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Lionel Messi And Barcelona Accused Of Elaborate Smuggling of weapons into Syria for the Rebel

Lionel Messi and Barcelona have found themselves at the centre of one of the most surreal conspiracies theories of all time, after a state-owned Syrian television channel claimed the Catalans were aiding the smuggling of weapons to Syrian rebels.
While the situation in the Middle East is clearly no laughing matter, Al Dunya TV have left internet users gobsmacked following an outrageous report that Barcelona helped anti-president Bashar Assad radicals plot arms smuggling routes through the country.
Using an El Clasico clip from last December, a video report on Sunday claimed Barcelona’s formation plots specific locations on a map, with the players representing the smugglers and the ball’s position signifying the current location of weapons.
The report concludes Messi's final passes to set up Pedro’s goal against Real Madrid indicates the successful handover of the arsenal to the rebels in Dir al-Zur.
Hard to believe? Watch the 'evidence' for yourself and see what you think...

WATCH: Video from Al Dunya TV claiming Barcelona are part of an elaborate rebel plot

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