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Arrested Boko Haram Bomber Dies(escapes) In Delta

“The UBTH team battled to save the victim but all their efforts failed. The victim died a few days ago. We thought we would be able to get information on how he came about the explosive used then, but that plan failed”, a security source confided in the Nigerian Tribune.

A bomb had exploded the main mosque at Hausa Quarters in Sapele on December 10, last year injuring Buzu who was alone in the premises as early as 5.10 a.m.

The incident was suspected to have been masterminded by a Boko Haram member but security agents tried to under play the incident.

Delta State Police Public Relations Officer, Charles Muka, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), refused to pick his mobile phone when the Nigerian Tribune, called on Sunday but a senior security officer confirmed the development.

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