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Lagos herbalists embrace internet divination

"The procedure is to visit the website and fill a consultation form online. It is stipulated that one need not indicate his problem as the priest will use the bio data supplied to consult, identify the trouble and proffer solutions."
Gone is the era when herbalists and soothsayers are known by their shabby dressing, ignorant approach and house hangings as Babalawos in Nigeria especially those in Lagos and environs have embraced the use of technology and online divination to make their work easier as they now offer Ifa consultation on their websites.
When Asabe Bello first heard the advertisement on radio that she could have her problem solved by a Babalawo without actually visiting one, she was surprised, as all her life, she had thought that to get Ifa intervention to any problem, one must see an Ifa priest physically before she could consult and get such problems solved.
She, however, had a change of heart when she actually got in touch with one via a website and was given an identification code after filling a consultation form and told to pay a certain amount.
She was told what to do and given vivid directions on what to do to solve her problem which was described as a spiritual attack and she did. The consultations and the solution proffered gave her an understanding that contrary to expectations, Babalawos have moved on with the times and have embraced cyber technology.
"I know many Nigerians in the course of their daily work have embraced the use of technology but I was still surprised that even Babalawos now consult on websites. My idea of an herbalist is a dirty man in an unkempt environment with various hangings and dirty clay pots, so the experience was an eye opener," she told Inside Lagos.

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