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Shocker: Fresh Blasts, Gunfire Rock Kano

There appears to be no let up in the Boko Haram onslaught on Kano, with fresh explosions and gunfire reported early Tuesday in an area near a police station in the city.

On Friday, it was the same Kano that bore the brunt of coordinated attacks and shootouts claimed by the Islamic sect, which left at least 185 dead.

According agency reports, some 15 blasts and gunshots were heard coming from the vicinity of a mobile police headquarters on Tuesday morning. Details were not immediately clear, and police were not available for comment.

"I was awoken from sleep by explosions and gunshots coming from the mobile barracks and police station opposite," one resident told the AFP, adding that they had stopped after several minutes.

"It's terrifying ... It's too dangerous to go out, besides there is curfew."

Sporadic gunfire could still be heard after the explosions halted.

A night time curfew is in effect in the wake of Friday's attacks in Kano claimed by Islamist group Boko Haram.

The fresh violence came after police foiled attacks in the city Monday, discovering 10 bomb-laden cars and hundreds of other unexploded devices from the wave of deadly violence last week.

The same day the grim discoveries were made, clerics held prayers for peace after the attacks on Friday.

President Goodluck Jonathan vowed to beef up security as he grapples with a surge in violence by the Islamist sect Boko Haram blamed for the attacks and mounting social discontent.

Kano was left reeling after bombs were set off and gun battles raged in coordinated strikes after Friday prayers that targeted mainly police buildings, including the police headquarters.

Details began to emerge of the mode of the attacks, with police announcing the discovery of large numbers of explosive devices and that at five of the assailants were suicide bombers.

Twenty-nine of the dead were police officers, the state's Police Commissioner, Ibrahim Idris said in a statement, while witness testimony said some of the assailants wore police uniforms.

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