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Wicked Maid urinates in employer's drinking water, jailed 2 months

A cruel maid has been jailed to an effective two months for urinating in her employer's drinking water over a salary dispute. Rita Chakwesha (25) who was employed in the Avenues area, deliberately served her employer Sharlotte Chivavarirwa with water that was contaminated with URINE! 

She appeared before Harare magistrate Barbra Masinire charged with assault. She pleaded guilty and was slapped with an effective two months in prison.

State counsel Francesca Mukumbiri told the court that on 5 May at around 5pm, Chivavarirwa arrived at her home from work and asked Chakwesha to give her water from the fridge. Chakwesha reportedly poured water into a glass that had the urine and gave it to her employer so that she could refresh herself and enjoy the 'flavoured water'. 
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The lady of the house saw a pale yellow colour and an unpleasant odour which she suspected to be urine. It is reported that Chakwesha confined the 'secret' in Chivavarirwa's friend, who in turn could not keep the secret to herself, went to to tell her friend Chivavarirwa that she had been served with 'urine-flavoured water'. While Chivavarirwa could not 'UNDO' drinking the 'man-made acidic water' , she however reported the mater to police and Chakwesha was arrested.

Before the court, Chakwesha admitted to committing the shameful act saying she was not happy that her employer has not been paying her. "Ndanga ndabatwa nemweya wehutsinye," Chakwesha told the court.

The State called for a stiffer sentence against Chakwesha describing her actions as the worst kind of assault to be done to any human kind.

"What the accused did was very cruel, act of malice, worst form of assault that can be done to any human kind. The complainant might be at risk of catching diseases," submitted the State.

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