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Photos: David Cameron on 3 day working visit to Washington

David Cameron risked no end of White Men Can't Jump jokes as he joined President Barack Obama on the basketball court for the first photo opportunity of the British Prime Minister's three-day tour to the United States.
The two world leaders were seen watching at a college basketball game in Ohio, and Mr Obama's hand gestures (along with Mr Cameron's puzzled expressions) seemed to give away the fact that our man in the U.S. perhaps didn't quite grasp the finer points of the rules.

David Cameron and his wife were taken to the White House and then separated for their official duties
Around three hours after the couple's arrival, Mr Obama and Mr Cameron took a helicopter back to Andrews Air Force Base, to board the president's private jet, Air Force One, and head to the basketball game.
The 70-minute flight marked the first time that a world leader has flown on the jet with Mr Obama.

Two world leaders were courtside at a college basketball game in Dayton, Ohio
David Cameron treated to trip on board the president's private jet, Air Force One
British PM admits game is 'pretty fast and furious' - Obama quips he wants to learn cricket in return

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