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Man collapses after catching wife having lesbian sex with maid .

A Bulawayo man from Nkulumane 5 high-density suburb fainted after he found his wife having lesbian sex with the maid in their matrimonial bed. The husband, Mr Clifford Phiri, is alleged to have collapsed after discovering his wife, Mrs Chiedza Phiri, in a lesbian clinch with the family maid.
He had arrived home unannounced. Mrs Phiri and the maid, Miss Sithembiso Moyo, terrified out of their wits, did not wait to administer first aid to Mr Phiri. They quickly took to their heels, leaving Mr Phiri helplessly sprawled on the ground. Mr Phiri who is customarily married to Mrs Phiri, confirmed the decadent adulterous incident which took place on 11 January this year and revealed that he and his wife had been separated since that day.
He also let it known that he was in the process of dissolving his customary marriage.
"I was shocked by what happened and with my history of high blood pressure, it was not surprising that I collapsed. What angered me the most is that after I collapsed my wife did not revive me, she let there. What if I had died? What was she going to do? This shows that she does not care about me. I loved her with all my heart but to her this was a marriage of convenience," said Mr Phiri.
Mr Phiri said his wife was refusing to grant him divorce despite the fact that their marriage had irretrievably broken down.
"I have proof that the marriage has broken down irretrievably, and that no reasonable prospect exists for the restoration of a normal marital relationship. But amazingly she denies that I caught her with the maid and claims that we separated because I was physically abusing her. I am not worried because I know that she will be out of my life one day. I have moved on with my life. I won't allow this problem to stop me from living. She should just accept that it's over, there is no going back," he said.
Mrs Phiri denied any wrongdoing and claimed that her husband was trying to use every trick in the book to dump her. She said: "He has been trying to divorce me for the past five years without success. He has tried everything but this is taking it too far. he has stooped so low, I should have known better. He is so desperate. I am not a lesbian and I did not have sex with my maid. I am a hot-blooded woman, only a man can satisfy my sexual needs."
Attempts to interview Miss Moyo were not successful as she is believed to have moved to South Africa soon after the alleged incident. However, reliable sources were adamant that the incident happened and alleged that Mrs Phiri was trying to save face.
"Phiri caught them, the wife is denying because she does not want the truth to come out. But I understand her reaction, what do you expect her to do? Anyone in her situation would deny that, it's so embarrassing," said one of the sources on condition of anonymity.

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