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Drunk groom made love to waitress at wedding reception... and was caught by his new father-in-law

A hot-blooded groom from Feldkirch, Germany, couldn't wait until after the reception to celebrate with his new bride, so he went after a waitress instead.It should be the happiest day of her life. Guests were invited, the bride and groom dressed fine. As usual we went to the ceremony at the registry office into a guest house. But there is apparently coveted the newly wed Feldkirch after more than a wedding.

Secretly, he stole them from the crowd and went into the kitchen. For a spontaneous tryst with the waitress but the time should be enough, he thought to himself. 
Sneaking into the kitchen for a secret tryst, the groom and server got it on just hours after he tied the knot.No one would have been the wiser if the father of the bride hadn't popped in for a snack - and the surprise of his life.

Reports that the groom wanted one last taste of the single life before happily ever after.Unfortunately, the bride's father walked in on the lovers in the act. In order that the father wanted to get something out of the kitchen, the uncontrolled lovers had not expected. The father caught them "red-handed". It was a fiasco. All guests were sent home, called off the party head over heels. No one knew for certain. That something had to be coarser happened was, however, clear to all, and so disintegrated the crowd to almost mute. 

The furious father stopped the music, sent home the crowds and told no one why.
The bride was shocked by the immediate dissolution of marriage. But the application for divorce by mutual consent, you can make only six months after the wedding. So had the woman wait six months before they get rid of was the adulterer. 

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