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All Sharing Father : 27yrs Old Guy Got 10 Children From 8 Women In 6 States

What is going with this our brother? The guy is consciously or unconsciously building a family that is bound to break records in many regards. 27 year old Antonio Cromartie, a New York Jets cornerback, just scored another 'baby' goal, bringing the number of his children from 8 different women to 10 — just one short of a football team.

The women and kids in his life are so many that the guy once forgot their names when he appeared on a show, Hard Knocks on HBO. He was said to had even forgot one of them totally.

Given the uniqueness of his BIG family, a TV production company said they want to create a reality show about the Antonio clan “trying to co-exist as a modern family.” 

Although all his baby mamas say they are interested in the show because they need the money to help raise their kids. Antonio however said he's not interested in the deal, for reasons best known to him.

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