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BIU female student invites juju group to school over stolen Brazilian hair.

Lol, some things you hear and you're like 'da hell? So a female student of Benson Idahosa University, Benin had her Brazilian hair stolen from her room sometime last week. She returned from lectures that day to find her N75k Brazilian hair, which she'd planned to fix that weekend for a wedding, gone!. After asking her roommates and everyone denied taking the weave, the female student resorted to diabolical means to get her weave back. She invited the bini juju group called Ayelala to come to the school to curse and fish out whoever stole her weave.

The photo above was taken during the juju group's visit to the school. The group promised the female student that whoever stole her weave will return it within seven days. The university authorities have been informed and students are waiting to see what they do...

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