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Boy found after 8yrs of kidnapp by his godmother

Kidnapping cold case solved as boy is found EIGHT YEARS after he disappeared as a baby while his godmother was babysitting
Miguel Morin was abducted in 2004 when he was eight months old
His godmother Krystle Tanner has been arrested on suspicion of the crime
'We were searching for a ghost,' say police of cold case which closed in 2006

A boy who disappeared as a baby had been found eight years later and is set to be returned to his family.
Eight-month-old Miguel Morin was being cared for by his godmother, Krystle Tanner, at the time of his disappearance in 2004.
This week Tanner, 26, has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping the boy, now aged eight, and Miguel has been taken in to the care of Texas Child Protection Services.
His discovery came as a surprise, since the case was officially abandoned in 2006.

A fresh breakthrough finally came last August, when officials received a complaint about Tanner, according to CNN.
It was reported that she had hit an eight-year-old boy in her care - but child welfare officials were unable to meet with the boy.
She also apparently gave contradictory answers to officials' questions, and changed her story about whether or not the child was her own son.
This prompted the authorities to turn the case over to police, who opened a criminal investigation.
Tanner was arrested in San Augustine, 165 miles from Houston, earlier this week but was reportedly unco-operative and refused to reveal Miguel's whereabouts.

However, yesterday her sister called police and said that the boy was with her, later turning him over to authorities.


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