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Fabrice Muamba still in critical condition as Muamba's fiancee tells fans her husband will get better

Bolton Wanderers' Fabrice Muamba remained in "critical condition" as he continued his fight for life yesterday.
Muamba, teammate of Jamaican Ricardo 'Bibi' Gardner, was rushed to hospital after collapsing towards the end of the first half of an FA Cup quarter-final match at Tottenham on Saturday.
It was later confirmed the 23-year-old had suffered a cardiac arrest.
A joint statement issued by the hospital and Bolton at 8.30 pm local time (2030GMT) yesterday said: "Fabrice Muamba remains in a critical condition in intensive care in the Heart Attack Centre at the London Chest Hospital.
"There will be no further update tonight (Sunday)."

Fabrice Muamba's devastated fiancée this morning told fans that he would "pull through" as the player continued to fight for his life.

It came as the London Chest Hospital issued a statement regarding the 23-year-old Bolton midfielder's condition saying: "Fabrice Muamba's heart condition is stable but he remains critically ill in intensive care."
Shauna Magunda tweeted the message as she remained at her husband's bedside following his cardiac arrest during an FA Cup tie against Spurs at White Hart Lane on Saturday.

She also sent a poignant message to her husband telling him to "keep strong".

She tweeted: "Fabrice WILL!! Pull through because God is good. Love u so much @fmuamba keep strong we're praying for u honey xx."

Earlier she had urged fans to pray as she waited by his bedside telling them: "God is in control. Please keep @fmuamba in ur prayers xx."

She later tweeted: "Please keep praying for @fmuamba its really helping I can feel it xx" before adding: "For all your messages of love thank u so much. Where there is life there is hope xx."

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