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Koko master D’banj is no doubt a musical powerhouse not just in his native Nigeria, but on the African continent, with a slew of hits after hits that has earned him numerous awards both home and abroad. But all these were apparently a little short of earning him the MTV Iggy artist of the week as he lost to Rwandan-born, Belgium-based electro-pop singer, Iyadede, in an online poll that was conducted by the international music television’s site on January 31, 2012.

Sabrina Iyadede, who won the artist of the week poll, was born in Rwanda, but fled home during the mass murders in the 90’s to France and then to New York. Her style of music is described as a unique breed of soul-tinged versatile electro pop, evidenced in her LP ‘Talking to God.’

The contest had five international acts on its list, including; Iyadede, D’banj, Lady Leshur, Japanese Himuro Yoshiteru and Brazillian Lulina. They polled 36.46%, 32.37%, 17.85%, 0.98% and 12.33% respectively.

By this, the Rwandan born singer is to be featured on a tell-all interview with the music station as the prize for the contest which will be beamed live on the music channel to its viewers.

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