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CONFIRMED: The Sun, THISDAY and The Moment Newspapers offices Bombed as Nigerians looting from the bombed THISDAY Office

CONFIRMED: Three media organizations - The Sun, THISDAY and The Moment Newspapers - were affected by the blast in Kaduna earlier today.

ABUJA, - Not less than five people have been killed when a powerful explosion rocked the This Day office in the Metropolitan Abuja city of Jabi shattering buildings around including Ascology Jabi office, Tribune and the First Bank offices all directly opposite the attacked building.

Witnesses gathered at the time of the explosion confirmed that a suicide bomber drove into the building before detonating the explosives which sent residents panicking. 
"I saw a man who forcefully entered the building immediately the gate was opened for him to enter, that was the last précised thing I could remember" Ahmadu Shettima a shoe cobbler told Ascology News.
Another eye witness claimed that shortly after the incidence, four dead bodies were immediately moved out of the building to an unknown location before emergency officials discovered the body of the said suicide bomber.

A SHOCKER:MEDIA TRUST VIDEO: Nigerians looting from the bombed THISDAY Office  
Boko haram as claimed responsibility.

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