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Meet The Girl Who Eats Soaps And Detergents...

A rare medical condition has left Tempestt Henderson, from Florida, eating up to five bars of soap a week – and washing powder too. ‘I always knew I loved the smell of washing detergent,’ she explained.

I remember the brand my Mum always used to use – I remember the smell vividly, it was the smell of her cardigan when she hugged me, and the smell of my bed sheets as a child.

‘I used to love smelling the powder, but when life got so stressful I found only eating the soap would help. ‘It is an addiction, I can’t stop, and I have sought the help of a doctor who specialises in addiction. The doctor told me I must empty my house of all washing detergent and soap, anything that triggers my addiction.’


Linda Ikeji: I’m still Searching for Love [An Exclusive Interview]

This is by far the most revealing interview I have ever done. I said things here that I have never ever said before in any interview. Yesterday & Today had been chasing me for a while for a no-holds-barred interview and I finally agreed to do it. For two reasons; to set the record straight on some issues and to reveal more about myself that some of you don't know. It's quite revealing. You know me I can say anything, I no send

Much has been written in the formal and informal media about Nigerian’s most popular blogger Linda Ikeji, this  last Monday was  a memorable opportunity for a personal conversation with the famous blogger, I  took a deliberate swipe on her on personal issues. I am most happy and comfortable, I could not be more so until I forced every word out from her in a clandestine type of interview. it was for me the most revealing conversation recorded, we had a long chat as my midget captured every dots of the J and every tittle of theleaving no stone unturned.

A lot of your fans and readers were quite disappointed by your Mark Zuckerberg article last week. It made you sound very materialistic and shallow. What happened?Linda: I was trying to be funny but people didn't get the joke (laughs). I didn't know people would take me literally and that seriously. I clown a lot. Sometimes I write things just to get reaction or just to make people laugh. Mark Zuckerberg is someone I really respect. I've always said there are 3 people I'd like to meet before I die. President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Jackie Chan. In that particular order. So Mark is someone I'm in awe of and I sincerely admire his simplicity. But for a minute I asked myself; is Mark being simple or doesn't he just like to spend money? I was looking to get people's opinion on the issue. What I should have asked was; where do you cross the line from 'simple' to 'cheap'? Remember Mr Scrooge in A Christmas Carol? He had so much money but was a miser. And that was why I put up that post. But I guess I didn't put my point across very well, so I came out sounding shallow and materialistic. I was just trying to be funny and sarcastic at the same time considering how much money Mark has. There are other billionaires who have mansions, private jets and million dollar yachts, it's how they chose to spend their money. Mark obviously is not concerned about such things and its admirable. 
So you're not materialist?Linda: (laughs) No, I'm not! You should see the laptop I'm using to blog. There's so much I don't really care about. Materialism is when you can't differentiate between your want and your need. When money/material things is your driving force. That's not who I am. Like I always say, I'll never sleep with a man for money, date a man for money or marry a man for money. I don't operate on that level because I don't understand it. I believe in hard work, I believe in dignity of labour, and I believe that the best kind of money to have is your own money. I also believe that money should not be the only reason why you do anything. I blogged for four straight years without making one kobo and I was more than happy with it and would have continued for another four years without making a dime but God decided to bless me. That I spend the money God has blessed me with doesn't make me materialistic. It's written in the bible that people should enjoy the good of their labour because its a gift from God. If you get to a point in your life where you can afford to live well, please live well, because you will only live once. I don't believe in excesses like having five mansions, ten cars, four jets, two yachts etc. Just have enough that you need to live a good life. I met a woman once who told me her bag was worth $12 thousand dollars. I looked at her like 'b**ch you crazy?' but she said to me, Linda I've been working for 27 years, I work hard for my money and I will spend it on anything that makes me happy. Will I spend $12 thousand dollars on a bag? Right now I can't imagine it, but who am I to judge her or say she's materialistic? If that's what she wants to use her money for, that's fine. It's her money.
But don't you think a $12,000 bag is excessive? To some people maybe because they can't afford it but not for someone who has the money. What do you work hard for? So you can live the good life you want for yourself. Whatever that maybe. God blesses us for two reasons; to be able to take care of ourselves and take care of others. I spend more money on people than I spend on myself. The shoes, hair, phones I have are mostly freebies from advertisers on my blog. But if I tell you the things I'm doing for people, you would think I'm only using this interview to show off, which I am by the way (laughs). I'm the same person financing the release of two prison inmates. One of them I already talked about on my blog, the other one I'm not allowed to talk about until we get to a point in the case. People's priorities are different. Whatever they want to do with their money is their business.
So money doesn't freak you? You seem to talk a lot about it. You mentioned once that money is chasing you(Laughs) Yes I did, but I was just trying to make a point. When I was running my magazine I used to go to a telecoms company begging them for adverts. They gave me no attention. Sometimes I would not even go pass their reception. But now they are the ones chasing me to advertise on my blog. Sometimes I do shakara for them sef. (laughs). I'm happy I have money but it doesn't freak me. For instance I drive a Camry but I can afford a Range Rover. But the thing is; am I buying a Range because I need it or because I want to show people I'm making money? I can afford to live on the Island but I live at home with my parents in Surulere. I get a lot of flak for still living at home at my age, but who cares? Sometimes you have to find a balance between people's expectations of you and your own expectations of yourself.
Okay what about all this talk about you desperately searching for a man? Are you really desperate?I'm searching for love, desperately. (laughs). I always laugh when I say 'desperate' because it confuses people. They don't know whether to take me seriously or not.
But are you serious when you say it?Maybe. Or maybe I just say it for the shock value (laughs). But I am seriously searching.
What exactly are you searching for?I'm looking for a man who takes my breath away. Love I think is the best gift God gave us humans and I'm not going to settle down until I find it. I'm not single because men are not coming. In fact I have more toasters now than ever before. Some men think I have money so they probably want some of it (laughs). But I haven't found anyone that makes me want to give up my single status. Until then I'm happily Ms Ikeji.
You're young, pretty and successful. Why is it hard to find a husband?Some people don't get it. There are lots of available men for women to marry. But there's a difference between marrying a man who's available and marrying the man of your dreams. If I wanted to be married now, I would. I have a few options. But would I be married to the man of my dreams? No! So I'm just waiting to meet him. I want a man I'm happy to come home to. Someone I miss when I'm not around him. Someone I love to the very core of my soul. I hear some women talk about their husbands and I shudder. I think a lot of people marry for the wrong reasons these days. I'd rather be single than be married to someone I don't love. I'm going to live once and I plan to live it right.
What's your definition of an ideal man?For me any man who respects women, respects people, considerate, kind, free spirited, funny, supportive and has principles. Also a man with a job. I almost dated a jobless man last year. Cute guy and all, but no money (laughs). At first I didn't mind but then when I had to start buying him shaving stick I knew there was wahala. I took off. I didn't take off because he had no money, I took off because I didn't see any potential and he seemed more than happy to be constantly asking me for money. That says a lot about a man's character. A dependent man can be a real turn off. I don't need a man's money, but let him at least not need mine. Then we will be fine.
So you don't believe in giving money to men?I saw a $2,000 wrist watch one day and I said to myself I wish I had a man to buy this for. But I won't be buying it because he can't afford it himself but because it's a token of my love. I will definitely support my man financially. I've saved money for the best kitchen in the world (laughs). I think every woman should support their men in every way they can, but not when the responsibility is yours 100%. Those are two different things. You don't have to have as much money as I have but at least don't need me to buy you recharge cards and shaving sticks (laughs).
What if you meet a man who wants you to stop blogging? Would you stop?Sincerely, no. I won't even get involved with a guy who tries to stop me from living or achieving my dreams. One day this life will be over, so while I still have it, I will live it the way I want to not the way someone else wants me to or thinks I should. I met a guy in 2009 who wanted to marry me but on the condition that I'll stop my modeling and events business. He said he would get me a job at the UN office in the UK. I said to him if you want to marry a woman that works in the UN why don't you go to the UN office building and find a wife there? I met another man in 2010 who wanted me to be a house wife. He said I will give you N200 thousand a month for your upkeep. I said how about you go to your village to look for a housewife. A 21st century woman likes to work. I think the worst kind of man to end up with is a man who doesn't support your dream or tries to cut your wings. He will turn you to nothing. Sometimes I feel insecure men are worse than cheating men. 
You mentioned in a recent interview that you can never date a younger man. Why?It's really hard to explain. The way a broke man is a turn off is the same way a younger man is a turn off. On the plane back to Nigeria from the US in February, I sat next to this really nice looking, soft spoken, intelligent guy. It was a joy sitting beside him for 11 hours. I had the most amazing time talking to him about a lot of things, and for a minute I thought I'd finally found a boyfriend. But then before we got off the plane they gave passengers those immigration papers to fill out and I saw him write down his date of birth. 1984. In my head I was like please lose my phone number. (laughs). I can't explain it, I'd rather just be with someone older than I am.
Have you ever been in love?Yes. Once. I saw this guy one day and I literally stopped breathing. I'd never been affected by a man like that before.
What happened between you two?Nothing. We ended up being friends for a long time but nothing happened between us. He wasn't interested.
Why wasn't he interested?You would have to ask him.
Did he know how you felt about him?When you love someone, you have to find the courage to let that person know how you feel. How they react to it is entirely their concern. 
Have you ever been heartbroken?I've faced rejection once but not heartbreak. You can't break a heart you never took.
Do you believe in celibacy?Yes I do. I actually practice it despite all the nonsense I say (laughs). I don't believe in casual sex. I think sex should only happen between two people who love each other. Whether married or not. That's my sincere opinion.

But that's fornicationUnfortunately we live in a sinful world 
You once mentioned being circumcised, and not enjoying penetrative sex. Can you tell us more about that?Yes I said that. But someone told me later, when you find the right man who loves you and cares about your sexual satisfaction, you will enjoy sex. I believe him and I'm waiting to meet that man.
What about all the lesbian talk? I'm sure you have heard some people suggest you're one?(Laughs) Yes I have. I've been on the internet actively for five years so I've heard it all. But no, I'm not a lesbian. Funny thing is I used to think women who were attracted to other women had some kind of demonic, spiritual problem. I couldn't fathom how that's even possible. You know how we human beings are, what we don't understand we call evil. But now I've learnt to tolerate it even though I still don't understand it. How people choose to live their lives is their business as long as they are not hurting anyone. We have to learn to live and let live. 
Tell us about growing up. You mentioned having it tough growing upEveryone has read my sob story. Next question please.
How much do you earn a month? We heard its up to N5million a monthNot correct! It's actually more.
Are you serious?(Laughs) No, I'm kidding.
Who's your role model and why?Tyra Banks. Because we kinda have similar backgrounds. Ex-model, media personality and then she's very morally upright and a go-getter.
Has anything changed about you since you came into the limelight?Am I in the limelight? I'm only popular online. I walk freely around town and only people who read my blog recognize me. I've changed with age and not with status. I used to be kind of introverted and snobbish but with age comes maturity. I'm a better person now.
I notice you have a thick skin. People are constantly bashing you but it doesn't seem to affect you. How do you do it?People bash me a lot but I also have voltrons (laugh). I think I generally get more love than I get hate so I focus my energy on those who like me. You can't run a blog such as mine and take everything people say to heart. I don't take myself too seriously so I don't take what people say seriously either. But for those who want to know, there are two major secrets to having a thick skin. 1. Know yourself and love yourself unconditional. With that you don't need validation from anyone. 2. Always have it at the back of your mind that for every person who thinks or says something terrible about you, there's someone out there who thinks or says something terrible about them. Someone thinks you're an idiot. Don't worry about that, there's someone who thinks he's a fool. She thinks you stink? Her ex-best friend thinks she's nasty. He thinks you're arrogant? His brother thinks he's lazy. She says you're rude and obnoxious, well, her colleagues think she's dumb and shallow. And so on and so forth. It's a vicious circle. No one is perfect, so why should the words of an imperfect person give me sleepless nights? Shrug it off and move on.
How old are you really, Linda?I'm 31.
Some people think you're olderTo know someone's real age, ask for the year they finished secondary school. Most people finish between 16/17 years old. I finished secondary school in 1997. I've never lied about my age.
What helps you sleep at night?I don't concern myself with what anyone else in the world who doesn't know me thinks of me. I know my truth, I know where I am coming from, I know the hurdles I've had to cross to get to where I am now today, I know the good I've done, I know how many lives I've impacted positively. So you see, when I lay my head on that pillow of mine, it's a beautiful, peaceful sleep.
What about those who think your blog is causing more harm than good? Especially the comments sectionI can't help how people feel. I didn't start the blog to harm people or bring people down. I'm not an evil b**ch like some people think. The blog is supposed to be a place where people come for news, gossip, fun, share ideas and opinions etc. And that is ultimately what it is. About the comments, I upload them because it makes the blog more interesting. It's nothing personal. People insult me all the time and I upload them. Even my own sister was not spared. She started a new business and I put up her photos and people called her and her new business all sorts of names, and I still uploaded the nasty comments. That's my younger sister who I should protect. But just like me, she has a tough skin and laughed off the comments. I think people should learn not to take things said on the internet seriously. Half the time, the people who write these things don't mean it. They are catching fun so don't take it to heart.
Have you ever been threatened by people you write about?No, never. People have called to me to take down comments on a post or the post itself, but never to threaten me. I've also heard that I collect money to take some posts down and that's absolutely false. I would never do that. That's like shooting yourself in the leg, it might come back to hunt you. I make enough money from advertisers, I don't need to cheapen myself by demanding for money to take down a post. 
Secrets to having a successful blog?Be passionate about it. Work hard. Be consistent. Be interesting. And finally, make the blog personal. Let it be a reflection of who you are. Instead of being anonymous, let people know the person behind the blog. It helps. 
What do you do for fun?I love watching movies. I go to the movies at least twice a week.
Who's your favorite Nigerian actress and actorGenny and Omotola. I'm not really a huge fan of Nollywood but I've watched Genny's Keeping Faith like three times and I've watched Omotola's I belong like four times. My best actors would have to be RMD and Ramsey Noah.
And Nigerian musician?Right now, Tuface, MI and Tiwa Savage.
What's your biggest motivation?In January 2011 I sat at a friend's office for five hours waiting for him to return so I can get some money from him. I got there 1.30 and I didn't leave till about 6:30 after which I got N10,000, which I was more than grateful for. I never stopped working and I never stopped believing. This is just a year plus later and I can't believe how blessed I am. What's my biggest motivation? God. Every time I remember that he's somewhere up in heaven looking down on me, guiding me, guarding me, it keeps me going. It doesn't matter how tough it gets, God keeps me going.
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?I love myself 100%. There's nothing about me I would change because God made me exactly the way I was meant to be. 
What do you look forward to more than anything else?Being a mum. I have a godson and I love him to death. I can imagine how much I will love my own child. 
Secrets to success?Hard work. Determination. Courage. Take risks. Test the limits so you know what you're capable of achieving. Be good at what you do because then you won't have to go to people, they will come to you.
Secrets to happiness?Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Only then will you know how truly blessed you are to still be here. Also be thankful for the things you have and don't focus on the things you don't have. Love yourself regardless of what anyone thinks of you. And always remember that life is too short to be anything but happy.
Any advice to young people out there? Three things: One: One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure its worth watching.2. Never ever give anybody in this world the power to make you hate yourself. Or the power to make you feel you're not good enough, or deserving enough, or make you believe you won't amount to anything. The only Being that has the right to judge you is God. Anyone else can try but don't they pay them any attentionFinally. There's absolutely nothing you can't achieve. All you need is will, drive, incredible courage and a lot of faith. 
It's been great talking to you LindaI thoroughly enjoyed myself, thanks.


P. Diddy's son asked to turn over his $54,000 scholarship

P. Diddy's son - Justin Combs who merited a $54,000 UCLA scholarship has been asked to turn it to students who really need it.

I quite disagree with this. Yes his Dad can afford to pay his tuition, Yes his Dad is P.Diddy, yes his Dad is a millionaire, but he earned the scholarship fair and square and I don't think it's fair to discriminate against him because of his Dad's wealth. I call BS on that!

At the Upstate New York prep school where Combs recently graduated, he maintained a 3.75 GPA while playing corner-back for the football team. He worked and studied hard, I don't see why he should be denied what he earned.

P. Diddy was recently named the wealthiest artist in hip hop by Forbes Magazine, so far earning $45 million in 2012 but that was P.Diddy not Justin Combs. Justin is trying to carve a niche for himself, thus people shouldn't make it hard on him. It's not his fault that his Dad was working hard while others sat on their behinds and did nothing. Don't hate....Appreciate! :-)

Combs' scholarship is awarded to student athletes specifically and isn't exactly a free ticket to a four-year picnic. Combs will be required to train 40 hours per week as well as attend classes full-time. Justin Combs, who committed to play football at UCLA, earned his $54,000 scholarship and will keep it! It's his OWN achievement not his Dad's.He didn't have to study, he could have lived off his Dad's money and became a bum but he didn't. He worked hard and earned the scholarship hence should keep it. His name isn't P.Diddy or Sean Combs, his name is Justin Combs.Smh at some people.



Should I forgive Him?

please read carefully n give your candid opinion on dis matter if u were in dis lady's shoes, what would u do?

This is her story:
My hubby came home one night calmed and happy, I was surprised but happy. He's been out of control for sometime now, actually since I lost my dad two years ago. He became the CEO since my dad died, it was on the will for my husband to become the CEO and my baby brother the Managing director.
I've done everything in my... power to make things right but whatever I do is not good enough. 
This wasn't the same Tayo that I married. My parents were rich but their two children were trained well. I was working in my dad's company until I had my second child. My dad told me to stay at home and take care of the kids because I refused to get a maid and my grandma that was helping passed away at the time.(I lost my mom five years ago too) I enjoyed every minute of being a wife and a mom until I lost my dad.
My husband came in that fateful day about three months ago, looked at me and said "I don't love you Kemi, I never did. I appreciate everything you have done but it is time I move on with my life. You can stay in this house, keep the cars and I'll arrange for monthly allowance for you and the kids. If your brother agrees with my lawyer's terms, I'll pay him generously for his share in the company. Thanks to your father, I owe the 70% of the company. Don't try to fight this, it is clearly written in your father's will."
I woke up the following day at the hospital and by my side was dad's lawyer, she looked at me and smiled! Two weeks later, the lawyer came to see me at home and to my surprise, she brought with her a letter handwritten by my dad. I wish I could hug dad at that very minute.
There was a clause in the will, if Tayo leaves me without any fault of mine or if he dies before me, I have to take over the company. Dad knew I could handle it, I've been working in the company since my first year in the university! Tayo came to the house two days after I saw dad's letter, begging me to forgive him.


Rihanna’s Pastor Fears She Will Die Like Whitney Houston!

Rihanna’s hard living  and partying has scared her Pastor into thinking she is headed for death like superstar Whitney Houston.
Bishop Vibert Lowe, who has known the 24-year-old Rihanna since childhood, told Now Magazine that he is concerned for the singer who he thinks may end up dead like Whitney Houston who passed away after years of heavy drug use.
Her former Pastor says that things are not looking good at all. He said:
“She’s drunk a lot, she’s smoking a lot… It’s really bad behavior and she’s getting worse,She could head down the same route as Whitney Houston. She promotes a bad girl image and that’s not responsible 
to her fans.”
The singer’s family friend and former pastor from her home country of Barbados said his concern for the singer grew worse when he saw the hospital picture that she tweeted with an IV in her arm recently. Although the singer said she was hospitalized due to the flu, Lowe said he was disturbed by her lifestyle.  Although the picture of Rihanna in the hospital ignited his most recent feeling of concern, Lowe has publicly spoken out about the singer’s behavior in the past. In March, Lowe spoke about Rihanna being a better example.


Ogun State Governor, Amosun to build Air Conditioned Pedestrian bridge.

The Ogun State governor, Ibikunle Amosun, on Monday in Abeokuta, while commissioning the 2.4km six-lane Ibara/Ita-Eko/So-kori/Totoro Road, revealed that his administration is making plans to build an air conditioned pedestrian bridge.

Amosun explained that it was part of the rehabilitating process of existing infrastructure and development of new ones in both urban and rural areas of the state.
The governor said his administration has vis-ited some advanced coun-tries, sourcing for good infrastructural standard that could stand the test of time in the country, stressing that the project on completion would be first of its kind in Africa.
“We are setting a new standard because we believed that for any society to attain a metropolitan status there was need for urbanisation in accordance with standard procedure obtainable at the international level,” he said.


My husband needs porn on TV to get him in the mood for sex

My husband, who I’ve been with for eight years, can’t get into sex unless there’s porn on the telly.
At first it was just an ­occasional thing to spice things up and get us in the mood, but now he literally can’t get turned on in the bedroom unless there’s a porn film playing at the same time.

Not only do I feel that I’m not enough for him any more, but to be honest, it’s just boring and not a turn-on for me at all. It’s just become routine.
Most of the time I just go along with it, otherwise we’d never have sex, but I’m not happy about it at all and never look forward to making love.

My husband and I get along fine day to day, but we don’t have sex very often. I am talking once per 3-week period, and there is no lack of trying on my part. It seems he is always excited before I go to work, but when I come home and have been thinking about it all day, he isn’t interested. I just can’t seem to get him in the mood. What is wrong with me?

What can I do?



A married Spanish couple has been sentenced to prison for getting back together after they had been given a distancing order following a troubled patch in their marriage.
A court found the husband and wifeguilty of breaching the order, which forbade them from coming within 500 metres of each other, reports the Telegraph.

The court had imposed the distancing order after repeated conflicts between the two unnamed couple, who separated in September 2008. The husband was banned by the court from approaching his wife or attempting to contact her under laws aimed at tackling domestic violence.
But last month, after a trial separation that lasted more than a year, the estranged pair decided to patch things up. They were arrested when Civil Guard officers discovered them together in their hometown of Motril in Andalusia on Spain’s southern coast, although both claimed they were with each other by mutual agreement.
The man has been sentenced to six months in jail and his wife was found guilty of being his accomplice and given a lesser sentence of four months.


Shocker: Girl admits : I've had sex with 5,000 men in 3,285 days'

A beauty therapist, 25, has claimed to have slept with 5,000 men in just nine years - or 3,285 days.Nikki Lee also boasts about having a ‘personal best’ of four men in one night and she claims she has never had sex with the same conquest twice.In an admission that will shock most people, the blonde Essex girl has told how she has had casual sex in nightclubs, alleyways, parks, cinemas and teen discos since losing her virginity at 16.
Miss Lee, who also works as a model, admits to going on regular sex holidays, where she sleeps with men in clubs, on beaches and on balconies.She averages having sex with two men every day and has kept the details of each of them in a little red notebook - all with scores.
By the time she was 21, Miss Lee claims to have had sex with 2,289 men. Although the admission, made to a weekly real-life magazine, cannot be verified, has been called 'emotionally very dangerous' by a relationship expert.‘I put a star beside the lads who were best in bed. By the time I was 18, I had moved out of home and in with friends and there were nearly 800 in my book,’ she said.
‘Plenty of men have notches on bedposts, so why couldn't I have my own packed little red book?’
Miss Lee boasts that she is ‘proud’ of the astonishing figure – and claims she is so obsessed about having sex that it’s her ‘drug’.
But even the ‘sex-addict’, who admits that on one holiday to Ibiza she slept with four men on the same night, claims she has some standards.Miss Lee told Love It! magazine: ‘I just have two rules: no men who belong to someone else and only safe sex. Apart from that, pretty much anything else goes.
‘I have now slept with more than 5,000 blokes.
‘Some of my mates think I need to get help for sex addiction.‘But if I am a sex addict, I am enjoying it and don’t want to be cured.’Talking about losing her virginity at 16, Miss Lee said: ‘I’d discovered something I was good at.‘I started keeping my notebooks within weeks. I was proud of how many men I was sleeping with and I was scared I would lose track.
‘Every lad I recorded was proof I was more sexy than other girls.’


Drama as Air Nigeria Abuja-bound plane refuses to start

Passengers aboard an Abuja-bound Air Nigeria plane at the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MM2) panicked on Sunday as the engine of the aircraft refused to start.All had been set for the first flight for the day by Air Nigeria to Abuja, when after several attempts, the pilot was unable to start the engine.
The pilot then explained to the passengers that the development was caused by the fact that the ground power could not ignite the engine. However, after three different ones were brought and the aircraft engine still failed start, the passengers demanded that the aircraft crew open the door so they could disembark. One of the passengers, Ismaila Umar, who was visibly angered by the situation, was the first to express his disappointment.
Others followed, especially some of the women headed to Abuja to attend the visiting day at their children's school. Their anger was that with the situation of things, it could be impossible for them to get to see their children and also return back to Lagos if they wait for the airline's next scheduled flight which was slated for 3.45pm.


PHOTOS:Lady Gaga forced to Cancel Show,After Islamic Group threatens her

Lady Gaga has been forced to cancel her sold-out show in Indonesia over security concerns after Muslim hard-liners threatened violence. 

The Islamic Defenders said Lady Gaga's sexy clothes and provocative dance moves would corrupt youth in the world's most populous Muslim country. The group said supporters had bought tickets to the concert and planned to enter and force it to be stopped and threatened that thousands of protesters would confront the singer on her way from the airport. 
Police had said they would only issue the required permits for the concert if Lady Gaga agreed to tone things down. Instead, she pulled the plug on the show, which had sold out with more than 50,000 tickets.
Gaga had tweeted few days ago "The Jakarta situation is 2-fold: Indonesian authorities demand I censor the show & religious extremist separately, are threatening violence". 
Jakarta was supposed to be the biggest stop on Lady Gaga's Asian tour, with 52,000 tickets scooped up in just a few days.The show was scheduled to hold June 3,2012.


Photos: Female Politician, Toyin Saraki With 5 phones

It is always difficult for me to carry more than one handset at a time.Good enough, some phones now have double sim, making easier for us to have two lines on one phone.

But You still see people carrying 5 to 10 handsets, struggling with them.I got more worried when I saw this WOMAN carrying 5 phones,I thought it is only the ibo guys at Alaba market that are guilty of this but.


Photo of the day: Black kid touch Obama's hair

In the photo that has hung in the West Wing for three years, President Obama looks to be bowing to 5-year-old Jacob Philadelphia, his arm raised to touch the president’s hair - to see if it feels like his.
Obama actually asked him to touch his hair....that's pretty nice..


D'banj Stars in Kanye West's Movie - Cruel Summer

The short film is titled Cruel Summer and features G.O.OD music stars – D’Banj, Big Sean, Mr Hudson, Teyana Taylor, Kid Cudi and Prince Cy Hi. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last night Wednesday  May 23th.
This new development to most people buttress the growing bond and relationship between Kanye and D’Banj,as both artistes have been in the news lately.

While D’Banj has been the centre of media blitzs and attention owing to his break up with his co-label owner Don Jazzy over the ownership of Mo’Hits and other sundry issues,Kanye West on his part has been painting the cities of United States with his latest relationship with Tv Reality Show star Kim Kardashin.


Couple held for burying crash victim 'alive'

Police have detained a young couple suspected of burying a woman alive after running her down in their car, in a case that has caused a storm of public anger.
Police in east China suspect the couple hit the 68-year-old woman while driving home from a night of drinking at a karaoke bar on April 30 and buried her to avoid punishment, the China Dailynewspaper reports."It's certain the woman was not dead when buried," a Zhejiang police officer told the China Daily.
"Legal medical experts detected particles identical to those in the surrounding soil in her lungs, which indicates she was still breathing."
A local police officer contacted by telephone confirmed the pair, both aged 25, had been detained and were suspected of burying the woman.
It is not clear whether they knew that the woman was still alive when they buried her.The case has reignited debate over a perceived decline in public morals among China's increasingly wealthy population after the death last year of a two-year-old girl who was ignored by passers-by as she lay injured in the street after being run over.
The case also raised comparisons with that of Yao Jiaxin, a 21-year-old music student who murdered a young mother after hitting her with his car in the northern city of Xian in 2010.The victim suffered minor injuries. However, instead of helping her, Yao stabbed her eight times before fleeing the scene.He was later caught and executed, reportedly admitting that he killed her because he feared the "peasant woman would be hard to deal with".


PHOTOS: P-Square in Private Jet

Dont know if its theirs but peter of P-Square tweeted this morning: Jetting privately... Thanks to God and the FANS. U all made it possible. 


And the winner of ‘American Idol’ is …

Stop reading right now if you don’t want to know the winner of “American Idol”‘s 11th season. At the climax of Wednesday night’s finale, host Ryan Seacrest announced that Phillip Phillips had defeated runner-up Jessica Sanchez to the top prize. The verdict probably didn’t surprise “Idol” viewers, given pretty much everyone tipped Phillips to win this year’s competition and he received a standing ovation at the previous night’s show from the judges after performing his single “Home.”

The 21-year-old from Georgia will no doubt be hoping he’ll follow in the footsteps of “Idol” somebodies including Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, and not be instantly forgotten like all those other winners whose names are on the tip of our tongue.


Yeah: MTV Cancels 'loose your Virginity TV Show'

MTV Cancels 'loose your Virginity TV Show'
MTV has dropped an apparently ill-conceived idea for a reality show about people as young as 18 willing to have the network document their journey to losing their virginity — a “fame-for-sex” concept that many found troubling.
Interesting that public outcry forced the hand on this one. Really interesting!how
In its casting call it wanted “Young adulthood is a time for exploration. New relationships, fresh experiences and sexual firsts,” read the casting call posted online earlier this month by MTV, the same network that brought audiences the “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom.”
MTV’s open call for participants willing to share the pursuit of their “sexual firsts” with television viewers reportedly drew swift condemnation from concerned parents and other members of the public, leading the popular network to reconsider its plans.
“This was a preliminary casting notice, and we’re not moving forward with a pilot.- MTV Representative


The Doctor who exposed Bin laden`s hideout sentenced to 33 years imprisonment

The Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA in the hunt for Osama bin Laden was sentenced to 33 years in prison for treason Wednesday, officials said, in a further blow to relations between Islamabad and Washington. 

The United States had been negotiating behind the scenes to win freedom for Dr. Shakil Afridi, who was detained by Pakistani intelligence agents after the May 2, 2011, U.S. special forces raid that found and killed the al Qaida founder in the northern town of Abbottabad. 

Word that Afridi had been tried in a tribal court, rather than in a regular Pakistani one, came just after Pakistan and the United States failed to come to an agreement at the NATO summit held in Chicago on reopening a land route through Pakistan for supplies to coalition soldiers in landlocked Afghanistan. 

The Afridi case illustrates the stark differences between the two countries on anti-terrorism issues. Afridi is regarded as a hero by American officials but as a traitor in Pakistan. 

McClatchy revealed in July last year that Afridi had set up a fake health program in Abbottabad, sending health workers door to door to vaccinate residents for Hepatitis B, in an effort to get DNA samples from the house where the CIA suspected that bin Laden lived. 

American officials were never sure that bin Laden was present in the home, to which they had traced a key al Qaida courier. The work by Afridi was carried out in the weeks leading up to the raid and was an important part of the CIA’s attempts to verify that bin Laden was in the Abbottabad house before mounting a risky operation in another country’s territory to kill him. It remains unclear whether Afridi’s efforts gained any useful information. 

After the bin Laden raid, Afridi remained in Pakistan, where he was arrested three weeks later by agents of the military’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency. U.S. officials believe he has been tortured in custody, a claim angrily denied by Pakistani military officials. 


Air Force Academy Graduates First Gay Cadets

Eight months after a repeal of the military's "don't ask , don't tell" policy, the US academy today graduated its first group of openly gay cadets.
As President Obama addressed the graduates, no rainbow flags could be seen on display. The LGBT students couldn't be picked out of the crowd of white and blue.
But gay and lesbian advocates, academy alums, school officials and current students said they were there.
"The whole thing is we don't want to be identified as anything different," said Trish Heller, who heads the Blue Alliance, an association of LGBT Air Force Academy alumni. "We want to serve, to be professional and to be symbols of what it means to be air force academygraduates."
Heller said her group had connected with at least four members of the class of 2012 receiving diplomas today who had come out publicly as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.  There were  likely others, but they preferred to keep a  low-profile, she said.
Conversations with dozens of current academy students and some new graduates presented a picture of a smooth transition from the military's ban on openly gay service members serving to the repeal of that ban. There have been  no major incidents of overt discrimination or harassment since the policy was repealed in September.


Queen Latifah Performs At A Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival

A few weeks back, it was announced that rapper, actress and producer Queen Latifah would be performing at the 29th Annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival.

Here is a chance to see her shut the stage down!

The Queen announced to the unified crowd, “I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time!“ and then proceeded to run through a medley of her hits, including the iconic track "Had It Up 2 Here".

Midway through her performance, she gave a silent gesture to the crowd letting her fans know just how connected she felt to them.

The video below also features some of Latifah’s biggest fans sharing their thoughts on the Queen…


Notorious B.I.G, 15yrs After - Interview With Daughter T'yanna And Son Christopher

T’yanna Dream Wallace was only a year old when her father put those famous words to tape, back in 1994, since then, she and her brother, Christopher Jordna Walllace, born three years later, have been walking through life on a path made by some very big footsteps. Now 18, T’yanna is a freshman atPenn State University; she’s currently studying business but ultimately plans to study fashion in New York, where she hopes to help her late father’s Brooklyn Mint clothing line blow up like he thought it would. (‘Call the crib, same number, same crib,’) Baby bro C.J, on the other hand, lives out in Los Angeles, where he is an actor with big roles in two major motion pictures already under his belt: the 2009 Biggie biopic Notorious and Will Ferrell’s 2010 dark comedy Everything Must Go. 

Still, despite their lineage and the opportunities it might present, the young Wallaces come off like a couple of regular teenagers. They both love to get on Facebook and Twitter, hang out with their friends (three of whom happen to be the children of B.I.G’s Bad Boy CEO, Sean ‘Diddy’
Combs) and listen to their favourite rapper, Kanye West. Here, leading up to the 15th anniversary of their father’s tragic death, T’yanna and C.J. talk about how they want to forge their own trails, their dad’s music and how today’s artists might learn from his legacy.

T’yanna, you go to Penn State. There’s been a lot of controversy there in the past few months surrounding the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal. What’s the atmosphere there like now?
T’YANNA Well, I don’t go to the main campus, where it actually happened. I go to a different campus. But I do actually go to Penn State, so there were, like, news cameras and stuff. It was a lot of drama. People from my campus were going to getting involved with this. It was pretty crazy the first week that it happened, but it’s dying down now.

Your boyfriend plays football. Did it have a big effect on him?
T’YANNA He loves Penn State. But he played football in high school, so it wasn’t really affecting him.

A while ago, Lil’ Cease told me that J.U.N.I.O.R Mafia has to come meet your boyfriend and see if they approve.
T’YANNA Well, Cease met him in, like, July. Some other members of J.U.N.I.O.R Mafia, like Nino, met him. There were some members of the basketball tournament mom did. I was so sacred. I was like, ‘Oh, my God. I really don’t want this to happen right now!’, but they were really nice.

Are they overprotective, like the big-brother types?
T’YANNA I mean, literally all of them looked so mean when they met him. I think they were just trying to mess with me. I was like, ‘Okay, guys. We’re all going to be nice, right?’ So I think they’re protective in a way. As long as he’s a good guy, they’re all right with it.

When it comes to you and C.J, who is more protective of the other? Is it you being the big sister, or is it the brother being more protective of his sister?
T’YANNA Oh, no. I’m the more overprotective one.
C.J She’s definitely more protective.
T’YANNA I’ll see all these girls on his Facebook page, and I’ll be like, ‘What is this?’ I’ll be like ‘ No, no, no, no and no.”

[Laughs] What do you do when that happens, C.J?
C.J (Smiles) I don’t know. She’s 3,000 miles away. [Laughs] What can I do?
C.J., are you dating, too?
C.J. Nah, Never.

I mean, not right now, at least
You’re just focused on school?
C.J. Focused on school. Girls come and go…I guess.

So, as you two know, March 9 is the 15th anniversary of your dad’s passing. We celebrate him all the time, but what do you guys do on the anniversary every year?
T’YANNA Remember. Listen to music and reflect. I remember reading this article he did. He was like, ‘In 10 years, no one is going to remember me. ‘B.I.G. who?’’ By 2000, he didn’t want to be a rapper. I read that he said that. I’m like, Oh, my gosh. If he could only see now. It’s way past 10 years, and people still listen to his music. It’s crazy to me. I’m about to be 19. I know 13-year-olds that know who he is. That’s really weird to me.
C.J. Yeah, around the anniversary. I just kind of remember. I was way younger when he passed. I was, like, seven months. I don’t have any memories of him. I don’t remember seeing him at all. I know a lot about him, of course, from my mom and my grandma. But I don’t have memories of me and him. It’s like I’m learning when this comes around this time is when I’m learning about him.

Well, whatever you guys do, I know it will be successful. It’s in your blood. Do you guys have any last words or feelings about your father’s legacy?
T’YANNA Basically, you can clearly listen to his music. And get a feel as to where his mind was at. You can feel the hunger, the struggle, the want to make it. I think that, by his passion, other rappers should follow that. Have passion in your music. You’re gonna go far. 
C.J. Just have the passion. You really can’t be successful as a rapper if you don’t strive for it. I can tell my dad wanted it. He really just wanted it to provide for his family. All these other guys have to get on that.

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