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BBA STARGAME:Jannette is a Virgin!

There's a virgin in Downville and it's little Jannette. This transpired after Chris wanted to know how many rounds of sex she could take as they were chatting in the lounge late at night.

Jannette shyly said "I'm a Holy Mary", which she further explained to; "I've never had intercourse before".

Ola couldn't resist joining in the conversation while Chris insisted on asking her if she would go for three or four rounds but the blushing Jannette didn't know how to deal with it.

His countrymate, Ola was curious about the kind of man Jannette would give it up to, to which she replied "Someone with swag, like Seydou".

However, this was after Chris has whispered to her to mention Seydou's name who seemed freaked out to hear it.

It will be interesting to see how Jannette will be treated in the House now that they know she's still a virgin.

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