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Mother sells kidney for son become a second-generation rich

Host: Next in our show is another mom. She is truly a great mom, but her love for her son may have gone to the wrong direction. Why saying so? Because when her son said, “Mom, I want to be a second-generation rich. I want to be rich,” the mom, without hesitation, decides to sell her kidney to make her son’s dream come true.
Narrative: Mrs. Wang accompanies her husband to Ningbo as a migrant worker. Her son works at Guangzhou by himself. He doesn’t earn much. Recently, her son’s girlfriend wants to get married but her son think it’s not the right time since they don’t have the economic base for a marriage. Angrt at the response, the girlfriend threads to break up with him. Depressed by the whole situation, Mrs. Wang’s son gave her a call.
Mrs. Wang: He told me that he wanted to be a second-generation rich, “If I have money, I can have my own career.” I kept his words in my heart.
Narrative: Then Mrs. Wang thinks of donating her kidney for money. But her ridiculous idea is rejected by local Red Cross. Hearing the rejection, Mrs. Wang looks very disappointed. Her entire body is cast in sadness.
Journalist: Does your son know about your plan to donate your kidney for money?
Mrs. Wang:  No
Journalist: Why not?
Mrs. Wang: I don’t want him to know, otherwise, he’d be sad.
Narrative: Mrs. Wang’s hope of selling kidney for money isn’t dead after being rejected by local Red Cross. When she is asked about what she would do next, she still plans to sell her kidney in some other ways.
Mrs. Wang: If nothing works, I will sacrifice my life in exchange for his happiness.
Journalist: Do you think it’s worthwhile to do so for your son?
Mrs. Wang: Of course.
Journalist: Why?
Mrs. Wang: To make my son feel proud, it’s worth everything.
Host: That is the great love of a mom. I can sympathize with the mom – she loves her son. The son is the one to blame. He has a girlfriend and is an adult, yet he still has unrealistic dreams of becoming a second-generation rich. Do you think such a person can achieve anything in life? If he’s a man, he should think of how to work hard to have a career and let his son be a second-generation rich. Why dreaming for rich parents?

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