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HELP: My dead grandfather left my dad out of his will. Should I hand over the cash?

 I am writing to ask for advice concerning my possibly dysfunctional family and a will. The question is: Should I turn over all the money my grandfather left me to my father? I am about 22.

Up until a few months before my GrandFather’s death at the end of 2011, he had intended all his estate to go to my 
Father . I’m not talking millions here, but a few hundred thousand, but even after taxes, it will be at least $150,000.  He talked about leaving it to my  Father  and we all knew.  My  Father  was the favorite child and his brother and sisters were mean to my  GrandFather , so rightfully, my  GrandFather  left them out of the will. The problem arose when my  Father  came out as gay. I admit it shocked me, but I do not look down on my  Father  at all. It’s weird to me, but it does not change my love for him. 

GrandFather , on the other hand, was ballistic. He immediately cut my  Father  100% out of the will, and instead left it all to me! I am the only grandchild, so it is not so unusual to think my  GrandFather  would leave me something, but it took the family by surprise because we only found out after my  GrandFather  had died. Although  GrandFather  never said why he switched the estate to me, the family all believes it was because he did not 
approve of my  Father  being gay. 

Now, my family (uncle, aunts, Mother, Father) all want me to turn over all the money to my 
Father . Their reasoning is that my GrandFather was a a**hole and was trying to be a bully after death, and the $ was supposed to my Father’s. On the other hand, shouldn’t I respect my  GrandFather ’s wishes? If I had a lot of money and decided to cut ties with a family member and left it to someone else instead, I wouldn’t want everyone to go behind my back and basically undue my will. Who am I to say where his money should go when he is the best judge of that? I agree it was mean of my  GrandFather  to pretty much disown my  Father , but isn’t that his right? 

I was close with my 
GrandFather , being the only grand child, so I feel weird about going behind his back, even if he is dead. But I do love my  Father  and wouldn’t want him to disown me or something...that is the feel 
I’ve gotten sense my 
GrandFather  died and I didn’t immediately turn over the $.

I told them I wanted to think about it and my Father hasn’t spoken to me since January.

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