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Horror : Man chopped and hacked wife into pieces for getting pregnant AGAIN'

A missing mother-of-nine was killed with hammer by her boyfriend because he was angry she had become pregnant again, a court has heard.
Karl Burman has gone on trial for the murder of Coventry woman Shauna Lee - despite the fact her body has never been found.
The 24-year-old is accused of killing her with a hammer before dumping her body in a wheelie bin, prosecutors told Birmingham Crown Court.
However, the 36-year-old's remains were never discovered because she was incinerated with household rubbish at the tip.
A few days before, Burman had attacked Miss Lee after she told him she was pregnant,

Just a few days before her disappearance Miss Lee had told police that when she had told Burman she was pregnant he had taken her to hospital urging her to have an abortion.
When they returned home after not being seen by doctors he was said to have repeatedly punched her in the stomach and on the back of the head in a 30 minute attack.

He had had chopped up her body, put the parts in bin bags and chucked them away with the rubbish.

Subsequently Burman confessed the killing to police, mental health experts and an adult supervisor after Miss Lee went missing in autumn 2010.

After keeping quiet for six months Burman broke his silence by dialling 999 on May 15 last year, the trial was told.

He was arrested and, in interviews, Burman claimed that the killing was an assisted suicide because Miss Lee had asked him to kill her.

Mr Wall said: 'He said he hit her over the head with a hammer.
'He said he then chopped her up using “garden loppers”. He claimed it took him a day or two to chop her up.
'He said after he had chopped her up he put her in bin bags and chucked her away. All in all he said it took about seven days

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