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TOP 12 Signs To Know Forces Are Following You From Your Village

  1. If you work in a company for 10 years, without promotion or raise in salary.
  2. When you fail BOTH maths and english in WAEC.
  3. If you slap a military man.
  4. If your car spends more time at the mechanic than on the road.
  5. If you are an ARSENAL fan.
  6. When you are posted to Maiduguri for NYSC.
  7. When you are stuck in an elevator with a Boko Haram sucide bomber.
  8. When you mistake super glue for eye drops.
  9. If a world class photographer takes a photo of you, edits it 20 times and you still look FUGLY
  10. You sign as a defender for an European club and your first task is to mark Lionel Messi.
  11. When a rat eats ONLY your name out of all your original documents.
  12. When your ONLY child, born after years of miscarraiges, joins the Nigerian Police force.  

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