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How To Apply for Mtn Project Fame- season 5

MTN ProjectFameWestafrica is here again, it’s the fifth season. Forgive me for bringing this update a little bit late to you.
It’s a Music Talent Hunt show courtesy MTN, where those who have the talent of singing can showcase their talent, perform on the platform and go home with ______ I don’t want to mention!

Hear their rules here!
1. Applicants must be 18 years of age – open ended. Failure to verify age will result in the application being declined.

2. Amateurs only eligible. Anyone who has recorded and released either a song and/or album is not eligible to apply.


If you are yet to register for the auditions, follow the steps below to register for the audition.
You can visit for more info…

Step 1, Pick up your mobile phone and send a text in this format; Name, age , location to 35856
After sending the text, you will receive a code which you are going to use when filling the form.

Step 2, visit their website at and click on “Season 5 Audition Form”

Fill the form and make sure you provide accurate information. Getting to the end of the form, a space is provided where you will have to enter the 8 digit code you receive on your mobile phone when you send the text talked about in step 1.
After completing the form, click the “next” button

Step 3, After clicking the next button, a page containing your information will appear…….

Click on the print button to print the form and bring it to the audition venue.
That’s it. You can visit their website right now and also visit their facebook page here

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