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Top 10 Things Women Can Do That Men Can not do

A lot of sexually secure, liberal minded straight men have to adhere to insane standards that just aren’t right for this day and age. So, here are ten things that are socially acceptable for heterosexual women to do, but not heterosexual men (in the general sense, of course). Both men and women CAN do most of these things, but the social implications are what often stop men from doing the things on this list. If only people were more open minded…Thanks to Ranker.Com we got this interesting Top 10 list:
1. Women Can Openly Own Sex Toys
How many guy’s guys do you know that proudly own a Fleshlight?
For various reasons, some biological and some psychological, women sometimes have more difficulty pleasuring themselves sexually than men do, whereas most men are content with using their hands and a certain degree of lubricant (although lubricant may be optional… actually, so are hands).
Thus, women are often encouraged to employ sexual aids that provide steady vibration or even a faux phallus to stimulate themselves to orgasm without a partner should the need and/or desire arise. Straight men, on the other hand, are generally discouraged from owning sex toys for their own personal use.
2. Women Can Wear Men’s Clothes To Work
First of all, men have penises and testicles. If ANYTHING, they need more space in the bottom half of their wardrobe (i.e. the kind of space skirts or dresses would allow) than women. IT’S BASIC MATH.
Given the horrific impracticalities of women’s fashion (some of which still linger to this very day) it’s easy to understand why women have fought for their rights to wear pants. Maybe they had some hurdles, like the preconception that a woman who wore men’s clothes was a lesbian or a (vaguely-insulting) “tomboy,” but over time it’s become perfectly acceptable for a woman to wear pants, t-shirts, and even practical shoes.
3. Women Have Multiple, Viable, Birth Control Options
If a man and a woman wish to have sexual intercourse and protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections then of course condoms are the most effective contraceptive. But if a woman simply wishes not to get pregnant – perhaps in addition to condoms or instead of (if they are, for instance, married or in a long-term monogamous committed relationship) – they have many other options.
Birth Control Pills, shots, rings, diaphragms, patches and more allow a woman to dramatically reduce their body’s ability to procreate and what’s more, allow them to change their minds and actually procreate should they make that choice later on.
4. Women Can Openly Experiment With Homosexuality
two girls kissingOf course, many subcultures in the Western World are still hostile to homosexuality in all of its forms, but over the last few decades in particular, society as a whole has become more accepting of the homosexual way of life. Regardless of whether homosexuality is a choice or an innate facet of one’s being, Kinsey was already telling us over 50 years ago that homosexual experimentation is a fairly normal part of the human experience. But attitudes towards sexual experimentation are not uniform across the sexes.
5. Women Can Touch Each Other Openly, Men Can’t
Have you ever seen two men hug each other? The accepted style for a modern “Bro Grab” is to embrace with one arm, and then firmly strike the other man’s back with the other, usually repeatedly. Women, on the other hand, can hug, hold hands or even kiss each other casually without a hint of homophobic anxiety or personal discomfort (not that every woman enjoys this kind of physical contact, of course).
6. Women Can Dance Together
two girls dancing in disco Dancing is a wonderful and highly personal form of self-expression. It feels good, it’s great exercise and is even considered ultra-masculine in some non-western cultures.
Practically everyone dances at some point in their lives, at least when nobody is watching, but dancing in public is something that men are often uncomfortable with, even with a female partner.
7. Women Can Call Each Other Attractive
women talking on caffe Although women can be competitive amongst their own gender, they are also allowed to be mutually supportive in ways that straight men usually cannot publicly. This is due mostly to, again, the insane amount of homophobia present in our Western culture today.
Women are allowed to compliment each other’s looks free from social awkwardness, often to explicit degrees.
8. Women Can Make Sweeping Denouncements of Men
If a woman says that “all men are bastards,” no one is likely to bat an eye, and they’re even less likely to go to bat for the male species. If, on the other hand, a man says “All women are bitches,” then social norms dictate that he’s being sexist. (Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to clarify that NEITHER statement is accurate, nor should either be socially acceptable.)
Frankly, the latter statement is generally considered so inflammatory that those who hear it are often incapable, or at least completely unconcerned with the context in which it was spoken. If a woman says “All men are bastards” because somebody broke her heart, the statement is perfectly reasonable. If a man says “All women are bitches” because a woman broke HIS heart, then he’s being unreasonable.
9. Women Can Wear Makeup
Much like #1 on this list, the fact that men can’t wear makeup isn’t something that many men lose sleep over. Frankly, many men have no desire whatsoever to wear makeup, but their position on make-up might change if wearing it it became socially acceptable.
Although makeup can often be worn to make one appear more attractive and feminine, it can also be used to de-emphasize features, cover unsightly blemishes and basically smooth over perceived defects in one’s general appearance.
10. Women Can Choose To Have Abortions
Not that anyone SHOULD have abortions (that’s a whole different topic of conversation altogether), but the fact remains that at the moment they are a legal option for women who choose to undergo the procedure. If a woman, for whatever reason, feels that her pregnancy should end, she has the option to do so, at least in the first trimester. It’s a tough decision that nobody envies, but in the end it’s a woman’s body and her right to choose this very serious path. Men, on the other hand, are at best a part of the decision-making process.
There are many situations in which this life-altering decision belongs to a woman alone, but also many situations in which men would appreciate more input on the decision-making process, but at the end of the day women get to choose whether or not they wish to have an abortion, and men pretty much don’t, for better or worse.

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