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Simple: Lady Gaga without her make-up

Lady Gaga would never be seen without her make up on, would she?

Apparently so. The Gaga has Tweeted a snap of herself with no slap on for all her monsters to devour

Lady Gaga presumably wants to prove with this picture that she is naturally beauty, which she is, as you can see here with your own eyes.

Usually she’s covered in all kinds of multi-coloured face paints, glitter, black kohl, face powder, blusher, eyeshadow, false lashes, lippie and any other kind of make up you can think of. And that’s just on her eyes.

Not to mention the claws she wears as nails and… well whatever animal flesh / bikini or egg she’s wearing for clothes.

Gaga has previously talked about her obsession with dressing up, saying she believes it’s part of her job.

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