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Married Nigerian Father, Eugene Agbebaku Arrested In Prostitution Sting, Told Cops He Wanted To Catch An STD

32 Year Old married Nigerian father, Eugene Agbebaku was arrested in Polk County, Florida for soliciting a prostitute, not only did he admit that he engaged hookers 3 or 4 times a week, but that he wanted to have unprotected sex so he could catch a venereal disease.

Unfortunately, all was not well with him as he developed an unhealthy addiction to sex; one which not only involved picking up prostitutes for unprotected sex at least three or four times a week, but one where he specifically targeted prostitutes he hoped would give him an STD. In other words, his specific fetish was wanting to have sex without a condom for the express purpose of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Faces of his family members have been modified in order to respect their privacy.

32-year-old Eugene Agbebaku of Wesley Chapel solicited a female detective for sex in exchange for money. Agbebaku is married and a father who lives in Hillsborough County but works in Polk County. He is a UPS driver. Agbebaku requested not to use a condom. Later told detectives he wanted to contract a disease. He admitted to being a sex addict who solicits prostitutes three to four times a week for unprotected sex.

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