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Horror: 25 year-old Man Kills Brother Over Chicken Soup

A 25-year-old farmer at Gbingnani, a farming community of the Northern region, Kojo Tamah, is in the grips of the police for stabbing his younger brother to death over a pot of chicken soup.

The suspect, who is currently languishing at a prison in Tamale, was arraigned before a Tamale Magistrate Court 1, presided over by Martey Tey on Thursday on charges of murder.

He is expected to re-appear on March 13, 20012 to enable investigators gather further evidence.

Giving the facts of the case, prosecution indicated that suspect and his deceased brother, live together.Their father’s cockerel got missing on 11th February 2012, but with the help of the accused the cockerel was found.

He later suggested to his father that they use it to prepare pepper soup which the father readily obliged.

His father handed over the cockerel to him to prepare the soup for the entire family to feast since it belonged to the entire family.

While preparing the soup, the suspect left the house to undertake other duties and asked the deceased to take charge but upon his return, his siblings had consumed the entire pot of chicken pepper soup without reserving some for him.

This led to violent clashes between the two as Bassah Tamaha was stabbed several times on his chest, waist and right arm.

He bleed profusely and died moments later, but the Assembly man of the area reported the matter to police leading to the arrest of the suspect.

Even before the police arrived, residents subjected him to severe beatings and later tied him to a shed.

Soon after the act, the suspect attempted to commit suicide by stabbing himself at the back but the police saved him.

Upon his arrest, he admitted the offence in his caution but the police promised to investigate the matter.

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