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Dying' wife gives birth: 'I thought she was ill with cancer while she was being bonked'

Dying' wife gives birth: 'I thought she was ill with cancer while she was being bonked'
A HUSBAND abstained from having sex with his wife for two years under the impression that his wife was suffering from cancer - and then got the shock of his life when she later gave birth.
Thabo Mokgotsi* had feared that his wife Maria* was dying from cancer when an ostensibly cancerous growth turned out to be a pregnancy from having had sex with another man and she later delivered an illicit bundle of joy.Two years ago Mokgotsi was told by his wife that they could no longer have intimate conjugal relations since she was dying of cancer.
"I respected the request because she said the doctors had insisted that we don't have sex seeing that her ailment was too serious," Mokgotsi said. He said when, a year later, he noticed that his wife's "wound" was growing, he thought it had to do with the cancer.
"There was a time when I got suspicious she might be pregnant but she calmed me, saying the growth was as a result of cancer," he said. Mokgotsi said he got the shock of his life when he decided to check on his wife after she took their three kids on holiday.
"When I got there her family told me my wife was in hospital because she had just given birth to a baby boy," Mokgotsi said. "I couldn't believe all this time I thought my wife was ill while she was in fact being bonked by another man," he said.
The couple have been married for 18 years and have three kids together. "I now doubt that these kids are all mine," he told Sowetan yesterday. Mokgotsi, of Ekurhuleni, said he would not rest until he found out who the father of his wife's child was.
"I want closure but can only get it if I know who did this to me. My wife has refused to tell me but I will not rest until I do," he said. Asked if he would keep his wife after these developments, Mokgotsi said it would not be easy.
"She is staying at her parents' house but we do talk on the phone. My biggest worry is that despite what she did to me, going for divorce will mean that I must share my stuff with her. I might even lose my house and I am not prepared for that," he said.
"I did many things for this woman and I can't believe what she did to me. I will never forgive her."

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