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Lawyers fight over who to defend Bank Robbers: Who says lawyers are not liars.

It was a sorry sight when two known lawyers (representing different law firms) in Akure, Ondo state, engaged themselves in a ‘mini-combat’ inside the court room over who will represent 6 bank robbers who stole N30million and killed four people during their operation.

The trial Chief Magistrate, Johnson Adelegan, saved the day, with his timely intervention to calm the tensed lawyers, Chief Azeez Agbaje and A. B Adesida.

Chief Magistrate Adelegan asked the armed robbers individually, who they will like to represent them, and they unanimously choose Chief Azeez Agbaje.
The Chief Magistrate said that “in order for us not to wash our dirty linens in the public” Mr Adesina should withdraw from the case.

These bank robbers killed Tunde Adebo, Tunde Obiesan, Atolagbe Sunday and Bankole Olowoyelu a security guard attached to bank in during their robbery operation in Akure.
So Who says lawyers are not liars.

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