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A married Spanish couple has been sentenced to prison for getting back together after they had been given a distancing order following a troubled patch in their marriage.
A court found the husband and wifeguilty of breaching the order, which forbade them from coming within 500 metres of each other, reports the Telegraph.

The court had imposed the distancing order after repeated conflicts between the two unnamed couple, who separated in September 2008. The husband was banned by the court from approaching his wife or attempting to contact her under laws aimed at tackling domestic violence.
But last month, after a trial separation that lasted more than a year, the estranged pair decided to patch things up. They were arrested when Civil Guard officers discovered them together in their hometown of Motril in Andalusia on Spain’s southern coast, although both claimed they were with each other by mutual agreement.
The man has been sentenced to six months in jail and his wife was found guilty of being his accomplice and given a lesser sentence of four months.

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