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I'm a womanizer? I don't even know that I womanize" - 2face Idibia

"I didn't get this from my father. My father is not a womaniser. That I know. I have never caught my father with another woman. He is very faithful to my mother. I am also not a womanizer. Yes it happens that I have more women in my life. It is the price I have to pay for being a star. I didn't plan to have more than one woman in my life. I didn't plan my life to be the way it is now but no regrets. I love my kids. Right now, I have three women in my life who have five kids for me (and expecting a 6th one) and I sincerely don't know how I'm able to cope with three women. Fela had over two dozen wives but I'm not Fela. I can never be another Fela. I have three women but I'm saying a big NO to Fela's kind of polygamy. I don't even know what these women see me (Oh yeah, Tuface? lol). I used to look into the mirror sometimes and wonder it is that they see in me." - 2face tells E Express when they asked him about womanizing and regrets

So he doesn't know why women want him? Dear Tuface, you're good looking, you're talented, you're famous, you're humble, you have a great heart and you're rich. What more?

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