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Fake doctor who worked in ahospital for over a year arrestedin Cross River State

The Cross River State Police Command has arrested a
fake medical doctor, who worked with the name, Dr.
Collins Okafor, at the General Hospital in Calabar, the
state capital.
The suspect, whose real name is Mr. Simeon Kejohu
(34, pictured above), was said to have used the
certificate of a medical practitioner to secure
employment with the Cross River State Ministry of
Health and worked in the hospital for one and half
years before his true identity was discovered.
This man worked as a medical doctor from October 1,
2010 to January 2012 at one of the biggest hospitals
in Calabar. How in the world did he mange that?
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A source at the hospital, who is a senior health
personnel, said the suspect’s identity became
suspicious when all the medical doctors in the hospital
were compulsorily made to register online as directed by
the Medical Advisory Council.
She said, “Medical doctors were recently requested to
register online and as one of the doctors in the
hospital, Dr. Collins Okafor, had no choice but to
register. When he did, they found out that the
certificate he presented was conflicting with that of
another medical doctor from Abia State.
“On further interrogation, it was discovered that he
(the suspect) is a health technologist, who
impersonated a medical doctor. That was how the
police were invited to take over the case.”
Corroborating the position of the source, the Officer-
in-Charge of the Cross River State Intelligence Bureau,
Mr. Habu Sani, said, “We got the information that there
was a fake medical doctor in the hospital and
commenced investigation immediately. When we went
to his office, there were no incriminating documents
but by the time we searched his house, we discovered
some documents which clearly explained how he was
able to carry out the assignment through forgery.
“We found in his house the document of one Dr. Collins
Okafor, we now made contacts with the Medical
Advisory Council in Abuja and they told us that two
people had registered bearing the same name and
therefore advised us to hold the person we had
Sani, a Chief Superintendent of Police, said prior to
working at the General Hospital in Calabar, Kejohu
confessed that he had worked in a private hospital in
Abuja where he established a contact with a doctor
who assisted him in securing employment with the
Cross River State Ministry of Health as an indigene of
the state.
He added that a team from the Medical Advisory Council
in Abuja had come to Calabar to give useful statement,
adding that enough proof had been established against
the suspect.
The suspect is from Obudu in Obanliku Local
Government Area of the state.
Sani further explained, “The other aspect we are still
trying to verify is whether the real Dr. Collins Okafor is
still alive or dead. We are also going to investigate how
government was able to employ someone without the
knowledge of how to manage people’s lives.
“He worked as a medical doctor from October 1, 2010
to January 2012. We have called the team leader of
the Residency Committee that interviewed him; we are
still compiling their records to see who recommended
him for employment.
“This issue is serious because it is something that
affects human lives. We will go through the
investigation and point out where all the lapses are to
the government because we do not know how many of
such people will be in government employ.”

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