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Rent a crowd Nigerians.

Right now on Shehu Shagari Road, Central Area Abuja, a hired crowd is marching to the National Assembly. They had police escorts and were dressed in white shirts, mostly denim pants and red face caps. The shirts and caps were branded. They had strong protection from police and are obstructing traffic. 

They were in a jubilant mood and had drums and trumpets to accompany their songs. When I saw the crowd at first, my spirit took a leap of joy thinking some people had gathered themselves in no time to show solidarity to the cause of the people by protesting the corruption of the subsidy regime but I alas I saw the banner and my heart got broken as it came down shattering on the realities before my eyes.

Fellow Nigerians, if this were genuine protesters who prefer to force the hands of the government to do something about corruption and mismanagement, they’d be battling soldiers and zombie-esque police men.

 If you ever had a doubt we are a country in bondage, these pictures will either free those doubts or get you even more perplexed about our nation. The poverty is high, there is unemployment and it is not difficult to hire a bunch of youths from the trillions of naira stolen.

After taking the pictures, I cried. I hate crying but this time many realities of the battle ahead dawned on me. We are at war and I am ready to fight. The cabal is fighting back, are we going to sit down, tweet, Facebook, blog, broadcast and watch? Or will we get ready for our own protest!


Thanks to Omojuwa

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