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Kabiru Sokoto names Boko Haram’s leaders

MORE facts have emerged on the workings of Boko Haram, the dangerous sect that has bombed, robbed and killed in many cities of the North.
The sect’s leader, Imam Abubakar, operates from Borno State, the hotbed of the insurgency – and a “key strategist”, Abu Mohammed, is in charge of the North Central, according to the detained suspect, Kabiru Abubakar Umar Dikko, who is also known as Kabiru Sokoto.
Sokoto, the rearrested Christmas Day bomb suspect, reportedly told detectives that Boko Haram’s operations were being hurt by the arrest of its key leaders. Besides, he is said to have spoken on the sect’s sources of cash, including bank raids, and how it spends its money.
The suspect allegedly admitted that security agencies are closing in on the sect’s leaders and co-ordinators.
He also said he thought he was invincible until his re-arrest by the State Security Service (SSS) last Friday.
A source, who spoke in confidence on Sokoto’s interrogation, said: “The suspect gave more stunning disclosures which have boosted the confidence of security agencies that the operation against Boko Haram can be successful.
“From the suspect, we have been able to discover that while the leader of Boko Haram, Imam Abubakar, is calling the shots from Borno State, another key strategist of the sect, Abu Mohammed, is in charge of the North Central.
“The suspect is a respected member of the sect and he is an insider whose arrest might create an upset for Boko Haram.”
Sokoto is said to have provided details on the internal operations of the sect and why its leaders “disagree occasionally”.
Responding to a question, the source said the suspect admitted that if he could be arrested and re-arrested, it is a matter of time before more leaders are picked up.
The source quoted Sokoto saying in an emotional tone: “For instance, I never for once believed I could be arrested.
“I thought I was invincible. But now I’ve realised that if I could be arrested; if Abdullahi Damasak, the spiritual adviser, could disappear (arrested), then it’s a matter of time before everyone is caught.”
The source also claimed that the suspect allegedly told his interrogators how funds from raids on banks were always shared to five groups.
It was learnt that Sokoto recalled how N41m, proceed of a bank raid, almost caused disquiet within the sect.
“A major source of distrust and acrimony in the group was a N41million got from a bank that was not accounted for,” the source quoted Sokoto as saying, adding:
“Normally, the money is supposed to be shared to five groups: the less privileged, widows of those who died in the jihad, Zakat, those that brought in the money, and the last to the leadership to be used in prosecuting the jihad.
“We don’t know how this money was spent and nobody dared ask questions for fear of death. Even those who took part in the robberies are also always compelled to pay Zakat on their share to the leadership. The leader (Shekau) appropriates what goes to the widows, less privileged, zakat and leadership.
“The leader also gives out wives of those killed the way he wants and marries some in the name of giving them protection. For instance, he’s ‘married’ to one of Mohammed Yusuf’s wives.
“Everyone lived in fear more of leadership of the group than security agencies.”

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