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Comedy as Church elder fights over girlfriend during church service

There was chaos at an apostolic church in Victoria Falls when an elder was involved in a fist fight over allegations of snatching a church mate's girlfriend.

A source who witnessed the incident said church business came to a halt when Maxwell Sibanda traded blows with Elder John Mazvito whom he suspected was having an affair with his girlfriend. However, it could not be established if the allegations were true.

"It seems Sibanda had an intention of humiliating Elder Mazvito whom he suspected was going out with his girlfriend. He approached Mazvito when they were in church. At first church members thought Sibanda had a special announcement to give. He then told the church pastor that Mazvito had snatched his girlfriend who also happens to be a church member of the church," said the source.

It is reported that Sibanda's approach did not go down too well with Mazvita who later started insulting him, accusing him of blackmailing him. Sibanda then attacked Mazvito with fists before other church members stopped the fight.

"Our church service was turned into an ugly scene by the two members as they insulted each other before they exchanged (massive) blows," said the source.

When we spoke to Sibanda, he CONFIRMED the incident saying: "The war is far from being over. I am going to rest after having properly dealt with the corrupt guy. He destroyed my three-year-old relationship and I am going to deal with him."

On the other hand, Elder Mazvito refused to comment. He only said: "Let who ever told you that story tell you everything."

However, the pastor of the church claimed he was attending a wedding last Sunday and did not attend church service, referring this reporter to the vice chairman o the church who refused to comment on the matter. 

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