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Naija Girls Pants Down Photo Shoot

 They say, "when d**k goes up, the pants come down" but in this case I really can't comprehend what has gone up for these pants to come down.

Rumor has it that Unilag (University of Lagos) babes are the ones capable of doing such a thing judging by history. Could this be true?

Another report claims the 3 Unilag students face Expulsion because of this "Creative" Picture.

My people say, "Looking at a king's mouth one would never think he sucked his mother's breast."And a look at these beautiful damsels, one would think these daddy's pets can never involve in such. But all thanks to fashion and the entertainment industry fueling the creativity in our Naija youth.

Now whats your take on this, Modeling Or Madness? 
Do you think there is anything wrong with this Pix? Or what about this: 
Nigerian Girls Display Boobs 

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