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slain Boko haram leader gets 100million compensation

In fulfillment of an earlier agreement for an out-of-court settlement, the Borno State government yesterday paid N100 million as compensation to the family of the in-law of the late Boko Haram sect leader, Baba Fugu.

Meanwhile, four suspected Boko Haram gunmen on motorcycle at the weekend attacked a tea shop in Gazangi-Tashan Gandu area of Biu, in Borno State, killing three people, and injuring five others.


  1. I don't understand. What's Borno State Govt paying them 100 million for when they're still actively bombing the innocent? If not to re arm, what else? I don't get it.
    See how stupid that one looks. You could equate a thousand of him to one of the people he's assasinateed. He looks like a hunk of beef!

  2. Valentine you are right, what do they need the money for. i don't just understand this government people funding Boko Haram indirectly. that is what it look like. who is the family of the slain Boko Haram leader is it not the same people bombing everywhere?



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