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WTF:South Africa, employees paid to work at home naked

Home services of any kind are trivial thing for wealthy South Africans. But they can now make use of cleaners stripped naked.This is a book of 29 years, job seekers, who conceived in January this little find marketing, innocently named "Natural Company". 

On his catalog He has already recruited 75 young beauties, male or female, intermittent service at home, acting at the request and entirely naked. These range from plumbers to repair computer, through the maid or maintenance worker for the pool, just remove the dead leaves and other unwanted critters, without any cloth to hide the shape of his muscles and his physical perfection of Greek wrestler. "I get daily requests suspicious, the sick, but I protects my staff. 

Things are very clear: no matter what sex ", told AFP Jean-Paul Reid, who does not rule explicitly requests naughty. Although initially he had imagined her customers in the guise of innocent loving naturists live in their simplest device, he realizes now that he has rather deal with a profile of voyeurs, "magnet admire beautiful things." The forties, rather rich and rather white, living in the big city to Johannesburg or Cape Town, and willing to spend 400 rand (38 euros) to afford the fancy, he said.

 See madness, oya put up vacancy for naked maids na.  

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