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Edo State On Cnn As Protest continues

As part of the on-going protest on the removal of oil subsidy in Nigeria,civil society and other groups came out en mass this morning around Oba Ovoramen square in Benin-city,Edo state to register their anger against government decision to remove the subsidy.Coaliation to save Nigeria (CSN) says that they will continue to come out until government listen to their demand,Okada (commercial motor cyclist)riders where on hand to entertain members of the public too.It was a very peaceful protest and amongst those who where there to register their anger are Dr.Ugbodaga(chairman NMA),Mr Kadiri(Vice chairman N.L.C Bnin chapter),Chima Williams (ERA),David Maduku(N.B.A PRO Benin chapter),Rev.David Ogoeor(ANEEJ),Comrade Idaevbor Bsllo(ASUU Ubiben chapter)

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