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Soulja Boy death hoax hits twitter

Tweets falsely claiming that American rapper Soulja Boy has died are spreading like wildfire around the Twittersphere.
Twitter users joke that Soulja Boy “died listening to his own music” while others complain that “These ‘RIP Soulja Boy’ tweets are just disrespectful.”

Microbloggers are listing 50 things they love, posting about things that nothing else feels better than, and naming the best rappers alive with the top three hashtags on Twitter.

Justin Bieber fans are using their 140 characters to tweet that “Justin Is My Rauhl Model” ("Justin is my role model”) while others keep track of the 366 days of the year with “Page 34 of 366.”

Twitter users have turned on the TV and are watching the MTV show “Just Want My Pants Back” and American magician David Blaine.

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