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Can You Allow Your Spouse Participate In BBA Stargame Because Of $200,000

News: Are Prezzo & Goldie Good?
People must be high on cheap drugs to allow their spouse go for this show.
How can married people expose their nakedness to the general public all in the name of money?
Illicit Affairs and public sex are all the vices these housemates get their hands full on.
My spouse would never partake in such a shameful act
Can you allow your spouse go for the show because of the 200,000 US Dollars
A case of Goldie and Prezzo playing around: 

After tip-toeing around each other for a day,Prezzo gave Goldie a back massage.

The two had a heated argument on Monday night and it seemed they were done with each other.Goldie even swore that she would not allow Prezzo to get to her again.

However, after complaining about a stiff back, it was quite refreshing to see the Kenyan rapper offer 

his tender hands for a good rub. Goldie has been at Prezzo's beck and call since she entered Upville and 

perhaps she deserves a bit of love sometimes.

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