-kind Ferrari F458 Italia, the latest car from Ferrari. The car came in this past Saturday and I hear he's possibly the only person in Nigeria to own it. If you know anyone else that has one, please send me a pic...:-).

The 458 Italia is powered by a 4.5 L (270 cu in) V8 engine derived from a shared Ferrari/Maserati design, producing 570 PS (419 kW; 562 hp) at 9,000 rpm and 540 N·m (398 lb·ft) at 6,000 rpm with 80% torque available at 3,250 rpm. See the front view of the car ...


EXOTIC PHOTOS: OMG!!! See some of the super cars Abuja people drive

Some of the best and most expensive cars in the world can be found in Abuja, Nigeria. The super rich guys who live there do not play when it comes to their rides. There, you will find Chrome Ferrari, Ferrari California, Ferrari Italia, McLaren MP4, Mercedes SLS, Lamborghini Gallardo, Bugatti Veyron and many more exotic cars. 


SHOCKER: How TV presenter, Rachel Edjeren, was chased in a dream by Indian hair she fixed

"My sister in-law came to pray with me last two years. She said she was experiencing ill luck during the week. So many nasty things happening to her.
"I prayed wit her and the Spirit led me to ask her what hair she had on, she said Indian. I was led to tell her to remove it and not give out but pray and burn it. She obeyed and things went back to normal. Sometime after that, my hubby and I watched a documentary on how ladies in India sacrifice their hair to the gods if they have nothing else worthy to sacrifice.

My husband likes human hair. So even though I like my full dreadlocks kind of hairstyles, I give him what he likes most times. I have done brazilian and Peruvian hair so thought to try something different and more natural which is Indian hair.

Last weekend I ordered for it and made it. Prayed on it and believed it was fine. Yesterday night (march 14, 2013) I had the strangest of dreams. I saw that I made a hair that allowed me to pack it thus project my face and make it look slimmer. All of a sudden, I got into a scuffle wit 3 people who began to chase me all over the place to kill me. I got off from them narrowly and ran into a market. There, a mad man began to chase me.

Last weekend I ordered for it and made it. Prayed on it and believed it was fine. Yesterday night (march 14,2013)I had the strangest of dreams. I saw that I made a hair that allowed me to pack it thus project my face and make it look slimmer. All of a sudden, I got into a scuffle wit 3 people who began to chase me all over the place to kill me. I got off from them narrowly and ran into a market. There, a mad man began to chase me.

I escaped him narrowly then 2 Molester-thugs came after me. All the while, I felt I was carrying someone else’s face.

I ran into a house with people praying. The lady in charge there looked at me and showed me a picture of my self with my regular synthetic dread-like hair and said “but that is ur regular look, why are you carrying someone else's face. Then from no where another lovely lady came from outside, drew me to the corner and began to ask me about my look. She said “you are having problems with your hair right?” Whilst she was talking, I noticed something in her mouth; a bowl of cowries and the face of a Benin god. I looked closer and asked her what it was and why she had it.
She said her man likes her because of that decor in her mouth—cowries and the face of a god like a shrine in one’s mouth?
she also said that she is comfortable and that it’s beautiful.
I woke up and prayed and immediately understood what the message was but didn’t want to let go of my cute human hair that cost so much.
I decided to ask my husband because he interprets dreams accurately.
He immediately told me to remove the hair. At the same time, the Spirit told me to cut it off and not remove it gracefully because it tried to bring me shame and pain.
Cut it off, anoint your head, anoint and pray on the hair to refute all ill and do not just throw it away but BURN IT. I obeyed.
I have decided to only carry my natural hair or synthetic hair.
This is because the Bible says; “The hair is the woman’s crowning glory”. Carrying another’s is like carrying the other person’s spirit. The worst is even Indian. Nothing wrong with Indians; They are beautiful and we love them especially in Films but those hairs sold are sacrifices to gods. Thus, they are cursed.

There are loads of other human-looking hair made with synthetic in the market if you want that look or if you insist on wearing real human hair, try those from other Countries but pray on them and be ready to bear any consequence.


PHOTOS; The Safinah Ballroom Of Jumeirah Hotel where 2face will marry Anne

The Safinah Ballroom where 2face will wed Anne

Entrance: Two separate entrances with complimentary valet parking.
Lighting: Different pre-set lighting scenes.

Natural daylight in the pre-function area and foyer.
Location: Stand-alone conference centre, ground floor.

Ceiling-mounted ballroom projectors and screens.
Front-house sound system and hotel ballroom audio processing.
Architectural ballroom lighting,all the works.etc


Woman has 5 husbands who are all brothers - and she sleeps with a different one each night

Rajo Verma, 21, lives in a one-room shack with all five, sleeping with a different one each night on a rota. The housewife has no idea which one is the father of her toddler son. She said: “Initially it felt a bit awkward. But I don’t favour one over the other.”

Husband Guddu, 21 - the first to make her his bride insisted: “We all have sex with her but I’m not jealous. We’re one big happy family.” Guddu and Rajo got married in an arranged Hindu marriage four years ago and he remains her only official spouse. Continue...

But the custom in their village is she had to take as husbands his brothers Bajju, 32, Sant Ram, 28, Gopal, 26, and Dinesh - who married her last year when he turned 18.

Eldest brother Bajju said: “I consider her my wife and sleep with her like my brothers.” Rajo cooks, cleans and looks after 18-month-old Jay while her hubbies go out to work in Dehradun, northern India.

She said of the ancient tradition, called polyandry: “My mother was also married to three brothers so when I got wed I knew I had to accept all of them as my husbands.

“I sleep with them in turn. We don’t have beds, just lots of blankets on the floor
“I get a lot more attention and love than most wives.


I’m yet to complete my house in the village – Jonathan

GEJ1President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday said that he was yet to complete his house in his hometown Otuoke in Bayelsa State.
According to him, he might give out the house before he passes on, if he discovers that his children may not be willing to relocate to the village.
Mr. President said this in Lagos at a fund raising ceremony for St. Stephens Anglican Deanery and Youth Development Centre, Otuoke.
His words, “We are all mortal beings, we are all biological specimen so we will all die but when we die, what will we be remembered for, what will we leave behind?
“I use to tell people that even the house I am struggling to build in the village, these days in this global age, how am I sure that my children will even stay in my root. They want to go to West Indies, they want to go to Latin America.

“So, I was even joking with people that if I look at the behaviour of my children and if I don’t see any of them that will patronise the village, I will donate my house before I die.”
He called on the need for prominent Nigerians to make meaningful contributions to the progress of poor communities in the nation for the betterment of lives of the youth and empower them to make useful contributions towards national development.

Jonathan noted that project for the St. Stephens Anglican Deanery and Youth Development Centre was very important to him because he wanted to make sure that the youth go through a better system of education different from the one he experienced while growing up.
He voiced his conviction thus, “I feel the only thing I can do is to make sure that from nursery school to primary and secondary school, there should be a standard educational facility and youth programme, so that it gives opportunity for the younger ones to grow. Even if we die in the next 100 years, people will remember that those before them have something for them,” he said.


Pygmy Sperm Whale Butchered On Lekki Beach

Endangered Whale Butchered In Nigeria

Yesterday, this pygmy sperm whale was washed up on the beach in Lekki in Lagos and sadly, our people did not give one thought to conservation or ask themselves if it was an endangered specie. they took their knives to it and butchered it for a feast.
Nigerians have got to learn to think beyond their immediate needs and give some thought to the long term. Conservation, protecting the planet and ensuring we have a balanced eco-system is a huge part of this.

Yesterday, this pygmy sperm whale was washed up on the beach in Lekki in Lagos and sadly, our people did not give one thought to conservation or ask themselves if it was an endangered specie. they took their knives to it and butchered it for a feast.

The pygmy sperm whale is covered by the Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and North Seas and the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area. In addition, the species is further included in the Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Conservation of the Manatee and Small Cetaceans of Western Africa and Macaronesia and the Memorandum of Understanding for the Conservation of Cetaceans and Their Habitats in the Pacific Islands Region.

So, technically, what happened yesterday was poaching, punishable under international law!


Governor Akpabio Purchases Million-Dollar Bullet Proof Luxury Vans

Just months after purchasing a $45 million dollar jet, and a few days after recklessly doling out several thousands of dollars to Nigerian music star, 2Face and his wife, Akwa Ibom State Governor Godswill Akpabio has taken possession of several bulletproof sprinter luxury vans from US based Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC).
A source told Saharareporters that the governor took delivery of the Mercedes Benz made vans recently after they were customized to his specifications by TAC in Texas.
The vans will join a remarkable fleet of top-of-the-line bulletproof luxury Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) Akpabio already has in his official convoy, making the latest purchase superfluous and insensitive, insiders in the government told SaharaReporters.
The Texas Armoring Company has displayed the luxurious interior of Mr. Akpabio’s latest toy on its Facebook page.
The Akwa Ibom governor, who intends to run for the Senate when his second term ends, has emerged as one of Nigeria’s hardest-spending governors, with a taste for the finest things, while most of his State remains undeveloped.   He is also one of President Goodluck Jonathan’s closest confidants, and recently emerged chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ Forum, with a mandate to help Jonathan win re-election in 2015.
Insiders say some governors convert some of the luxury possessions into personal items they take with them when they leave office, or give away as presents to friend


Jenifa Weds Osuofia! View Photos of Funke Akindele & Nkem Owoh Looking very in love on the Movie Set

jenifa tinz
Have you ever just, in your head or with your friends, put two random celebrities together and imagined what their lives would be like? For example, pairing “Mr. Ibu” and the legendary Nollywood wicked stepmother, ‘Mama G’ or even Zack Orji and Liz Benson, just for kicks?
I won’t be surprised if that’s where the idea for this new movie came about. While we’re still waiting on details as to who will star in this new blockbuster or what it’s actually called, here are some photos of some of Nollywood’s funniest, Funke Akindele and Nkem Owoh on set. I wonder what type of kids ‘Jenifa’ and ‘Osuofia’ would have if they got married?
Check on it!
can only wonder what jenifa is shooting now... jenifa againjenifa 3
jenifa osuofia
Photo Credit: Instagram – Funke Akindele


CRAZY: Want to go to prison? Choose Norway and get paid for working while in prison

Man behind bars in prisonAfter reading Erwin James’ beautiful and didactic piece on Bastoy Prison in The Guardian newspaper of the UK on February 25, 2013, I was sunk in reverie. I thought of a scenario where it is possible for a convict to choose where to serve his or her jail term.   Imagine a suspect saying: “My Lord, I plead guilty to all the crimes for which I have been charged by the prosecutor. My allocution is however that in sentencing me, temper justice with mercy by sending me to Bastoy Prison in Norway.”

Norway has a population of slightly less than five million compared to Nigeria’s approximately 170 million. It has fewer than 4,000 prisoners while Nigerian prisons housed 54,156 inmates as of October 31, 2012. Of this number, only 15, 804 were convicted persons while 38, 352 were awaiting trial persons.  In terms of prison and prisoners’ management, the Nigerian Prison Service has a lot to learn from their Norwegian counterpart.

According to the reporter, in Norway, the loss of liberty is all the punishment prisoners suffer. Cells have televisions, computers, integral showers and sanitation. Some prisoners are segregated for various reasons, but as the majority served their term – anything up to the 21-year maximum sentence (Norway has no death penalty or life sentence) – they were offered education, training and skill-building programmes. One of the prisoners interviewed by the reporter was quoted as saying, “It’s like living in a village, a community. Everybody has to work. But we have free time so we can do some fishing, or in summer we can swim off the beach. We know we are prisoners but here we feel like people.”

In Bastoy, there are 70 members of staff on the 2.6 sq km island during the day, 35 of whom are uniformed guards. Their main job is to count the prisoners – first thing in the morning, twice during the day at their workplace, once en masse at a specific assembly point at 5pm, and finally at 11pm, when they are confined to their respective houses. Only four guards remain on the island after 4pm.  Bastoy prisoners live in houses that accommodate up to six people. Every man has his own room and they share kitchen and other facilities. Only one meal a day is provided in the dining hall. The men earn the equivalent of £6 a day and are given a food allowance each month of around £70 with which to buy provisions for their self-prepared breakfasts and evening meals from the island’s well-stocked mini-supermarket.

Prisoners in Norway can apply for a transfer to Bastoy when they have up to five years left of their sentence to serve. Every type of offender, including men convicted of murder or rape, may be accepted, so long as they fit the criteria, the main one being a determination to live a crime-free life on release. Bastoy prisoners work on farmland where they tend sheep, cows and chickens, or grow fruit and vegetables. Other jobs are available in the laundry; in the stables looking after the horses that pull the island’s cart transport; in the bicycle repair shop, (many of the prisoners have their own bikes, bought with their own money); on ground maintenance or in the timber workshop. The working day begins at 8.30am. There are phone boxes from where prisoners can call family and friends.  Weekly visits are permitted in private family rooms where conjugal relations are allowed. So you can have sex and make babies while in prison!  There are three golden rules on Bastoy: no violence, no alcohol and no drugs. It takes three years to train to be a prison guard in Norway. For these humane treatments of its prisoners the reoffending rate for those released from Bastoy is just 16 per cent which is the lowest in Europe.

Now let’s do a quick comparison with what obtains in any Nigerian prison. Our prisons have a total carrying capacity of 47,284 but as of October 31, 2012 was accommodating 54, 156. That is 6,872 more than the carrying capacity. However, as earlier pointed out, majority of inmates in Nigerian prisons are Awaiting Trial Persons

This is an indictment on our criminal justice system. Many a time, these ATPs spend more time than they should have served if found guilty of the offences for which they are charged while others are found to be innocent after several years of incarceration. Indeed, justice delayed is justice denied. The police, prison authorities and the judiciary are reprehensible for this untoward situation. Judges adjourned cases too frequently, police do not finalise their investigations on time while the prison authority complained of being poorly trained and lacking in modern equipment including not having vehicles to convey ATPs to court for their trials.

The Federal Government through the Ministry of Interior needs to fund our prisons better. As the example from Bastoy Prison shows, prisoners have rights and privileges which they ought to enjoy in order to be properly reformed. This includes the right to vote at elections provided you are not on death row. The animalistic ways prisoners are treated in Nigeria make the whole concept of prison system warped and disorientated.  The poor feeding, sanitary and living conditions in Nigerian prisons are what make the country to experience recurring cases of jailbreaks.

 Pray, who will want to escape from Bastoy prison with the ‘royal’ treatment being meted out to inmates there? As the National Assembly works to amend the obviously anachronistic Prison Act 1963 and Immigration Act 1963, it is imperative to take a holistic look at how to reform the country’s prison system. It is a matter of urgent national importance to decongest Nigerian prisons by looking at other forms of punishments like suspended sentence, weekend sentence, community service, options of fine, prerogative of mercy, etc.
I could not agree more with the submissions of Erwin James and Arne Nilsen in the report on Bastoy prison. 

 Erwin summarises his experience thus: “Bastoy is no holiday camp. In some ways, I feel as if I’ve seen a vision of the future – a penal institution designed to heal rather than harm and to generate hope instead of despair. I believe all societies will always need high-security prisons. But there needs to be a robust filtering procedure along the lines of the Norwegian model, in order that the process is not more damaging than necessary.” For Arne, “Justice for society demands that people we release from prison should be less likely to cause further harm or distress to others, and better equipped to live as law-abiding citizens.” I do hope that the Nigerian government and relevant agencies will draw the needful lessons from Norway.


Breaking News: Ogun Governor’s house on fire

Gov Amosun

The Ogun Governor’s private house is in Abeokuta.

The private residence of the Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun, has been gutted by fire.

The house is located at the Government Reservation Area, Ibara, Abeokuta.

Details later…


Reverend Sisters Dancing To P-Square’s "Chop My Money” (Video)

The scene was captured at the wake-keeping ceremony of late Rev Vincentia Aribe in New Jersey recently.

The two reverend sisters were spotted rocking the dance floor as the MC of the event changed the music to P-Square‘s hit song ‘Chop My Money‘.


Man Who Spent £20,000 On Tattoo, Over 80 Per cent of his Body covered in Ink. Now Struggling To Find A Job

He’s Britain’s most-tattooed man, with 80 per cent of his body covered in ink. But 33-year-old Mathew Whelan is now struggling to find work as a result of his devotion to body art.
After spending 300 hours in the tattooist’s chair and having paid more than £20,000 for designs, Mr Whelan is currently volunteering in the office of a Liberal Democrat MP.
He has also changed his name to King Body Art The Extreme Ink-ite or, alternatively, King of Inkland. Mr Whelan says body modification is a culture, a way of life and almost a religion.Body Art has expressed his wish to educate the world on his colourful beliefs. But he also volunteers at the office of Liberal Democrat MP John Hemmings in Yardley, in Birmingham. Mr Whelan, from Birmingham, said: ‘I’ve got so much respect for the history of body modification.
‘It’s an art and a culture and when a group of kids stare at me, I’ll talk to them an explain the history of it.‘People who do what I do treat their body like a temple. Like Christian’s have Jesus, we have our bodies.’ He says he has wanted tattoos since the age of nine after seeing his Dad’s and Uncle’s.
The enthusiast got his first one, a British Bulldog with a blank scroll, at the age of 16. Snakes, scorpions, eyeballs and vampires are among the illustrations that cover 80 percent of his body. He even has one of his eyeballs tattooed white. Mr Whelan said: ‘I’m fully aware of the risks involved. For my eyeball, I went to the opticians beforehand and got several opinions.’
He has set up his own non-profit organisation, called Modify, to help those with body modifications to work. He said: ‘For me it’s a lifestyle. I have a personal belief in skinology and bodistry which is my adaptation of skin and story of the body.
‘I don’t see why someone should be discriminated against just because of the way they look, so I want to help those people as much as I can to find employment.’ The ex-wrestler now works as a body modification model and volunteers for the Liberal Democrats.
He said: ‘When I die I want to leave my body to a museum or a member of my family. ‘There’s someone in Canada who has already asked if he can have my skull to use as a paint pot.’


Chris Brown Features Nigerian Starboy Wizkid In His Ghana Concert

chris3American Superstar, Chris Brown was the headliner for a concert in Ghana last night, 5th March, 2013 – The rLG’s Hope City Launch Concert, which took place at the Accra Sports stadium. The concert also featured performances from such acts as R2Bees and a huge surprise performance from Nigeria’s star boy,Wizkid.
Word on the street is – the American Pop Star, who is yet again in Africa for a show, was paid one million dollars for his performance. That is also the same amount that was rumored to have been paid to the star last year for his 22nd December, 2012 show in Lagos.



American university of Delaware Student returns Back $1,800 From ATM

Devon-Gluck-kb-130305-wmain-jpg_164813Devon Gluck, 21, knew what he had to do when an ATM gave him $1,800 that didn’t belong to him. It just took a while for him to compose himself to give it back, he said.
Gluck went to a PNC Bank teller machine at the Trabant University Center at the University of Delaware on Feb. 1.

He only wanted to withdraw about $40 but after the ATM made some noise, it gave him $1,800.
“It was such a wild thing,” Gluck said. “It was the craziest thing that has happened to me. I had no idea how to react.”

Despite urging from his friends to keep the money, Gluck, a senior studying finance, said he knew he had to return it. But he called his father the following day for confirmation.
“I called him just to get that reassurance because he’s been a big influence on my life,” Gluck said.
At first, Gluck said his father laughed about the situation, but then became serious.

“I know $1,800 is not something to joke about. It’s not going to go unnoticed,” Gluck said.
Gluck kept the money for 10 days, not the four days Delaware Online first reported. But he did eventually bring it back to the bank where it came from and asked to speak with the branch manager.
“I had to sit on it and compose myself before I walked in with it,” he said.

He said the branch manager was shocked at the amount of money Gluck brought into his office.
Gluck said he realized after the ATM incident that it likely belonged to one of the students who were at the ATM before he arrived to get his money.
“It crossed my mind a day later that it could have been theirs,” Gluck said, which was “eating away” at him.

PNC Bank spokeswoman Marcey Zwiebel confirmed that a student returned $1,800 to the bank and that the student’s account from which the money was mistakenly withdrawn had been refunded.
“I know where the money actually comes from. For me, it made a lot more sense to turn the money back in,” he said.

Last year, a man in Detroit was sentenced to 15 months in prison and was ordered to repay about $1.5 million that he was able to withdraw from ATMs, even though it wasn’t his.

What would you do if an ATM spit out $1,800 that wasn’t yours?


SHOCKER: Northerners Own 80% Of Oil Blocks - Senator Enang

Revealed: Northerners own 80% of oil blocks
Supporters of the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) pushed their case further yesterday at the Senate, with startling facts on the sector.
Senator Ita Enang (Akwa Ibom North East) described the opposition to the 10 per cent host community fund by mostly northern senators as “misplaced”.

Enang, who is also the Chairman, Senate Committee on Rules and Business, said that those opposed to the fund should know that over 83 per cent of oil blocks are owned by northerners.
But he did not give the number of oil blocks Nigeria has.

Senate President David Mark, who seemed to have been shocked by what Enang said, said the Akwa Ibom lawmaker should not be distracted (some senators were grumbling) because he was making an important point.
Mark asked Enang whether he could substantiate his claim.
Enang promptly pulled out a document from his folder and reeled out oil blocs and their owners.

He said he did not intend to divide the country but to guide those who wanted to contribute to the debate to be truly informed.
He listed northerners who own oil blocks to include Alhaji Mai Deribe, Borno State and owner of Cavendish Petroleum, which operates OML 110 with an average of about N4billion monthly.

He also listed Seplat/Platform Petroleum, operators of the ASUOKPU/UMUTU Marginal Field with Mallam (Prince) Sanusi Lamido, Kano , as a major shareholder and director.

South Atlantic Petroleum Limited (SAPETRO) established by General T. Y. Danjuma, Taraba State , who is also chairman of Eni Nigeria Limited.

SAPETRO partnered with Total Upstream Nigeria Limited (TUPNI) and Brasoil Oil Services Company Nigeria Limited to become operators of the OPL 246.
AMNI International Petroleum and Development Company is owned by Alhaji (Colonel) Sani Bello of Kontangora , Niger State.

“They are operators of OML 112 and OML 117,” he said.

He said that a former Petroleum Minister and former OPEC Chairman, Rilwanu Lukman, another northerner manages AMNI oil blocks “with very key interest in the NNPC/Vitol trading deal.”

He said that Oriental Energy Resources Limited, a company owned by Alhaji Indimi, runs three oil blocks – OML 115, the Oldwok field and the Ebok field.

He said that Alhaji Aminu Dantata’s Express Petroleum and Gas Limited, operates OML 108.

Enang said that OML 113 allocated to Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum Limited is owned by Alhaji W.I. Folawiyo. Alhaji Saleh Mohammed Gambo, North East Petroleum Limited, is the holder of the OPL 215 Licence.

North East Petroleum was awarded blocs OPL 276 and OPL 283 and closing thereupon a Joint Venture Agreement with Centrica Resources Nigeria Limited and CCC Oil and Gas.

He said that INTEL is owned by former Vice President Atiku, the late Gen. Shehu Musa Yar’Adua and Ado Bayero. It has substantial stakes in Nigeria ’s oil exploration industry both in Nigeria and Sao Tome and Principe .

He said that Mike Adenuga’s Conoil is the oldest indigenous oil exploration company with six blocks. OPL 291 was awarded to Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited, owned by Emeka Offor, which was sold to Addax Petroleum.
Enang urged the Senate to cause the immediate revocation of all oil blocks licences and their redistribution, in accordance with the Federal Character Principle.

He said: “My submission is that when you look at the distribution of those who own oil blocks and the amount of money that comes from the different oil blocks to the Federation Account and you see the owners of these oil blocks, you will agree with me that there is inequity in the distribution of oil blocks.

“The oil is produced in the Niger Delta yet it is the people of the Northeast and the Northwest and a little of the Northcentral, almost nothing of the Southwest and the Southeast, that are the persons owning and controlling these oil blocks.

“Almost nothing for the Southsouth, Niger Delta oil producing areas.

“They are quarreling with the area that takes just 13 per cent when you are producing the entire 100 per cent, you give some to the Federation Account and they give only 13 per cent of what you give and, of course, it is whatever you declared that you have produced. It is actually produced by you.

“I did not want to introduce something that is divisive.
“It is not intended to divide the country, it is intended to say ‘look, let us be realistic’.

“What some of the oil wells and the owners of the oil wells produce in a month and take as profit is sometimes more than what two or three states receive from the Federation Account.”

Enang noted that “when a group of people are richer than a state and then it is produced by you, then there is so much opposition that even the people who suffer the effect of the oil production should not be give host communities’ fund; and we have explained that the host communities fund is not only for the oil producing; it is for any of the communities that hosts oil infrastructure, which includes oil pipelines, refineries, gas pipelines and anything that is capable of causing danger.”

“If we had the host communities fund, the danger that we have been having in Arepo in Ogun State, the area would have benefited from the host communities fund.”

Enang said that other areas, such as Kaduna and some other states, will benefit from it.

He went on: “If you are producing and declaring only what you like and only the 10 per cent now being provided for the host communities and the 13 per cent which is after deducting everything, that cannot be in the interest of the country.

“What I am asking now is that oil blocs in the whole country should be revoked and redistributed according to Federal Character Principle.
“We are not saying that we in the Southsouth should have all or the Southeast should have all or the Southwest should have all.
“In fact, if there are 18 oil blocs or 36 oil blocks, we don’t mind that you give us at least four, Northeast four, Southeast four, Northwest four.
“At least, let there be equity, but then there should be the principle of who owns it and then you give us more.
“But at this time, we don’t even have it. The 13 per cent is what we are even suffering to sustain.”
Senator Olufemi Lanlehin (Oyo South) praised the maturity of Senators in considering the bill.
He urged the Senate to look at the “absolute and sweeping powers” granted the President in Section 191 of the bill.

The Section, he said, gives the President absolute and unqualified powers to grant petroleum licences to whoever he pleases.
Lanlehin prayed the Senate to use the opportunity of the bill to design a template that would grow the economy.
Senator Adegbenga Kaka (Ogun East) said he was supporting the bill with mixed feelings.
He noted that the trend of the debate seemed to indicate that senators were more concerned about how to share the cake and not how to bake it.

Kaka said the power granted the minister of petroleum in the bill should be reconsidered “so that we don’t give too much power to the minister.”
The lawmaker who insisted that the bill should be finetuned, said certain percentage of earnings should be set aside to fix electricity, agriculture and other infrastructure.
Senator Mohammed Goje (Gombe Central) said before the debate, he was completely against the bill.

He said the trend of the debate showed that the Senate was poised to do justice to the bill by removing offensive sections.
To him, it seems a consensus is being built around certain sections of the bill.

He noted that most contributors agreed that the power of the minister should be reduced, such that the minister will just be like any other minister.
Goje said: “We should not create a super minister.”
He said that definite provision should be made for frontier exploration, especially adequate funding.
He opposed 10 per cent host community fund.



CHRIS Brown has given the biggest indication yet he will marry Rihanna saying their love is for “life”.
The loved-up couple are rumoured to be planning a secret wedding ceremony in Barbados this summer.
And although controversial Chris didn’t divulge plans to get down on one knee, he did tell me that he planned to spend the rest of his life with the Bajan pop babe.
Chatting at Elton John’s Aids Foundation Oscars fundraising party, Chris told me: “I love her and she loves me. That is what it comes down to.
“Our love is for life. We are meant to be together.”

Rapper Chris was on a major charm offensive at the annual party which was packed with celebs including, Mel B, Nicky Minaj, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Emeli Sandé.

Despite being constantly hassled by fans, Chris was all smiles – and dare I say charming – as he told me their love was stronger than ever.

Earlier this week he said the attack was the “greatest regret” of his life.
But he now hoped people would let them move on with their lives.

A beaming Chris, seen here in my picture photobombed by Mel B, said: “People criticise both of us but they don’t know what we have.
“They don’t know me. It used to bother me but it doesn’t now.
“We have the right to make our own decisions and live our lives just how we want.”I told last week how of Rihanna had hired two of President Obama’s former secret service agents to protect her after being bombarded with death threats since getting back with Chris.

The Don’t Judge Me singer has also upped security over his own death threat fears.
But he refused to let their bitter backlash split them up adding: “We are stronger than ever.”


PHOTOS: Female Preacher Who Preaches With Her boobs Exposed

Well, this sure looks like the new-age scriptures.

She is a preacher who sees nothin wrong with exposing her bust while spreading the word. Her sermons aptly named "The Gospel From The SKRIPPER POLE" gets a lot of fans, mostly men.

Above is a picture of her while giving one of her recent sermons.

Click here to see the uncensored picture and watch a video of her one of her sermon.


PHOTOS 26-year-old hides cocaine in sandals, bag

Officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency on Monday arrested 26-year-old Igwe Ogbonna for possessing 630 grammes of cocaine hidden inside two pairs of sandals and his luggage.  The discovery was made at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos while Ognonna was attempting to board a Kenyan Airways flight to India. According to the NDLEA Airport commander, Mr Hamza Umar, the suspect wore one pair of the sandals while another pair of sandals containing drug was in his luggage.

Umar said, “The suspect was arrested following the discovery of the drug during a routine search. Officers first found some cocaine inside the pair of sandals Ogbonna wore at the screening area.

“During the search, some quantities of cocaine were equally found in another pair of sandals and inside his luggage. He was found with 630 grammes of cocaine hidden inside two pairs of sandals and in his luggage.

Ogbonna said that he was travelling to India to further his studies.

He said, “I was advised to further my education in India since I had an uncle living there. They gave me only 700 dollars, still I was excited because I have always wanted to further my education.

“I was directed to Lagos from the East after my travel documents had been prepared and the bag and pairs of sandals handed over to me.

“The people who advised me also instructed me to wear one of the sandals, so I felt bad when the drug was detected.”

Chairman of the agency, Ahmadu Giade, said that efforts were being made to arrest other persons connected to the crime.

He said, “The agency is working to identify other suspects who are involved in this criminal act.

“I also wish to state that members of the public should be careful when people offer to sponsor them abroad. Investigation has since commenced and the suspect will soon be charged to court.”



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