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PHOTOS: WTF:Allegedly Married Bank Manager’s Nudé Photos To Secret Lover Surfaces On Internet

Apparently, this is a case of a  tale gone sour. The details are sketchy as to who released the photos but it certainly is not the  at the centre of the storm which leaves her alleged lover as suspect. There is no justification for any man no matter the offence to release nudé photos of his ertswhile lover or girlfriend to the general public. She sent it to you in confidence and with the belief that it is meant FYEs only. If you have such photos in your possession, soft or hard copy after break-up, why not permanently delete or shred it instead of playing childish and stupid by releasing it online or elsewhere? What if that were your mother, sister or niece?
Some women have really gone made. This lady is a manager in one of the financial institutions. According to what hear, she is married but had a relationship with one of her male staff and went ahead to start another one with another male staff.

The first guy got to know and after a brief quarrel, they separated and he decided to expose her. The pictures you will be seeing shortly are the result of their fight.
Ladies, beware! Stop sending nudé pictures of yourself to your boyfriend, lover or even keeping same on your phone or computer because you never know who might see it and decide to ‘expose’ or blackmail you at the slightest opportunity. A word they say, is sufficient for the wise.


My Fiancee Cheated: Do I Continue With Marriage Plans?

Kindly advise this guy below, read his ordeal:

I and my fiancee have been in a relationship for about four yrs now.She is 27. We actually met in the university. We have had some good and tough periods typical of any relationship. However, in the last two yrs we have not really been very close to each other due to our personal engagements. First, i traveled abroad for my masters after my nysc and spent about 1.2yrs there. And she is currently undergoing her NYSC in one of the northern states.

However, an incident occurred just yesterday. My fiancee is supposed to come to lagos where i reside to write a test. Even though she could still have written the test in Abuja which is closer, she insisted on coming to lagos so as to see me thereafter. This i considered because we have not seen each other for the past three months.

Now, i called her yesterday and told her i was missing her. She laughed and asked me if there was something else i was missing or was i just missing her. I was shocked. Then she went on to say she wouldn't be intimate with me during her visit because she and her family will be having ''prayers'' and that she would want to keep herself ''on check.'' Then i asked, must it be during this period of your visit that you will start your family prayers, bearing in mind that we have not seen for long? Wouldn't it be proper you suggest to your family that the prayer date be fixed after your visit so as to enable you be on check?

I am not against her family prayer, but i feel this is more than a family prayer. My lady is not really a prayer and fasting type that's why i feel there is something else....could she be seeing someone??

Frankly speaking, i have been suspecting that she might be cheating on me for quite something now. Though i have no evidence to support my suspicion and there is no change in her character either. She remains the same. But i felt, being that we have not really been together for long there is higher propensity to cheat. I might be wrong though.

Now, the deed is done and she finally confessed of sleeping with a guy ''mistakenly''about four months ago.I couldn't just believe it. This is a woman i have spent 4 solid yrs with and we are currently talking marriage. How she descended to such degrading level is something that still baffles me.

We have passed through alot together and she was all that i wanted in a woman;Very patient, intelligent, understanding etc But i can't just stop thinking of what she did. She has apologised and sought for forgiveness which i did forgive her. But the thought of her cheating on me kept hunting me.

I am torn b/w continuing with the marriage plans or just quit the whole thing. But whenever i remember what we both passed through-all her supports, obedience, tolerance etc i can't just seem to arrive at any decision.

Will it be wise of me to continue with the marriage plans or should i just call quit the whole thing


Kenny Saint Brown (BEST) Blasts Wande Coal On Twitter.

 She accused MAVIN records for bringing nudity back to the music industry in Wande Coal’s new music video - 'Go Low'



WAHALA – Wife Catches Husband in her Car with Another Woman [Pictures]

“I ONCE caught you with a boyfriend, but I forgave you so why can’t you do the same?” was the question Obert Gondo asked his wife after he was caught with an alleged girlfriend near a bottle store in the city centre along 9th Avenue and George Silundika Street in Bulawayo yesterday. Clara Mapfumo from Mzilikazi caught her husband with Memory Maza his “small house” from Fairbridge.
Mapfumo was so incensed to the extent of physically tackling her husband. The other woman could not stand the embarrassment and she vanished as quickly as she could.
“I don’t want anything to do with your girlfriend, I want to deal with you. I want my car keys. I worked so hard to get this car and all you can do is spend the day cruising with prostitutes in my car. Kumusha kure (home is far)”, said the visibly angry Mapfumo.
The two caused a scene and a police officer tried and failed to separate them. At some point Mapfumo was crawling all over the police officer who was trying to pull her out of the car her husband had been driving. Meanwhile an eager crowd had gathered round to catch a glimpse of the fighting couple.
The police officer tried in vain to pull her back and at some point she was suspended in the air with the police officer holding her upper body while she was trying to kick her husband who in turn was pushing her out of the vehicle. The crowd began calling on the cop to hold the “casanova” Gondo as he rained punches and slaps on his wife who was demanding keys to the vehicle. People who were at the scene took out their camera phones to get clips of the action.
gondo and wife fighting
The wife used her teeth to leave a mark on her husband as a reminder of the confrontation as more police officers came to the scene and tried to reason with couple. Gondo continued to beat up his wife in front of the hundreds of people who had gathered around the kombi. When police finally managed to stop the fight they were taken to Central Police Station where upon arrival they started fighting again.
gondo and wife fighting


Comedian I Go Dye’s Acquires New Range Rover voque & Escalade


According to our source, “A brand new White Diamond Escalade Hybrid 2012 Model (Platinum Edition) to celebrate his 18th anniversary on stage” and and also a Range Rover Evoque for his Girlfriend/Event Manager, Sharon.
He also has real estate investments . I Go Dye is also building a home for his dear mum who supported him unconditionally over the years.



“Rich members of the Church ‘snatched’ my wife” – Pastor laments in court

A pastor, Samuel Oyedotun, stunned an Ake Customary Court, Abeokuta, Ogun State when he said he wouldn‘t have got married to his wife, Lydia, if he knew the woman was not responsible. 

Oyedotun said his wife made him believe she‘was religious when they met, until after she bore two children for him and he discovered she indulged in drinking beer and was also adulterous. 

This, according to him, gives serious concern to the extent that he hardly prayed as he used to do before they became husband and wife. 

The pastor said he met Lydia in lbadan and they got married legally while the union,according to him, is blessed with five children. 

He added that what informed his decision to sue for divorce was that he found that she was dating some rich men in his church, and that when he confronted her, she threatened to deal with him ruthlessly. The plaintiff said that all efforts to stop her from continuing in the habit proved abortive. 

He therefore urged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant him custody of the children. Though the 37-year-old woman denied the allegations levelled against her by thehusband, she told the court she was ready to accept the divorce since her husband was adamant. Lyndia said it was not the end of road for her. 

The respondent however pleaded that the court grant her custody of the children because she knew that the money Samuel would be making from the church would not be enough for the upkeep of the children. Meanwhile, the case was adjourned for further hearing. 


WTF; Semen is 'good for women's health and helps fight depression'

Stimulating: Chemicals within semen can fight depression and 'increase affection'
Oral sex is good for women's health and makes you feel happier.This is according to a study which studied the effects of semen's 'mood-altering chemicals'.
The State University of New York study - which scientists carried out via survey rather than through practical experiment - compared the sex lives of 293 females to their mental health.
It follows research which shows that seminal fluid contains chemicals that elevates mood, increases affection, induces sleep and also contains at least three anti-depressants.
Semen contains another of chemicals along with spermatozoa, including cortisol, which is known to increase affection, estrone, which elevates mood and oxytocin, which also elevates mood.
It also contains thyrotropin-releasing hormone (another antidepressant), melatonin (a sleep-inducing agent), and even serotonin (perhaps the best-known antidepressant neurotransmitter).


Kidnapped ESUT Vice Chancellor Freed

Kidnappers of  Prof. Cyprian Onyeji, the Vice chancellor of Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) today released him after 10 days in captivity.
Professor Onyeji was kidnapped at the entrance of the institution by gunmen and whisked away on August 15 2012. A few days later his abductors reached out to his family and demanded N200 million payment to effect his release.


PHOTO:Rescue Workers Beg Woman Not To Jump From A Nine-Story Building in China

They are forced to cling to Sheng Fi's legs as she threatens to throw herself off a nine-storey building.

But what they did not know was that she had smothered her four-year-old nephew just hours earlier and thrown his body from the same roof in Southern China.

Sheng had been embroiled in a bitter row with her sister-in-law, the young boy’s mother, and killed the boy as a result of the fight. Click to continue reading...

She admitted to smothering him to death and throwing his body from the 100ft tall building in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province before attempting to jump after him.

Unaware, rescue workers, who had been called after Sheng was spotted on the roof, brought her daughter to talk her down after which they moved to grab her before she made the fatal leap.

The horrific truth behind her suicide attempt was unveiled when she had been brought off the ledge.

‘She admits she'd thrown the boy's body off the same roof.’, a police spokesman told local media. ‘She will still die now, but by a firing squad for murder.'


WTF: Couple have sex in supermarket After stealing a lubricant

Public displays of affection can be sickening in most situations, but a Kansas couple may have taken it to an extreme when they were arrested for putting on a Walmart sex show.
The couple was reportedly so enamoured with each other that they just had to get it on in the middle of the Walmart. 
Right in front of other customers, 22-year-old Julian Call and 35-year-old Tina Gianakon allegedly began "sexually fondling" each other, reports the New York Daily News.
Perhaps feeling a little shy, the couple also reportedly stole a tube of K-Y Jelly to help facilitate the act. Surprisingly, police say the couple appeared sober. The couple is co-operating with police and they now face charges for "lewd and lascivious behaviour".


TRUE CONFESSIONS : I fantasize about another man

Two years ago I was at a conference for work. I had just started my job and was still trying to get my head around things with no idea what I was meant to be doing. I sat down at an empty table and stared at the program in front of me, wondering how I was going to survive the next couple of days without looking like a complete idiot. I felt the chair next to me move and turned to look up at the person who was going to sit next to me.

To my surprise and delight, it was a very good looking young man. He smiled at me and told me his name was Bryan. I smiled back and introduced myself. From that moment on, Bryan and I got along famously. We chatted non-stop in the breaks and sat next to each other during the conference dinners.
On the last night of the conference, we both drank a little too much an he decided to escort me back to my motel. On the way there, as we walked through the park, I stopped and looked at him. Without warning, he leant down and kissed me.

That kiss was amazing. It sent goose bumps up and down my spine. We ended up back at my motel, where we spent the night. The next day we said our goodbyes and promised to keep in touch. Neither of us was ready for a relationship and besides we lived in different countries. As promised, we kept in touch via email and Facebook, but as time passed, we went from several emails a day to one or two a month.
About four months later, I met Liam. He was tall, dark and handsome, and we seemed to click. We had heaps in common and were extremely attracted to each other. Three months later we decided to give things a go and have a relationship.

As the months passed, Liam and I fell more and more in love and though our jobs took us all over the country, we only had eyes for each other. We started talking long term about buying a house, marriage and children. I had never been so happy with someone. Almost 18 months after we started our relationship, the conference I had been at two years earlier rolled around again and I was set to attend.
I was so excited to be going back. I was now confident and successful in my role and was ready to show off how much I had improved. I hopped on my international flight ready to take on the world. I got dressed for the welcome mixer and smiled as I left. I looked great and felt confident. I walked into the room and started to mingle, enjoying catching up with people I knew and meeting others for the first time.

I walked over to the bar to get a new glass of wine and as I looked up my eyes met a pair of deep, dark eyes looking straight at me … it was Bryan. I had not even thought about the possibility of him being there. As I looked into his eyes and made my way over to him, my mind was going crazy. Flashbacks were spinning through my mind and my heart rate sped up.
As I hugged him in greeting, shivers raced up my spine. He was better looking than I remembered and his smile had my legs going weak. Once again, we spent the conference talking and catching up. It was so easy to fall into how it had been two years ago. If we were in other groups, he would often catch my eye and wink or smile at me. Every time our legs or arms touched I would get goose bumps, and I wanted him to grab me and kiss me all over again.

In my mind, I knew that if he made a move I would not be able to resist. At the end of the conference we said our goodbyes and our farewell hug lingered a bit longer than perhaps it should have. I was sad and happy at the same time. I wanted him so badly my body ached for it, but I had stayed true to the man I loved.
Liam met me when I hopped off my flight and as I embraced him then, and later on when we made love, my mind was still full of Bryan. I pictured that it was him I was with. Each night I go to sleep dreaming of what it would be like if Bryan were in Liam's place, and each morning I wake up to once again see that it is never going to happen.

Each day I fall in love with Liam all over again. But part of me will always wonder if it would have worked with Bryan. I dread and look forward to the day we are once again in the same room.


2 Chainz Surprised By Scarface, Rejects Illuminati Rumors

The year has been dominated by 2 Chainz's presence. His work on several guest spots has allowed him to build a buzz. Now, the emcee who reinvented himself can celebrate the release of his new album. In celebration, Chainz stopped by BET's 106 & Park to 
discuss his life, his goals and his mom. While there, a few friends surprised him, including Scarface. "I enjoyed gym. I was able to go to Burger King during gym," 2 Chainz said, when asked about what subjects he enjoyed most in school. "I enjoyed math." Another question posed by the show dealt with his goals for the rest of the year.

"One of the goals is putting out an album, 
which comes out tomorrow," he shared. "The next goal is for the album to be successful."

A topic that came up was one about the Illuminati. Chainz explained that rumors of his
involvement with the secret society stemmed from an edited interview, which has since been removed, where he joked about being part of the Illuminati.

"I know I work hard and I believe in God," he said of the rumor, after noting that his mom called to ask about it. "So, when my mom called, I said, 'You know better than that, mom!'" While other surprised him, it was Scarface that made the last appearance, sharing his joy for the emcee's success.

"I used to listen to Chainz when he was with DPT...I'm proud of this kid," 'Face explained. "We talk all the time. We have heart- to-hearts."

You many know him as Tity Boi from Ludacris’s Disturbing tha Peace, or you may recognize him as one half of Playaz Circle who had the 2007 street smash “Duffle Bag Boy,” which featured Lil Wayne. But now, with a changed name and altered label, 2 Chainz is quickly becoming hip hop’s next big thing.


TB Joshua Predicts Another Plane Crash In Nigeria

It was reported that on Sunday July 15th, 2012, TB Joshua enjoined us to be prepared and expect a plane crash that will take Nigeria by storm. 

According to him, if this plane crash is not averted, around 9-12 top Nigerian politicians will die. 

He further revealed that the crash will happen on their way back from a conference or meeting. 

They will be from nine to twelve in number and they’ll all perish. 

He said the devil plans to strike them if they are all together on one flight. 

According to his prediction, the solution to this looming tragedy is that all the officials should never board one flight. 


Re: LASTMA Official's Death: Yinka Johnson (The Banker) Released


Over the weekend, the news broke that Stanbic IBTC Banker Yinka Johnson had been accused of murdering a LASMA Official, Hammed Balogun.

Over the last few days, eye witnesses came forward with photo evidence that illustrated that Yinka Johnson did not kill Hammed Balogun. Yinka has now been released and the murder case will not be pursued. She will be fined for violating the traffic rules by driving on a one-way road (the reason why the LASMA officials stopped her car).

According to BN sources, photographs showing the accused’s undamaged car (the car was impounded by LASMA), photos showing the accused was on the other side of the road when the deceased was killed and finally, a video showing a green and white MOLUE bus running down the officer and speeding off were amongst vital pieces of evidence that cleared Yinka Johnson.


Man fondles mother-in-law's buttocks thinking its his wife's

A man from Bulawayo's National Railways of Zimbabwe Westgate compound is in trouble after he mistook his visiting mother-in-law for his wife and fondled her buttocks while drunk.

According to sources, the incident occurred on Unity Day. It is understood the man, Mr Tinashe Moyo (32), came home intoxicated and found his mother-in-law, Mrs Rosemary Ndiweni (48), doing the dishes.

He then stroked her buttocks.

He was convinced she was his wife despite her spirited attempts to stop him. The error only dawned on him when his wife, Thobekile, rushed to the kitchen after hearing her mother screaming for help.
In an interview last week, Mr Moyo confirmed the bizarre episode. He, however, refused to shed more light.

"I would rather not talk about that as my in-laws and I are yet to sit down and talk. All I can say is it was a mistake. I thought she was my wife.
"I have apologised to her many times. I hope she finds the strength to forgive me."

The mother-in-law, who was still visibly angry, said Mr Moyo had shown total disrespect.
"He must pay for what he did. I hope the elders deal with him severely. He might have been drunk, but that is no excuse for him to act like that.

"I want him to be punished for what he did. I want him to suffer like I did."


Man sets girlfriend's clothes ablaze accusing her of infidelity

A SEKE man who set ablaze his girlfriend's clothes valued at US$350 after accusing her of infidelity has been sentenced to 208 hours of community service. 
The man was also convicted of resisting arrest. 
Tonderai Nhivativa (24) of Chakaza Village admitted to malicious damage to property and resisting arrest when he appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Ms Barbra Chimboza.
Ms Chimboza sentenced him to 18 months in prison of which four were suspended for the next four years.
A further six months were set aside on condition he restitutes Priscilla Mambo (25) of Gombo Business Centre in Seke of US$350 before the end of September.
Eight months were suspended on condition he performs 208 of community service.
Prosecutor Ms Tafadzwa Makwande proved that on August 3, at around 2am, and at Gombo Business Centre, Nhivativa suspected that Mambo was having an affair with another man.
Nhivativa went to a local bar and started boozing before going to Mambo’s place where he took some blankets and clothes and set them alight. Mambo was called by her neighbour Martha Puri and found her property in ashes.
Two police officers went to Nhivativa’s place after a report was made and told him that he was under arrest. 
The court heard that Nhivativa resisted arrest by pushing away one of the police officers and trying to flee.
He was apprehended with the help of members of the public.


In search of greener pastures: Faces Of The 7 Cameroon Athletes That Went Missing From Olympics

Seven Cameroonian athletes who participated in the 2012 London Olympic Games have disappeared from the Olympic Village, this is according to the mission head. The athletes, five boxers, a swimmer and a footballer, packed their personal belongings and disappeared when no one was looking. The woman disappeared first, and the others followed.


" I'm Honored to Be The Perfect Bitch" Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian -- I'm Honored to Be The Perfect Bitch.
Kim Kardashian is thrilled to be the inspiration for Kanye
West's new song, "Perfect
Bitch" ... TMZ has learned.Kim is telling friends, "I'm honored.  I love it," adding, "I
know he doesn't mean it in a negative way when he says
the word 'bitch. '"Yesterday, Kanye tweeted, "I wrote the
song 'Perfect Bitch' about Kim."  Interestingly, the tweet was later deleted. But Kim
feels great about it, saying,
"The song talks about how he
was with so many other girls
but could never find the right
one until he met me."Kim is
also real pleased about the
way Kanye describes her
body in the song.   Boy, we
didn't see that one coming.

Kim Kardashian -- I'm Honored to Be The Perfect Bitch.
Kim Kardashian is thrilled to be the inspiration for Kanye West's new song, "Perfect Bitch" ... TMZ has learned.Kim is telling friends, "I'm honored. I love it," adding, "I 
know he doesn't mean it in a negative way when he says the word 'bitch. '"Yesterday, Kanye tweeted, "I wrote the song 'Perfect Bitch' about Kim." Interestingly, the tweet was later deleted. But Kim feels great about it, saying,
"The song talks about how he was with so many other girls but could never find the right one until he met me."Kim is also real pleased about the way Kanye describes her body in the song. Boy, we didn't see that one coming.


PHOTOS:Man Caught His friend on Bed with his Wife

What would you do if come home one day and meet your wife and friend in this condition?


Smooch Publicly and get arrested as Public smooching arrests prompts Mexico 'Kiss-in'

Couples of all ages locked lips outside a church in the conservative central Mexico city of Leon to protest the arrest of a man for kissing his female companion.
The "kiss-in" held to coincide with mass  received applause from some parishioners at the Catholic church. Manuel Berumen, a 38-year-old university lecturer, was detained for 12 hours for engaging in the public display of affection while strolling Thursday in a nearby square with his partner and their four-year-old son.
"I took Mayra and kissed her, nothing out of the ordinary. And then we heard a person screaming: 'There are children here -- children!' as if we were naked or engaging in pornography on the street," Berumen told reporters after filing a complaint to the country's human rights advocacy agency.
He and his partner were charged with offenses against morality by a local judge, who imposed the 12-hour detention, though Berumen said the five police officers responding to the scandalized woman's call arrested only him. The state of Guanajuato, whose capital is Leon, is considered one of Mexico's most conservative. There have been similar incidents there arising from alleged "breaches of morality."


Racist UK couple jailed for beating daughter for dating a Zimbabwean boy

Assaulted by her parents: Jane Champion was hit and punched in the face by her father and mother for having a relationship with a black man
A ZIMBABWEAN teenager was subjected to racist abuse and assaulted by a British couple which disapproved of his relationship with their daughter, who is white.

David and Frances Champion also stalked Alfonce Ncube, 19, at a restaurant where he worked and banged on the door after they were shut out. The couple, from Swansea, South Wales, also attacked their 17-year-old daughter, Jane, because she had "brought shame" on their family by dating a black man, a court heard.

On Monday, the couple were jailed at the Swansea Crown Court. David Champion was sentenced to 12 months in prison and his wife to nine months after admitting assault on their daughter. David also admitted a charge of racially aggravated assault against Ncube. His wife, 47, admitted using threatening, abusive or offensive words or behaviour to cause racially aggravated fear or provocation of violence towards Ncube.

 The couple were outraged when they returned home to find Jane in a "state of undress" with college boyfriend Ncube, the court heard. Champion, 50, shouted racist abuse at the Zimbabwean who came to England aged eight, before grabbing and kicking him as he pushed him out of the house.

He then grabbed his daughter by her hair and punched her. "He told her she was destroying the family and pushed her out of the door, while shouting racist language to describe Ncube," said Nicola Powell, prosecuting.
Jane went to stay with her grandmother but returned to her parents in St Thomas, Swansea, once the situation had apparently calmed down. But a month later her parents challenged her over Ncube when they returned from a pub.
"David Champion asked his daughter if she was still seeing Ncube. When she told him she was, he punched her in the face. Miss Champion said she felt huge pain to her left eye but her father then grabbed her by the throat and continued hitting her," said Powell.
Frances began hitting her daughter – causing swelling on her face and lumps on her head – yelling abuse at the teenager saying: "You deserve it. It’s all your fault."
The pair then went in search of Alfonce who was "in hiding" at the restaurant where he worked. The couple began shouting and were removed from the restaurant but Frances continued to bang on a window.
John Hipkin, defending David Champion, said: "It's not excusable in any way, shape or form. But the circumstances in which he found his young daughter meant he reacted in a terrible way. Lessons have been learned. 
Georgina Buckley, defending Frances Champion, admitted it was "disgraceful". She said: "She accepts her actions were fuelled by alcohol and that she confronted her daughter in a wholly unacceptable and disgusting way. 


SHOCKING PHOTO: Man Marries Three Wives at the same time in a Church

It's not a movie scene, it is real.

Christianity as many people know it permits a man to marry only one wife, the strict doctrine of monogamy is preached among all Christans

However in this church in Zaire, Pictured above is a man standing in front of a pastor who is blessing the marriage of a man to as many as three women at a time.

The funny thing here is that the pastor is also going to quote from the same Holy bible.

Share your thoughts on this.


BREAKING NEWS:Syrian prime minister sacked from office

Syrian Prime, Minister Riyad Hijab has been sacked, just two months after his appointment, Syrian television reported on Monday. 
The director of the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman, disclosed that Hijab had fled Syria. 
President Bashar al-Assad appointed Hijab, a former agriculture minister, as prime minister in June following a parliamentary election in May which authorities said was a step towards political reform but which opponents dismissed as a sham. 



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