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Britain's fattest woman weighs 40STONE and is so big she hasn't been outside for FOUR years

Meet Britain's new fattest woman - who weighs 40 stone and is so big that she has not left her house in four years.
Brenda Flanagan-Davies, 43, has never once sat in her taxpayer-funded living room because it takes too much effort for her to walk there from bed.
Once as heavy as 45 stone, Brenda is now the heaviest women in the UK following the death of 45-stone Sharon Mevsimler in 2010.

Brenda Flanagan-Davies eats more than 6,000 calories per DAY - including nine chocolate bars and three litres of fizzy drinks
She can't walk 20ft to shower without getting out of breath
Former shop assistant has spent most of her adult life on benefits
Married Brenda once tipped the scales at 45st
She was forced to marry husband Ron, 65, in her house because she is too fat to leave
The former shop assistant, from Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, eats more than 6,000 calories per day - including nine chocolate bars and three litres of fizzy drinks.
The recommended daily calorie intake for women is 2,000.

Brenda is virtually bed-bound by her extreme girth and is so addicted to food she even has a fridge next to her reinforced bed crammed full of chocolates and soda.
Now after years of being confined to her tiny bungalow, Brenda is begging for help after doctors warned her 'lose weight or die.'
She said: 'I spend my life in bed - that's not a life. I have tried countless diets but I can't stop eating. I can't walk 20 feet to my shower without getting out of breath.
'I hate this life. I want to have children while I still can, but I'm not healthy enough to get pregnant.
'Doctors have warned me my weight could eventually kill me - I'm putting so much stress on my organs. But food is an addiction I can't fight. I need help.'

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  1. Jesus died for our sins of addiction & idolatry of food or whatever we are struggling with. REPENT and give your life to Jesus and he will save you. He promises us this in His Holy Bible. God is REAL, more real than the food that is killing you.
    The devil comes to steal, kill & destroy your life, but Jesus comes to give life and life more abundantly. Choose this day life or death. Its your free will choice Brenda. God bless you



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