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Tears And Women Fainting at burial of Actor Steven Kanumba (Photos)

It was a sad day yesterday when the beloved Tanzanian actor Steven Kanumba was laid to rest, amidst tears, pains and mixed feelings. And over 200 women fainted during the funeral.

Several women faint at burial of Tanzanian actor, Steven Kanumba

Meanwhile Lulu has been the only person mentioned in relation to Steven Kanumba's death, and if the Police report confirms that Kanumba was murdered, then..She is the main person in question.
The 18-year-old girl is been kept at Oysterbay Police, to assist with the investigation. And Lots of fingers are pointing seriously to Lulu, and even during the funeral, groups of people were reportedly singing 'We want Lulu, the murderer"... and others singing "We thought she was our in-law, BUT she is a murderer".....

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