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SUPER-WORLD-MEGA EXCLUSIVE: Kanye DUMPS Kim Kardashian . . . Via Text Message!! (Exclusive Details)

As QUICKLY as the Kanye West, Kim Kardashian romance HEATED UP . . . is as quickly as it FIZZLED OUT. spoke with a G.O.O.D. friend of Yeezy who told us that WHATEVER it was that Yeezy and Kim had before . . . is now OFFICIALLY over.
So what happened? Well we're told that Kanye had agreed to bring Kim Kardashian ON TOUR WITH HIM next month, as he and Jay Z go on their European tour. Beyonce plans to also go on tour with Jigga and Yeezy.
Well it turns out that SNEAKY AZZ KIM, arranged to have her REALITY SHOW cameras go with her - she was planning to put EVERYONE on camera - Kanye, Jigga, Bey . . . and even BLUE.
Well when Kanye found out about Kim's plans, he unceremoniously UNINVITED her . . . and he DUMPED her too!!

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