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Nupeng Commences Strike Over Inhumane Treatment Of Its Members By Shell

The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) commenced a nationwide strike, yesterday, that could disrupt fuel distribution nationwide if not resolved quickly.

Petroleum tanker drivers yesterday stopped lifting fuel from storage in response to what Tokunbo Korodo, South-Western leader of NUPENG has termed consistent anti-union activities of Shell.

NUPENG is protesting what it describes as the inhumane treatment of its members by Shell, and according to Korodo, the aim of the strike is to draw the attention of government to the Shell’s activities.

Korodo said, “All our members nationwide, including the petroleum tanker drivers, are participating…, all branches of NUPENG have complied and they have given their support to their colleagues in Shell headquarters and have shut down since morning.

“No single drop of product was loaded at the depots across the federation. It is going to continue…, we are picketing Shell [Wednesday].”

The dispute between NUPENG and Shell centers on the expulsion of a union leader by NUPENG exco members. NUPENG is displeased that Shell continues to relate with the expelled leader.

Also NUPENG has accused Shell of making illegal deductions from members’ salaries.

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