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WOW; Stuning Ankara Bikinis…Wanna try it on

We call it Ankara..oyinbo’s and the world’s fashion elite call it tribal print.

Check out this lush ankara swimwear collection by French designer Adama Paris…this collection was recently showcased in promo shots for the upcoming Miss Black France 2012 pageant.

See more of the collection below as modelled by some of the contestants


How the mega rich fly: Inside $80 million customized Boeing business jet

If you have a spare $80million lying around you might be in the market for a new Boeing jet unveiled this week in Shanghai, China.
Boeing flaunted its high-tech customised 737 at the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition.
Earlier this month, the aviation giant delivered this modified 737, similar to the one on show in China, to a private businessman in the United States - and it is the customer's second private Boeing jet.

I must to buy my own. what about you.

If There's No Partiality, You Won't Be Governor Yourself" - Tinubu To Fashola

"If there's no partiality, you cannot be governor yourself," Mr. Tinubu tells Mr. Fashola,

The Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola, got a rude shock from his principal and predecessor, Bola Tinubu, Wednesday after he tried to make a case for disgruntled party members.

Mr. Fashola, one of the speakers at the 4th annual Bola Tinubu Colloquium, an event organized to mark the former Lagos State governor's 60th birthday; said that he had been asked by the lower cadre members of the party to prevail on the celebrant to dispense "justice equally" to all members.

Mr. Tinubu refused

"If there's no partiality, you cannot be governor yourself," he told Mr. Fashola, adding that he had not regretted choosing him as governor.

"Ask them not to give me the task, that I'll not be able to deliver," said Mr. Tinubu.

"What I'd done consistently in the past, why would I want to change at 60?

"I've succeeded with that behaviour and sorry I'll not deviate from it," he added.

Earlier, the chairman of the occasion, Emeka Anyaoku, had called on Nigeria to return to true federalism if it must make progress.

"I do believe that a true, rather than our current unitarist federalism, will better promote peace, stability, and development in Nigeria," said Mr. Anyaoku, a former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth.

"There can be no doubt that Nigeria was making progress in national development in the early years of its independence when it practiced true federalism of four regions with more extensive powers deployed from the centre to the regions.

"Those were the days of the significant export of groundnuts, hides and skins, and the tin ore from the North; of cocoa from the West; of rubber from the Mid-West; and palm produce and coal from the East of Nigeria," said Mr. Anyaoku.

The occasion also witnessed the presentation of the book 'Asiwaju: Leadership in Troubled Times'.

About N50 million cash was realized from the sale of the book at the event, with most of the guest preferring to disclose their donations privately.

The organizers said that the proceeds from the sales would be channeled into a fund, the Bola Tinubu Institute for Good Governance.

FACT: Solid Ways to Get Your Ex Back ..stop complaining and take action

Did you just experience a break up? Are you wondering how to go get an ex back? Almost nearly every adult as experienced some kind of a break up, and most just work on moving on rather than looking for a way to get an ex back. But if you are over playing the victim and want to put some work in to get an ex back, then there are options for you. Everyone deals with breakup, but does break up simply mean that you cannot get back together with your ex?

The fact is, 90 percent of the time there is no reason why you cannot get an ex back after a break up, providing that you know what steps are necessary to win your ex back. The first step in learning how to get an ex back is to determine what exactly happened that caused the break up. Even though you cannot go back into the past, and you cannot change what happened, you can learn from the mistakes that were made and you can try to learn and grow from the experiences.

The break up may have occurred because of a single event, or it may have occurred from behaviors that your ex could not deal with anymore. No matter what the reason was that led to the breakup, you need to get the specifics figured out so that you can deal with the situation if it should never come up again. You can get an ex back if you know how, but if you want to make it work on a long term basis, you need to figure out what went wrong in the first place.

The next step in the process is to ensure that you are not coming off as a needy person. Everyone will feel like they cannot live without their ex, but there is no point in making this obvious. Instead, you should stay strong, and let your ex see that you are doing just fine by yourself. If you let everyone around you see your comfort and self confidence, then you will have a better chance of getting back together with your ex.

Trying to get back at your ex, or trying to make your ex jealous is not a good way to operate. In fact, these are some of the worst things that you can possibly do, because it will show your ex that he or she should simply move on because you already have. While you do want your ex to see that you're doing ok, you do not want it to inspire him or her to completely move on if your ideal scenario is to get back together. Let your ex see how strong and self confident you are, and they will feel inspired to get back together with you.

WOW: Stunning pictures of U.S. troops crammed into military plane to Afghanistan

U.S. troops sit tightly beside one another in a packed aircraft as they await their departure to Afghanistan, in stunning pictures taken today.
The servicemen sit aboard the military plane at the U.S. Transit Centre in Manas, 30 km outside Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek.
The onward movement of personnel to and from Afghanistan is one of the four mission pillars of the centre that is used as a transit hub for about 15,000 troops, planes and 500 tons of cargo a month. The other three are airlift, aerial refueling and humanitarian assistance.

Waoh, nice ride.... more pics

Oya, who's goin' with next flight.

WTF: Octomom Poses Nude For Rent Money

Well, not entirely nude, but almost. She was so desperate for money, she did something she swore she would never do...pose nude for cash. She was offered $1million many years ago by Vivid and she turned it down. But now the mum of fourteen is almost homeless, and you know what they say; desperate times calls for desperate measure. Nayda Suleman posed almost nude for European magazine, Closer, for $10, 000, which is what she needs to rent a new place.

Official Trailer of 'True Citizens', set to hit Cinemas April 6th 2012


29 year old man rapes 19yr old in-law to death

29-year-old Titus Ime (pictured above) raped his in-law, a 19-year-old woman identified as Blessing John, to death. The incident occurred in a forest at Epe. The suspect allegedly trailed Blessing to her father’s farm, where he raped her to death.
Ime, reporting the incident, said he assaulted Blessing due to her refusal to date him. The rapist cum murderer blamed his dastardly act on his “great love" for the deceased.
“I just moved to Lagos from Akwa -Ibom State to look for a job when I met Blessing. She is my in-law, as my uncle is married to her elder sister," he said.
"As soon as I set my eyes on her, I fell in love with her but I kept it to myself. When I could not bear it anymore, I went to her to declare my love for her but she turned me down. I kept pestering her but she refused blatantly that she did not love me; this made me angry.”
Ime added that despite Blessing’s refusal to date him, he had to device a means to force her to have sex with him.
“I did not intend to kill Blessing but my feeling for her was very strong. So after monitoring her movement for some time, I discovered that she goes to the farm to uproot cassava in the evening with her father. That day, I trailed her from her house to the forest. She was alone and she did not know I was following her, when she got into the dense forest and there was no one in sight, I ran ahead of her and grabbed her, and started declaring my love for her but she turned me down.

"I was very angry and I grabbed her dress. She started struggling with me but I took a big stick and hit her on her head, she slumped immediately and I bend down over her and removed her skirt and had sex with her. All this while, she did not respond but I still had sex with her a second time but I do not know that she was dead; I thought she was just unconscious.”

After committing the act, the suspect hid in the forest for four days. He however came out of his hiding when he could not bear the hunger anymore, and reported himself to his family who then handed him over to the police for prosecution.

Blessing’s corpse were discovered by her father and has been deposited at a public mortuary for autopsy, while the case has been transferred to the Homicide department at Panti, Yaba for further investigation.

Simple: Lady Gaga without her make-up

Lady Gaga would never be seen without her make up on, would she?

Apparently so. The Gaga has Tweeted a snap of herself with no slap on for all her monsters to devour

Lady Gaga presumably wants to prove with this picture that she is naturally beauty, which she is, as you can see here with your own eyes.

Usually she’s covered in all kinds of multi-coloured face paints, glitter, black kohl, face powder, blusher, eyeshadow, false lashes, lippie and any other kind of make up you can think of. And that’s just on her eyes.

Not to mention the claws she wears as nails and… well whatever animal flesh / bikini or egg she’s wearing for clothes.

Gaga has previously talked about her obsession with dressing up, saying she believes it’s part of her job.


Graphical Images: Tibetan protester sets himself on fire

27year old Tibetan protester, Jamphel Yeshi, today set himself on fire and sprinted for 50m through New Delhi, in a demonstration during the Chinese president's visit to India.

Yeshi, who was on fire for about two minutes before he collapsed, sustained burns on 98 per cent of his body. Other protesters doused him in water and took him to the hospital where he's in critical condition.

Yeshi and other Tibetans protesters (who now live in India) were demonstrating against China's rule over Tibet and the Chinese President's arrival in India later this week for a summit meeting.

Bishop David Oyedepo Launches Dominion Air

Nigeria’s richest pastor and self-styled bishop, David Oyedepo, has made a glistening addition to his business empire by floating an airline called Dominion Air.
Oyedepo, who a few years ago ignited debate on flamboyant Christianity by acquiring his fourth private jet, is the owner of Dominion Publishing House, Covenant University and an elite secondary school called Faith Academy.

Listed by Forbes as Nigeria’s wealthiest pastor with a net worth of $150 million, David Oyedepo is a preacher and founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, more popularly known as Winners’ Chapel. Besides his four private jets, Forbes also mentioned the preacher’s luxury homes in London and the United States.

Sources within the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), the agency charged with business registration in Nigeria, confirmed the registration of Dominion Air with David Oyedepo as its chairman. Another source within a Lagos-based insurance firm known to handle most of Oyedepo’s businesses said the airline project had been in the works for six years and was only made a reality this year.

PICTURES: Another Nigerian Man,26 Marries 63 year old American Woman

This money and Visa things,this is another young Nigerian,Daniel Ukoko,who is 26 years old and a graduate of University of Benin tied the knot with Cynthia, an American who is old enough to be his mother (if not grand mother) at the Warri South Local Government registry


SHOCKER: Player Dies On Pitch during live match.

The first class pitchside treatment received by Fabrice Muamba was thrown into sharp relief yesterday by the death of a footballer who collapsed while playing in India.
In a shocking incident that again brought to light the poor medical facilities provided for local football tournaments, a 27-year-old player died on Wednesday after he collapsed at the Bangalore Football Stadium during a league match.
Times of India reports that Venkatesh, a midfielder for A-division side Bangalore Mars, came in as substitute in the 73rd minute before collapsing in the dying minutes of the match. The Bangalore District Football Association, which annually organises the Super, ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ divisions, allegedly did not have a doctor present on the field. A physio and players rushed in and tried standard medical procedures on Venkatesh, who by now was having fits, teammate Janardhan said.
Then came the crunch – no ambulance. Though some BDFA members denied the allegation, team manager Shiva, who is also a BDFA member, said there was a tempo on standby at the eastern wing of the stadium. “The only reason we couldn’t get it out in time was that there were many two wheelers parked around it,” he said.
Players and officials carried Venkatesh in their arms off the field, hired an auto rickshaw and rushed him to Hosmat Hospital, where he was declared dead. “There was no pulse or respiration. We gave him CPR and defibrillator shocks, but it was too late,” Hosmat vice-president Dr Ajith Benedict Royan said.
Preliminary post-mortem reports agreed with Dr Royan’s suggestion that Venkatesh died of cardiac arrest. “There were no external injuries. This is also known as Sudden Death Syndrome, which is common among footballers. Maybe if he had been given oxygen or proper medical care at the time of the incident, he could have stood a chance,” Dr Royan added.

SHOCKER:Kids Having Sex under the plastic table.

If these where your kids Or you caught your Siblings Doing this what would you do to them?

Lionel Messi And Barcelona Accused Of Elaborate Smuggling of weapons into Syria for the Rebel

Lionel Messi and Barcelona have found themselves at the centre of one of the most surreal conspiracies theories of all time, after a state-owned Syrian television channel claimed the Catalans were aiding the smuggling of weapons to Syrian rebels.
While the situation in the Middle East is clearly no laughing matter, Al Dunya TV have left internet users gobsmacked following an outrageous report that Barcelona helped anti-president Bashar Assad radicals plot arms smuggling routes through the country.
Using an El Clasico clip from last December, a video report on Sunday claimed Barcelona’s formation plots specific locations on a map, with the players representing the smugglers and the ball’s position signifying the current location of weapons.
The report concludes Messi's final passes to set up Pedro’s goal against Real Madrid indicates the successful handover of the arsenal to the rebels in Dir al-Zur.
Hard to believe? Watch the 'evidence' for yourself and see what you think...

WATCH: Video from Al Dunya TV claiming Barcelona are part of an elaborate rebel plot


Again: Masturbation Not A Sin, Pastor Oyakhilome Insists

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Love World, popularly known as Christ Embassy, has insisted that masturbation is not a sin.
He also said the issue should not be regarded as his personal opinion but as a resolution from the Bible concerning it.
Pastor Chris, as he is popularly called, was reacting to more questions from members of the public who seemed to be confused about the story going round that he declared that masturbation is not a sin.
As reported some weeks ago, the Pastor said the act in itself was not a sin against God but that Satan uses it to oppress people of God making them feel ineffective an inefficient in the things of God.
He also said God is not offended by the practice but by any habit that takes hold of one’s mind and this had resulted in widespread condemnation.
In a recently posted video in which he reacted to many questions emanating from his previous teaching on masturbation, Pastor Chris maintained that people should rather see the issue from biblical perspective rather than seeing it as his personal opinion.
While answering a question from one Timothy based in Russia, who said he was confused by the teaching about masturbation not being a sin because there is no way one can effectively masturbate without having evil thoughts, Pastor Chris said the first question that should come to mind in the issue is: “what is sin?
“What I find in many Christians is that not many of them even have an understanding of the concept; what is sin.”
He referred the public to one of his teachings on the concept of sin, saying it would help the people understand what sin really is, adding that “sin is not what we say it is but what God says it is.”
Using an illustration, he said: “if a man stole a loaf of bread from a shop and ate it, does that mean that eating of bread is sin?
“Where was his wrong? Did he go wrong because he ate bread? Does that mean that eating of bread is wrong?
“The problem is not the eating of bread. The problem is that he stole the bread that he ate.”
He emphasised that Jesus actually said whoever looks at another woman lustfully has committed adultery in his heart, adding that means “the sin was committed in the heart.
“If you say that imagination goes with masturbation, then where is the sin?
“The sin is therefore your imagination of sin,” he added.
He further quoted Matthew 15 verse 16 saying that out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts.
In analysing it therefore, the Pastor said: “it is not what you did with your hand that is the problem; it is what caused whatever you did. That means your sin begins from your heart.
Read and watch video of masturbation not a sin.

PHOTOS: Samuel Eto’s Wife Goes Topless .....WOW

The most decorated African player of all time and one of the highest-paid footballers in the world Samuel Eto'O is married to a gorgeous Ivorian woman named Georgette Eto Fils, and they have three children. Georgette lives in France with her children. During a trip to the US, the mother of three was photographed sunbathing topless at a public pool.

Georgette, the beautiful wife of one of the highest-paid player in the world, Cameroon's Samuel Eto'o, was photographed in a compromising or embarrassing scene, some time ago. At least for her husband and children sake must we see all?

The wife of the player and mother of two, was spotted sunbathing and relaxing in topless on the edge of a pool.

Humm after 2 kids and have still looks that hot ?

World's Richest and Highest Paid Footballers

The Argentinean magician is widely regarded as the world's best player, so it's perhaps only fitting that he takes home the world's biggest pay packet: an eye-watering €33m-a-year once bonuses and extras have been taken into account.
Messi's onetime Barcelona team-mate Samuel Eto'o wins the award for the highest salary following his mega-bucks move to Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala last summer. The Cameroon international clears a cool €20m-a-year.
Following his successful contract negotiations last year, Manchester United star Wayne Rooney is the highest ranking Premier League star on the list.
The brilliant Barcelona and Argentina football wizard has been tipped to earn a jaw-dropping £27.4m (about N6.8 billion) this year from wages, bonuses, sponsorships and endorsements.
His annual £13m salary gets topped up nicely through a number of deals with leading global brands, including Adidas and Pepsi, and it seems like the sky is the limit for the Argentine.
Here's the Top 20 list in full:

1) Lionel Messi (Barcelona) 0Annual salary €10.5m / Total income including bonuses and extras €33m
2) David Beckham (LA Galaxy) €4.8m / €31.5m
3) Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) €13m / €29.2m
4) Samuel Eto'o (Anzhi Makhachkala) €20m / €23.3m
5) Wayne Rooney (Manchester Utd) €13.8m / €20.6m
6) Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) €12.5m / €18.8m
7) Yaya Toure (Manchester City) €13.8m / €17.6m
8) Fernando Torres (Chelsea) €10.8m / €16.7m
9) Kaka (Real Madrid) €10m / €15.5m
10) Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich) €10m / €14.3m
11) Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan) €9m / €14m
12) Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern) €10m / €13.9m
13) Neymar (Santos) €7m / €13.8m
14) Nicolas Anelka (Shanghai Shenhua) €8.6m / €13m
15) Frank Lampard (Chelsea) €8.2m / €12.9m
16) David Silva (Manchester City) €9.4m / €12.8m
17) Didier Droga (Chelsea) €7.7m / €12.6m
18) Dario Conca (Guangzhou Evergrande) €10.6m / €12.5m
19) Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus) €5m / €11.7m
20) Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich) €10m / €11.6m

WTF: Husband Hunters or Hawkers. Sexy Big girls in transparent nets

Unconfirmed could be the source of this picture, but confirmed is the fact that these ladies are hunting
for something. The average Nigerian home would simply condemn such a dress up at home, not to talk of in public places. Imagine being a guy that loves big things, would you like your lady going with you
to a function looking like this?
culled from Naijagossiplevel..

Lagos herbalists embrace internet divination

"The procedure is to visit the website and fill a consultation form online. It is stipulated that one need not indicate his problem as the priest will use the bio data supplied to consult, identify the trouble and proffer solutions."
Gone is the era when herbalists and soothsayers are known by their shabby dressing, ignorant approach and house hangings as Babalawos in Nigeria especially those in Lagos and environs have embraced the use of technology and online divination to make their work easier as they now offer Ifa consultation on their websites.
When Asabe Bello first heard the advertisement on radio that she could have her problem solved by a Babalawo without actually visiting one, she was surprised, as all her life, she had thought that to get Ifa intervention to any problem, one must see an Ifa priest physically before she could consult and get such problems solved.
She, however, had a change of heart when she actually got in touch with one via a website and was given an identification code after filling a consultation form and told to pay a certain amount.
She was told what to do and given vivid directions on what to do to solve her problem which was described as a spiritual attack and she did. The consultations and the solution proffered gave her an understanding that contrary to expectations, Babalawos have moved on with the times and have embraced cyber technology.
"I know many Nigerians in the course of their daily work have embraced the use of technology but I was still surprised that even Babalawos now consult on websites. My idea of an herbalist is a dirty man in an unkempt environment with various hangings and dirty clay pots, so the experience was an eye opener," she told Inside Lagos.

Kris Jenner pregnant pics with son Rob. Can you post your naked preggy pics online

Can you post your naked preggy pics online

Policeman Goes Mad Over N20k Bribe, Shoots Driver, Kills Painter

An unidentified police sergeant attached to Area ‘C’ Police Command, Iponri, Surulere, Lagos, allegedly went beserk and shot a truck driver on his left hand and a stray bullet he fired killed another person while he was making efforts to escape from the scene of the incident to avoid being lynched by an angry mob.

An eyewitness said that trouble started when the cop with about five others who were operating in a (danfo) commuter bus blocked the truck with a Lagos registration number RV538 EKY driven by Saheed Mufutau. The incident occurred at Jimoh Odutola Street, by PHCN office, Surulere, Lagos on Friday.
According to the source, the policeman, after checking the truck’s particulars and they were up to date, demanded for a N20,000 bribe which the driver pleaded he could not afford because he was in the area to off-load empty containers.
During the ensuing argument, the sergeant allegedly shot the driver in his left hand. Sensing danger, his colleagues in the danfo bus sped off and left the sergeant to his fate.
In his desperate bid to escape from the scene, the cop fired several shots into the air to scare the mob from lynching him. One of the bullets he fired hit Dotun Alawiye, a motor spray painter at a nearby workshop. He died instantly.
The erring sergeant still managed to escape with the help of a motorcyclist he forced to ferry him away from the area.
He was later arrested at Bode Thomas Police Division and handed over to the Area ‘C’ Police Command where he was serving.
Chairman of Artisans Association at Doyin bus stop, where the deceased painter had his workshop, Mr. Gbenga Shoneye, said they heard the gun shots at the bus stop but did not know one of them had been hit by a stray bullet.
“We are appealing to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police to ensure that justice is done because the deceased had a wife and four children,” he said.
Wife of the deceased Mrs. Omolara Karounwi, 30, said she was shocked to hear that her husband was killed by a stray bullet because he was an easy-going person who never got involved in any trouble.
“We had been married for 15 years and blessed with four children. How am I going to cope with the upkeep and training of the children?” she wept.
She called on the authorities to ensure that justice is done on the murder of her husband, while also soliciting for the assistance of kind Nigerians on the upkeep of her four children.

HELP: My girlfriend demands sex before she can sleep

I feel a bit used and a bit sick of jumping to her commands. Am I overreacting?
My girlfriend has a stressful job and finds it hard to sleep, so she often demands sex as it’s the only thing that can help her drift off afterwards.

Often she wakes me up to have sex. I feel a bit used and a bit sick of jumping to her commands.

Do you think I’m overreacting? I know it seems crazy to complain about having sex.

My answer;

No, it’s not crazy to complain – the sex isn’t enjoyable because you’re having it for the wrong reasons and I don’t blame you for feeling used.

She’s taken the fun and spontaneity out of lovemaking and you need to be honest with her about that.

You can be supportive in other ways – talk to her about her job and why she’s stressed, and suggest other things she might do to relax.

Maybe you can suggest giving each other a sexy massage that could lead on to sex, but assuming you can just turn it on like a tap, whenever she wants it – and especially if you’ve been sound asleep – is just taking you for granted, not to mention unromantic.

So what's your own take.

Multi-millionaire playboy charged with raping woman, 21 yrs old

A millionaire former public school boy has been charged with raping a young woman on Bondi Beach.
Entrepreneur Greg Cox, 31, was arrested four days after the alleged assault. He has been ordered to hand over his passport and £68,000 in bail.
The businessman – who runs a firm offering loans to customers with poor credit ratings – spends much of his time flying round the world for pleasure or marketing conferences.
Among his Facebook friends he lists ‘It girl’ Peaches Geldof.

Last night his father Nicholas, 63, and mother Pamela, 54, declined to comment on their son’s arrest.
Cox attended Millfield public school near Glastonbury in Somerset. In recent years he has been a director of a number of companies and was living in a £1million flat in Battersea, South London.
According to posts on Twitter, he and colleagues from his main firm, the Quintessential Finance Group, based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, have been attending digital marketing conferences around the globe.
He is said to have met the woman he is accused of raping at the Bucket List nightclub close to Bondi. The assault is alleged to have occurred on January 22 between 11.10pm and 11.30pm. Cox has denied the allegations against him.

Locations appear to include New York, Hollywood, St Tropez, Sao Paulo and Cape Town.
Cox is due to appear at a Sydney court on April 3.


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